Chiron in the Signs

The sign of your natal Chiron describes the lens through your experience Chironic rejection and uniqueness. It’s a way of being that you might edit in order to make sure you don’t get rejected or find out that your opinions, needs, and contributions aren’t valid.

Keep in mind the house of your natal Chiron so you remember what parts of life in which Chiron shows up for you.

Chiron in Aries
Aries is a sign of reflexive, unmediated response. In other words, you don’t think when an Aries placement is healthy, but you respond instinctively. Chiron here says that your confidence in responding without thinking may be wounded, as you’ve found in your life that being assertive may get you rejected. Realize that you’re hypersensitive to how others experience your assertiveness. So, when you’re hesitant and unsure of yourself (because you’re not sure if it’s okay to show desire or say “no” in establishing boundaries), others might respond to you as if your will doesn’t matter. After all, you might be acting as if it doesn’t! The trick is to tap into what you want and don’t want while giving yourself permission to say “yes” and “no” when you mean it, and remember that you’re learning sensitive ways to do so. Your will cannot avoid factoring in the reality of human sensitivity. When you accept your vulnerability and trust your instinctive self to guide you anyway (even with fears of rejection or not being strong), you’ll find that you can bring heart with your Aries fire.

Chiron in Taurus
Taurus is the sign of slowing down, getting things in order, and operating according to a sensible pace that ensures success. With Chiron in Taurus, you’re hypersensitive to what it means if others rush you in any way, or demand immediate responses. Your energy antenna is working through the lens of the need to slow down and get centered in the body in order to know what’s true, and you might have had experiences in life that had others rejecting you for being too slow or methodical. Make sure you give yourself time and space to figure out what’s best for you, as if you rush into what others expect or demand, you’ll trust yourself less and less over time. As Taurus also relates to how you develop and express your value system, or how you want and need to live, any Chironic rejection can also lead to developing self-esteem problems, with you not being sure if you have the right to live your life in the ways that matter to you. Taurus also involves physicality and sensuality (your body is a resource), so healing your Chiron will call for not just taking your time with things, but also centering your consciousness in your body and tending to its basic needs whenever they arise, developing a self-validating response to the reality of your physical needs, which can make it easier to do the same with your emotional needs.

Chiron in Gemini
With Chiron in this sign, you might be hypersensitive to how others receive your words and questions. You might feel rejected when you contribute to a conversation or write out and share your thoughts, as others seem not to understand you or, perhaps, outright judge or reject what you say. Your ideas might flow with a stream-of-consciousness feel so that you move quickly from one idea to the next, potentially confusing others who are not sure what part of what you’re saying they should latch onto. It’s not true that your voice isn’t valid, but it might jump around so much that others simply don’t know how to engage with you and take you seriously. When you accept the unique nature of how your mind and mental processing works, you will find the confidence to trust what you’re thinking while letting it flow. You have a unique ability to adapt to the ways that others’ minds work, yet make sure you don’t adapt to their (seemingly acceptable) rhythms at the expense of your own. You can use your Chironic sensitivity in communication by learning to meet someone where he or she is, and you’ll see you have a unique ability to make logical connections in the thoughts and words of others that can help them progress along their way. You’re wonderfully sensitive to the subtleties of language and meaning, and it’s your job – and on one else’s – to validate the way you hear, process/think, speak and write. When you’re comfortable accepting your unique mind and voice, you’ll find they have unique abilities to cut through small talk and get to the heart of any issue.

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Chiron in Cancer
Chiron in Cancer indicates that you are hypersensitive to how others react to your own feelings and needs. You’re especially aware of the emotions and needs of others, in particular the pain and suffering, the self-judgment and pitying. It could be that your awareness of others’ pain makes you unwilling to address your own, as if their right to feel always outweighs your own. When you react to their unspoken feelings, they’ll then react to your reaction, potentially creating unhappy feedback loops which have each person feeling disconnect and, perhaps polluted by the energies of the other. Your task with Chiron here is to learn all you can about the subtleties of your emotional self and accept every single one. Yes, you can pick up on others’ unhappy energies and you have your own, but your unique Chiron path involves cataloguing human emotions and getting to the place where you choose to feel all that’s possible while not carrying it with you, and not giving it too much meaning. In other words, it’s important that you are willing to feel and heal your own pain, while being aware of others’ pain … and not absorbing theirs as if it’s yours or should be. A great deal of compassionate awareness in the laboratory of your own heart is the key to accepting the wide range of possible human feeling states and moving through them. When you can be aware of the pain or grief of another and not have to heal it, shut down, or otherwise react, then you can bring the Chiron-in-Cancer gift of witnessing the realities of the human condition with unconditional compassion.

