Upcoming Events

Food, Weight, Love: St Germain Transmission. Sunday, September 23. Connect with this ascended master to reach any part of you (inner child, other-life part of self, traumatized part stuck in unhealthy patterns, etc.) bringing forward an unhealthy relationship with food. Read more.

Karmic Relationships and How to Heal Them. 2 Sundays: October 8 & 15. Open to 4. Read more.

Higher Self Protocol 1: Opening to and Working with Spirit Guides. Begins Oct. 14. 6 spots open. Learn to ground, manage, and release your fears, doubts, shame and guilt from this life and other lives. As you do this, you learn to intentionally raise your vibration and your intuitive faculties can connect with spirit guides. Read more.

Root Chakra Incubator. 10 weeks beginning December 1, 2023. Learn to heal family, community, safety, society issues that affect your field in unhappy ways. We will address and bring love to what you might have thought your entire life can’t be healed or changed! Read more and register.

Stay tuned for:

Evolutionary Astrology Intermediate I & II Incubator. 4 months beginning March 20, 2024. This is the beginning of my astrology school leading to certification–for reals, folks. Info on the way. To begin studying with me, get EA Fundamentals I & II home-study courses.

Energy is Money is Energy webinar. Dates TBD. Read about this workshop here.

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