A. M. Djehuty on the 2011 Wall Street Protests

This is the Ascended Master Djehuty speaking.  Some of you know me better as Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin, and others.  Today I wish to speak to you about empowerment and disempowerment when it comes specifically to events that are unfolding, as current events: rising up in protest on Wall Street; about Wall Street.

As always when I come through to speak to you, I address issues of empowerment and disempowerment and yet my primary focus is to teach you the truth about power.  My main commitment is to supporting the unfolding of the Divine Plan or the Manifestation Experiment, and this is Divine Source or Divine Intelligence, All That Is, God, Goddess, et al., splitting off into pieces temporarily forgetting its true nature, intending to forget temporarily its true nature in order to experience being apparently discrete beings.  And then ultimately while embodied, while embodied as humans remembering its true nature.

You are at an unprecedented time in the history of life on Earth and therefore the history of humanity.  It is the evolution of consciousness, the Mayan Calendar that you believe and in 2012 but actually ends in October 2011 which is where you are now on the Earth timeline.  This evolution of consciousness requires that you become aware of how you have created all that you have created; invites you to take responsibility for everything have experienced as your creation.  You cannot step into your divinity if you do not do this.  And so my role is to explain you certain truths that you might not be able to see.  For you to raise your consciousness and adapt to a bird’s eye view of what exactly is happening in your world and lives and communities and nations, this is evolution of consciousness, and so here I am to support you, as always.

We talk about power: What you are upset about is that these people, these bankers and corporations, have taken your power away and you are angry about it or not going to take it anymore.  What I wish you to understand is that everything that you have experienced is your creation, therefore these people have taken nothing from you that you have not willingly given them.

Also I wish to say that the definition of power needs to be revisited here.  As you feel powerless or feel that you have been disempowered by these people and these structures that they engender, foster, further, champion, continue, and these spaces in the social system that they occupy, these individuals, you need to understand now that being angry with them for being Divine teachers for you about giving away our power is a little silly.  To be angry is a natural human response.  To be angry with someone else for what he or she seems to have done to you – this reflects that you have been seeing things through your human eyes.  My intention is to teach you to see things additionally through your spiritual eyes.  When you do this, you can see the truth of why something is happening, which means the truth of why you have created something as an experience to teach you about what it is to be human, to teach you as Divine Source, the Divine Intelligence, All That Is, about being human.  Everything that you have experienced is your creation.

To be angry with these people, to be angry with these structures, and to rise up in protest, this actually represents a leak of energy.  What I invite you today is to upgrade your idea, your notion of what power is.  You are angry because you feel disempowered – understood.  But you have given your power away to explore what it is to give your power away.  Ideally, you can laugh about this.  You can laugh at the processes that you go through as God and Goddess and Divine Source and Divine Intelligence and All That Is to teach yourselves what you came here to learn.  I wish that you see how to experience this situation without losing energy, without leaking energy, without further leaking your own power as a being.

To experience this without this leak, without furthering the leaking is to accept responsibility for having created this dynamic in the first place.  That is the first step.  Instead of making others wrong for the roles that they play in your Divine learning, accept that they have offered a teaching.  When you can take responsibility for having created your lesson, what you are experiencing, the lesson you have laid out for yourselves, you release others of the responsibility of having acted upon you because you take responsibility as God and Goddess and Source for what you have experienced.  Then you relieve others of blame that you might put on them.  Each of you is a powerful creator.  Thus far you have been working in this paradigm in duality, that one person a strong another person is not.  This is dualistic conception of power.  You have tied strength to the material world whether through physical strength of an individual or many numbers, or the accumulation of resources equaling strength.  When you understand yourself to God and Goddess and Source, All That Is, you choose to know yourself on every level.  Once you know yourself on every level, you can then accept who you really are.  And when you have done this, this deep process of self exploration, self-knowledge, and self acceptance, this opens the door to loving all parts of yourself and THAT is empowerment.

The channel Seth observes that having the answer to every question in spiritual circles end with, “Well, you must love yourself more,” that this kind of seems like a fluffy New Age teaching perhaps to some of you.  To part of his brain it certainly does, and we are all grateful that he opens up to experience these teachings that I offer through him even though part of his brain is not fully on board with this, as many human brains are not.  True power is absolute, utter, unflinching self-knowledge, self acceptance, and self-love.

When you love yourself for what you are, all of the nooks and crannies, all of the dark corners where parts of you that have distasteful or ugly attitudes, or are angry or resentful or hurt or they are hiding, when you catalog and you know these places parts, and you accept yourself, you come back to your Divine nature.  You take a step toward the perfection and completion of the Divine Plan, the Manifestation Experiment, which is the reason any of you are here.  Explore ways that you can see clearly the effects in your life based in your choices thus far that you are involved in the machine, the corporate banking machine that is now aspiring anger in so many of you – see clearly how you are involved, and then choose to withdraw your energy from that system.  THAT is the first step toward empowering yourself in this situation.

Rising up in anger looks good; makes us feel that we’re doing something important; makes us feel that we are standing up to those bullies, and yet you are leaking energy with your anger.  This leads us to speak about activism in general.  You always have a choice on how you behave and where your energy goes.  There is an obvious model for activism and it is already obvious to your minds; you know what I’m speaking about when I say activism.  But there is another kind of activism that is ready to be explored deeply by each and every one of you, and it is becoming clear about how your lives are tied into, are based in, are connected with, are the results of tendrils extending from parts of life that you do not wish to support.  That is what is happening with his Wall Street protesters business.  It looks at your angry with these people.  Truly are angry with yourself for giving away your power.  It should be very obvious to many of you.  You are angry with yourselves for having given away your power to banks in their various capacities as investment firms, as warehouses for your money that charges fees, as the holders of credit, the givers of credit and the holders of debt.

The new kind of activism, which is a more Aquarian Age sort of activism because it actually understands the importance of the role of the individual in altering the function and structure of the group.  Piscean age protest is, “Let’s all go downtown and clog up traffic,” etc.  It is actually very small minded.  Aquarian Age activism is with individuals saying, “For me, this is how life needs to work.  I’m withdrawing my energy from this place – meaning my investment – I’m withdrawing my energy from that place – meaning these relationships, these associations – I’m withdrawing my energy from those places.  These three areas are not areas I wish to support and they do not fit with what my future will look like, the future I choose to create.  They do not fit with the future that I choose to create.  And I’m taking my energy and going to redistribute it to these 2, 4, 5, 10, 12 sources over here that do fit with what I want my future look like, with what I’m creating my future to be.  This is a better form of activism, this is a healthier form of protest and it is actually effective.  Perhaps you do not feel that your anger has an audience if you do this, but it is your responsibility to own the anger that you have as anger at yourself for being disempowered, for choosing to give away your power.  When you see it this way, when you see this with your Divine eyes, through your spiritual eyes, you can understand clearly that the remedy is not to be angry with somebody else, to shake your fist in the air and scream and clog up traffic etc., that the remedy for you is to CHOOSE where your energy will go next.

You as a species, as a collective, are on the cusp of learning what it means to be empowered.  What I wish to share with you today boils down to a definition of empowerment: Understanding that all you have experienced thus far is your creation as a Divine being leads you to be able to take responsibility for it, and this enables you to let others off the hook for having played their roles in the Divine order as you as God and Goddess and Divine Source and Divine Intelligence and All That Is have ASKED them to do.  Then you can see how it is that you can create your life going forward in the ways that work best for you.

Thank you.