Chiron in Leo
With Chiron in the sign of self-expression, play, and creativity, you might feel hypersensitive to the reactions of others when you improvise and play. If you tell a joke and someone else doesn’t get it or thinks it’s not funny, you might feel the Chironic wound activated and edit yourself later, perhaps for the rest of your life. Remember that you’re prone to taking the reactions of others to your unique voice too seriously, making too much of them as if someone thinking your joke isn’t funny means that you in general are not funny and shouldn’t tell jokes. The truth is that your playful, humorous side is always shaped by your awareness of energy and emotion, and so your humor might tap cause others to be aware of their own insecurities, bringing them try to defend against your playful side by putting it down or ignoring it. Your job with this placement is to validate your own playful side, not waiting for anyone else to do it and not defining yourself in terms of others’ reactions to you. As this can affect the health of your ego, making sure that you accept your own vulnerabilities and insecurities with compassionate awareness – refusing to judge that sometimes you have fear about owning and showing who you are – can help you fully inhabit your unique self and not try to change for others in order to more liked and accepted.

Chiron in Virgo
Virgo is the sign of improving, fixing, healing, helping, and serving. A planet working through this lens is trying to make itself and the world around it better all the time, acutely aware of what isn’t working well yet and what isn’t perfect. Chiron in this signs says that you might fear rejection for not already being perfect. You have the ability to put a tremendous amount of pressure on yourself to be right all the time, and you’re hypersensitive to when it’s obvious or pointed out to you that you or something you’re doing isn’t perfect. Watch any tendency to berate yourself or beat yourself up, and accept that you’re a work in progress who is learning as you go. The truth is that no one always knows how to do something well, and all of us at times have insecurities and vulnerabilities about this. But you’re wired to believe that you’re not lovable if you’re not perfect. In reality, there’s no such thing as perfection, and you are the only one on the planet who can choose to love you even if your skills and abilities are not perfect. You serve yourself well through unconditional acceptance of what you don’t yet do well – or don’t yet even know how to do but would like or need to do – and being an encouraging influence for yourself always, no matter what kind of criticism you’ve received in the past for not being perfect, on time, or fully prepared as if superhuman.

Chiron in Libra
Chiron in the sign of relationship says that you are hypersensitive to what others are feeling and need, as well as how they do and don’t give you what you perceive you want and need. You may attract others to you with a noticeable amount of unhealed issues, or pervasive wounding. How you respond to them will tell a lot about where you are in stages of becoming the source of love yourself. If you always respond to their unmet needs, pain, and suffering, you may find you’re creating monsters in terms of people dependent upon you. If you ignore their issues and feelings, you might notice that you’re actually building walls to keep their pain and suffering out, which creates barriers to connecting. Notice what you believe about your spouse’s, friends’, or family members’ needs and their right to seek healing and support from others. You might feel you have less of a right to need love and support from others, which would be why you’ve attracted needy others to you in the first place! Your job is to take cues from others and how they do and don’t deal with their emotional issues and improve how you deal with yours, always evolving how much credence you give to your own emotions, needs, and suffering. It’s up to you to become the source of love for yourself, and these others are with you so you can learn about healthy and empowered ways of doing so for yourself.

Chiron in Scorpio
With Chiron in the sign of intense digging and plumbing the depths of human experience, you’re hypersensitive both to the what people carry that they believe is dark, as well as others seeing and knowing what you carry within you that you see as dark. As Scorpio involves opening deeply to reveal our vulnerable sides, trust issues might be part of your Chironic experience. It could be that when you open to someone you want to trust in order to get close, and then as close as people can get (a Scorpionic goal), your awareness of the deep psychological and emotional knots and bruises that person carries can trigger you into not feeling safe, perhaps even regretting opening to trust him or her. The truth is that you have an uncanny ability to pick up on things others might shame in themselves, and you also have a unique ability to work through such things. Healthy boundaries is key here: Just because you see/sense it doesn’t mean you have to absorb it and do something about it, but it also doesn’t mean you have to shut it – and that person – out. It’s important for you to learn that each person is ultimately responsible for becoming the source of love for the self, but it’s true that our deepest issues in need of healing and resolution can only be accessed once we open ourselves to another and get triggered.

