Higher Self Protocol begins March 26, 2022

Note: Group 5, beginning January 8, 2022 has one opening as of this writing. If you have worked with the Chakra Course (at least Part 1), you are eligible. Email to discuss.

This course changes lives.

The Higher Self Protocol is a path to learning to ground and nurture your emotions, even difficult ones from many lives that recur now.

Once you learn to manage all the not-love energies within you, you’ll find out that your spirit guides have been with you the whole time.

I love seeing the transformations out of guilt, shame, self-doubt, rage, and other not-love identities I see in students in this course.

There’s one spot open in Group 5 that begins January 8, 2022. If you’ve worked with the Chakra Course Part 1 for at lease a couple of months, contact me to discuss if this is right for you.

Group 6 begins March 26, 2022. Read all the details and register here.