22 Channeled Energy Work Meditations with Djehuty and Metatron

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Working on a regular basis with the frequencies of Ascended Master Djehuty and Archangel Metatron will change your life for the better!

Djehuty is also known as Hermes, Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin, and works with humanity to help us evolve, no matter what we need. I’ve been working with him since around 2004 as a tutor, and since 2009 or so as a channel.

Metatron is an intense figure focused on your transformation through self-respecting choices. Working with his energy will help you see what habits and patterns in your life need to go, and how to create self-like and self-respect.

Using these 22 mp3s, get grounded, connect with their energy fields, and make the decisions they ask you to make for clearing, healing, and self-empowerment.

These mp3s with The Chakra Course replace the popular Intuitive Skills Development Level I course I taught for several years. I strongly encourage all to work with both. The Chakra Course contains info on each chakra organized clearly, while these channeled meditation/energy work mp3s are the lab course compliment to it.

“I’m […] doing my 22 day meditation nightly on a loop. […] No matter WHAT phase of growth I’m in, these meditations are DEAD ON! But, as I peel away the layers of my truth I have these constant ‘Oh! That’s what That means! I finally get it!’ Then, a few months later that same passage means something even more profound.
“[Appreciating the] heavy focus on the ‘collective fear.’ […] SO PERTINENT for right now today and with everything going on. So much gratitude. Thank you!”
  ~ Jami C.

❤️ them. [Doing] one every night in bed. I sleep before it’s finished. Next morning I repeat the same one. And wow, I was upset with a person and a sentence of the meditation came to my mind and the upset drop[ped] down. I knew what button has been pushed. So thank you those meditations are very effective and useful.
“Good night 3rd meditation is starting!” ~ Diane J.

Meditation excerpt (Ascended Master Djehuty):

You may have heard that it is your divine birthright to be happy and abundant and joyful and, certainly, you can choose this but it is actually your birthright to have to deal with your fear in order to go into love, to deal with your self-doubt to go into self-trust, to deal with your fears about what you might do (in order to move) into faith that you will choose what works best for you.  

This is, in fact, your divine birthright, this rather intricate, sometimes weighty journey of realizing that you are actually divine power making choices based in free will but that you have to learn how to go from fear into love, which is actually kind of hard a lot of the time. 

This is your divine birthright — to embrace being loving, generating choices from a place of faith, trust, openness, acceptance, kindness, generosity.  

Realize that your job is, on any given day, to be open enough to receive support and be open to opportunities and possibilities so that you can find out what can come next and — based in self-respect, self-care, healthy boundaries, groundedness, sense of safety — be willing to say yes and no when appropriate, then making the right choice for you when the time is right. THIS is your self-image of the future. It always starts TODAY.

If you benefit from the work and are able, you can send some energy back my way using this link. Donations are welcome and appreciated.

Click on a link below to listen to an mp3, and right-click to download any or each of them–or click on the link below to download them all at once. Each is approximately 20 minutes.

Note: Some of these are recorded via a phone call, and some with a handheld recorder. Due to the nature of the energies I was running during these calls, there were tech issues left and right. Consequently, audio quality issues exist in some files. I invite you to overlook them and focus on tuning in to the energies of Djehuty and Metatron.

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