Chiron in Sagittarius
Chiron in the sign of expansion and adventure might have you afraid to risk thinking and imaging big things for yourself. Throughout your life you’ve been hypersensitive to how others react to your big ideas and imagination, and even your beliefs, at times feeling rejected because others don’t get them or feel they’re not worth anything. As Sagittarius relates to the flow of imagination, when ideas pass through your right brain and may or may not find something real to root into and take shape, with Chiron in this sign you could resist letting your mind travel to far-off places in creative modes. The way you come up with new ideas, as well as how you approach optimism and developing faith that tomorrow can be better than today, is infused with an awareness of human energy and emotion. If others don’t get you and you take that to mean that your ideas aren’t worth expressing, then you’re at risk of believing that you yourself are not worth acceptance and love. This can take you into pessimism as your belief system, which doesn’t need to define who you are. Accept that your beliefs and big ideas may trigger the sensitivities of others and stop taking their reactions to you as indicative of what you’re worth, and you’ll open the door to expressing your unique viewpoints and helping others tap into their own unique perspectives.

Chiron in Capricorn
With Chiron in Saturn’s sign, your energetic and emotional sensitivity centers on if you’re worth respect. Over time, a person can work hard and prove to self and other that he or she has what it takes to succeed, whatever “it” is and however success is defined. You, however, may begin with a level of doubt about not just your abilities, but also your capacity to follow through on a long-term project. If you show up to work – or to work on something in another context – with self-doubt about your abilities and mettle, others will reflect this to you. If you have a history of being told and shown that you and your work are not good enough, understand that others are, in fact, simply playing out in front of you your own doubt. Now, how you approach work, maturity, and responsibility will have a unique angle with Chiron in Capricorn, but difference doesn’t automatically equate or lead to incompetence. There may be some things in your life you’re not particularly good at and genuinely could improve, but it’s up to you not take decide that this means that you’re not worth the time and energy investment in yourself that such improvement requires. When others don’t believe in you, take it as a cue to begin believing in yourself, working to get over fearing that you’re not worth love, support, and acceptance. Your path to becoming the source of love for yourself with Chiron in this sign revolves around respecting yourself by giving yourself a chance to grow into a mature person who brings heart into work and achievement.

Chiron in Aquarius
Chiron in this sign says that your energy antenna might work in ways that seem on the fritz at times. Anything working through the lens of this sign can be a bit erratic now, electric now, then disconnected or objective a moment later. This means that your awareness of the emotions of others might come into and go out of focus on a regular basis, leaving you wondering how to have compassion for others’ pain and suffering. But this is true also of your relationship with your own vulnerabilities and insecurities, so it’s important to make sure that even if at a given time you’re not connected to past wounding and pain that needs attention in you, you don’t become habituated to ignoring what you feel and need, and what makes you insecure and fear rejection. If Chiron in Aquarius has you feeling unsure about how to heal yourself because you may tend to get stuck in your head and be logical about emotions – sometimes avoiding going into them and letting them unfold as they need to – don’t think there’s something wrong with you! It just means that you might have become conditioned over time to try to detach from what hurts because no one taught you to honor your feelings and needs. It’s okay to at time be detached from feelings as long as you leave the door open to feeling and, importantly, are willing to go to the places within you where a small, helpless part of you might be clueless about how to love the self.

Chiron in Pisces
With Chiron in Pisces, your energy antenna picks up on most everything in the world around you. You’re more sensitive than most to the currents of unprocessed emotional stuff others are carrying, and you might unwittingly absorb them more than you feel is healthy. All Chiron stories in our lives ultimately call for a heart opening into choosing unconditional compassion, but you’re picking up on – and likely absorbing – so much that it can seem an impossibility to respond to all of it with an open heart. The trick to this placement is to choose to be aware of all of the energetic stimulation in the world around you with an open heart, but ensure that you are not picking it up and carrying it with you. You also need time to unwind and unplug from the world, perhaps more than most people around you, in order to clear yourself out. Creative and meditative pursuits can work well here, and also unwinding in nature and with animals. In the end, your task is to learn to accept the reality of pain, sorrow, and other kinds of suffering as part of the human experience, judging none of it while not absorbing it, and seeing it for what it is: Part of the path of each human to learn to go from fear into love, and become the source of love for the self. You can’t possibly heal all that you’re aware of in the world and in others, but don’t let this keep you from being in and tending to your heart.

To get the full story on your own Chiron, get your own Chiron Natal Report. It begins with in-depth info on the myth and how we live the archetype, as well as the astrology of your Chiron: house and sign placements, natal aspects with planets and angles, transits and progressions to your natal Chiron, and transits of Chiron to other placements in your natal chart.

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