Pluto-Sun Aspects

The Sun in your natal chart represents vitality, healthy ego development, creativity, and your sense of self. Natal Pluto-Sun aspects says these elements of life are involved in a person’s multilife empowerment journey.

Pluto Conjunct Sun
The need to shine, be seen or be the center of attention, is integral to the multilife empowerment journey. A person with this aspect is learning about empowerment through developing and expressing creativity, being willing to have and share opinions, and generally take up space and be noticed. A major need is to leave a personal mark on the world.

The disempowerment in many lifetimes involves not being seen, having the voice shouted over or lost in a crowd, power struggles with others possessing strong egos, pride, self-aggrandizement, arrogance, and needing but not getting attention or recognition. This person will have a strong (and perhaps dominant) personality whether he or she likes it or not, and past pain that has festered into anger may be very obvious. Alternatively, the person might try to hide his or her ego or creativity in an effort to avoid being seen or competed with, as that has been a source of difficulty in many lifetimes.

Pluto Square Sun
The person’s empowerment path over many lifetimes has been criticized, pressured, or been in friction with others with strong personalities and egos. The chart holder is learning about egoic energy through pressure to change from those with charisma, creative streaks, and social status (popular). The pressure might come from a leader, or someone else others orbit.

Disempowerment in many lifetimes can come from being shamed, teased in public, controlled, dominated, coercion or being forced into doing something against one’s will and moral compass. All of these things can occur when the Sun influence perceives a need to knock the chart holder down a peg or two, or put him or her in his or her place. This path is one involving learning about what power really is: Is it having the attention of others and bullying, or is it in true and unapologetic self-knowledge and self-acceptance?

The chart holder may somehow seem to find conflict with charismatic, dramatic, popular others everywhere he or she goes. To own positive Sun qualities and overcome beliefs from the past are key.

Pluto Opposite Sun
The chart holder has in many lifetimes felt blocked, confronted, or stopped in his or her tracks by others who are or seem dominant or powerful, or have the ears of many. This could be a leader of some kind, or an entertaining figure who’s orbited by others for some reason.

The chart holder will have had a contentious relationship with strong egoic energy in many lifetimes. The result can be that, at the first sign of resistance from strong-seeming others, they rise up in defense or yield a bit too quickly. This person is learning over many lifetimes about the true nature of power and overcoming fear of shadows within, eventually becoming able to work through power issues in various kinds of relationships while standing his or her ground, neither believing that battle or being a wallflower is automatically necessary. Part of this path is in speaking truth to power, but beginning it within the self.

Pluto Quincunx Sun
The person in many lifetimes has been thrown off course by strongly solar energies in people, groups, and situations. He or she has experienced other people’s egoic desires or attempts to control or undermine him or her in potentially devastating ways, feeling that he or she can’t proceed and succeed with the Plutonian empowerment mission.

As a result, the chart holder’s willingness to fully embrace his or her own Sun to develop and maintain a healthy ego or sense of self may be compromised. He or she might carry the Plutonian fears and other negative energies strongly and avoid taking up space, shining, and/or owning and expressing opinions (solar elements of personality).

This person must clear trauma, doubt, and self-worth issues in order to be willing to honor the Sun energy within him or her. Making self-respecting and self-caring decisions is a route to giving both Pluto and Sun the expressions they deserve and need – each must be exercised in the psyche and outward life in turn, not one being favored for fear of disaster, or being controlled, abused, or hurt.

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