True Black Moon Lilith in the 1st House

black moon Lilith 1st house

To find the placement of True Black Moon Lilith (not the mean) in your chart:
On, go to the extended chart selection and select H13
On other charts, select True Black Moon (the osculating apogee, not its mean position) or asteroid 1181.

Myths are sacred tales that reveal deeper wisdom and uncover timeless questions. Lilith uncovers our connection to the natural world. She helps us remember that our bodies are extensions of the Earth and that the wisdom of nature exists within us.

In this article:

True Black Moon Lilith and the Modern World

The Lilith story exposes our Saturnial world’s suppression of the basic and natural creative drive, which is an integral feature of each of us. It leaves us with a choice that, at first glance, seems lose-lose. We either:

  • Go along with this suppression and ignore an essential facet of our nature in order to be acceptable to others, or
  • We refuse to suppress our instinctive, body-based yes and no preferences and potentially become a target for others’ judgment.

The Challenge to Overcome

After 5,000 of patriarchy, most of society unconsciously accepts some degree of the denial and denigration of nature and the feminine. Not because it’s true – it’s entirely fabricated and false – but because the idea has been perpetuated for so long in our world.

The challenge faced by some who embody Black Moon Lilith energy is overcoming how other people react. The individual more connected to self and nature can be treated in a hurtful way for being what he or she naturally is by people who have chosen suppression and denial.

The Deeper Truth to Embrace

Lilith is in each and every one of us, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. She is here to help us develop or restore our autonomy. She leads us along a path that helps us trust the instinctive knowing of our bodies and emotions.

Lilith refuses to be controlled. It isn’t in her nature to deny her nature. Individuals with True Black Moon Lilith within the first house are great examples for everybody else that Lilith energy exists.

If You Have Black Moon Lilith in the 1st House

If you have True Black Moon Lilith in the first house, you will naturally and unselfconsciously inform others about Lilith’s energy and issues just by being you. Lilith is a natural part of your expression. It’s like a costume you wear and a way of being that you effortlessly express.

As a person with Lilith in the first house, you tend to carry this instinctive, apparently wild energy into your environment. As with any influence, this can come with challenges but also brings significant gifts once it is accepted and understood.

A Healthy Disruption

As a society, we have developed into social structures where Lilith’s influence is seen as disruptive. The patriarchy tries to get as many people as possible to fit into the middle of the bell curve, and outliers who go against the status quo are rejected, shamed, or punished.

People who disregard “supposed tos” in favor of their body’s wisdom and visceral instincts stand up to the status quo. Social conformity has benefits but also grave dangers. Lilith’s disruptive energy helps us maintain that essential connection to nature that counteracts the worst potential outcomes of social control.

If you have Lilith in the first house, you reflect to others that we can’t stamp out the natural wisdom within our bodies. We can’t force everyone into the middle part of the bell curve to try to protect everybody. It is not a fair tradeoff to try and make everyone safe at the cost of their uniqueness and autonomy.

Biologically-Based Instincts

The instincts of Lilith are also biological. They are biochemical, endocrinological, hormonal, and pheromonal. They help us discern between what looks good on paper and the truth of our experience. 

When Lilith says yes or no through your body, that’s the survival Instinct speaking to you. For example, imagine your friend introduces you to someone named Joe. On paper, Joe is great, but the moment you meet him, you feel repulsed. Your chemistry says, ‘no!’ 

The friend who introduced you might see this as an unfounded reaction. They might want an explanation or tell you you’re overreacting. 

As a person with Lilith in the first house, it’s your job to trust your body and the visceral emotional response that comes through you. You can accept yourself enough to let your friend have her opinion separate from yours.

This visceral response can be to people, food, or anything you put in your body. It’s important to give yourself the freedom to trust your natural reactions without being corralled or made wrong.

Your Autonomy Is a Gift to Others

Lilith’s autonomy is a gift that comes with a price. Especially early in life, how people respond to you can feel like a long string of rejections. 

For people with Lilith in the first house, the pathway of healing and embodiment is to stand up for the self and own your right to be autonomous. You are allowed to be independent and self-interested. In fact, you give others a gift when you embrace this part of yourself.

If you think about where we are in history, Lilith is particularly significant. Here we are at the end of a long era of patriarchy. The feminine has been denied and repressed in many ways. For centuries we have denigrated half of the species and half of the collective heart.

People with Lilith in the first house will have a natural instinct to honor the feminine but may have to find through imprinted shame, guilt, and self-doubt to embrace and express it fully. It is a journey worth taking, as it liberates your natural expression and leads the way for the rest of the world. 

We all need to develop autonomy and empowerment. We all need to learn to trust our bodies and listen to our chemical responses.

Suppressed and Denied, Black Moon Lilith Energy May Come Out As Anger

Independent of individual chart interpretation, the Lilith archetype is about a part of us so far removed from the kind of lives our societies teach us to live that it’s often hidden deep down. Therefore, reaching into it can trigger an explosion. According to society, it’s taboo to express or embody the well of creative energy each of us possesses freely.

This societal inhibition can make delving into the places we keep Black Moon Lilith energy a potentially challenging undertaking. Some people confuse this suppression with the meaning of Lilith; they are not the same. It is not that the nature of the archetype is about being hidden or explosive but that when something has been suppressed and released, it can be volatile. 

Sometimes Lilith is associated with sexuality. I see her as including all of the creative energy, including sexual energy. Working with her includes reaching into the part of us which doesn’t differentiate our sexual nature from our overall nature.

If you have True Black Moon Lilith in the first house, you may have early experiences of being punished for being yourself. Part of healing is to release all of the beliefs that erroneously say you deserve punishment. Freeing yourself from the belief that you deserve punishment will allow you to attract a different experience of permission and acceptance.

It is only when these energies are suppressed, judged, or denied that they come out as anger. The pathway to embodying our natural creative power is acceptance and self-trust.

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