Transits of Chiron

Chiron in transit seeks to activate your emotional and energetic sensitivity, which will involve opening you to more vulnerability and, possibly, activate the childhood wound of rejection you likely still carry.

Before you realize that it’s about you and your own healing, you may notice others’ issues – pain, suffering, insecurities, inability or unwillingness to grow up, rejection fantasies, confusion over how to deal with their feelings, poor energetic and emotional boundaries, etc. – more, as well as more acutely. You might find others’ difficult experiences leave you feeling a bit stung, wondering if you need to close off from them (or just shut down in general) in order to maintain some semblance of sanity.

Chiron’s transit ask you to sensitize what it’s contacting in your chart. Your experience of this will depend upon several factors: The specific aspect (explained in the paragraph below), how comfortable you are with navigating hurt and other touchy emotions, how willing you are to take responsibility for what you feel and not wait for others to make you feel safe or save you from your pain, and if you’re committed to allowing your awareness of unhappy energies and emotions in others and in the world around you to unfold and deepen. (Hint: You can be aware without absorbing! Learning this is critical to healthy energy/emotional management.

A good overview for understanding the major aspects is as follows:

  • Conjunctions infuse energy from Chiron into natal planet or point, filling it with stimulation from the inside out.
  • Sextiles trigger and poke your natal planet, sometimes not stopping until you respond. A key is to choose conscious intentions so you’re not going off half-cocked.
  • Squares bring pressure and friction, asking you to change. Chiron is saying to your natal planet or point, “There’s something else you need to be doing, or do something differently – let me show you.”
  • Trines send a boost of energy that will raise the volume on the natal planet or point as it’s filled with Chironic sensitivity. The opportunity is to grow through a supportive infusion of energy, but you can also use the trine to establish or give into complacency.
  • Oppositions bring a challenge or confrontation, revealing to you something about how you use the energy of the natal planet or point so you can see how to let go of the old and step into better, healthier patterns regarding how you deal with emotions and energetic sensitivity.

Chiron Transits to Sun challenge who you think you are. You’ll find situations and others calling on you to open to be more aware of emotions and energies, perhaps seeming to slow you down because of the perceived inadequacies of others. Remember that the center of your personality – the seat of ego – is now being asked to incorporate more sensitivity into how you define who you are and maintain a healthy ego structure. Part of you may want to shut down in the face of others’ needs and feelings, but this is the time for you to strengthen yourself by remaining open to acknowledging more of the intricacies and, even, messiness of the human condition. If you open your heart to your own pain now, others can be seen as teachers who’ve helped you face your own sensitivity and vulnerability.

Chiron Transits to Moon seek to open your heart to feel your natural state of vulnerability, which most of us try to avoid most of the time. During these transits you’ll become more aware of how the energies and emotions of others affect you. This can make you need more time alone, and more time with trusted others who won’t seem to try to rope you into their seemingly endless problems. It’s important during this time to let yourself feel, and you need to recognize that energies must flow if you’re going to be healthy, which means that emotions must flow. It could be that you now realize that you need something that another or others aren’t giving you, and you might reach out and find they can’t or won’t after you ask. You need to nurture your heart of hearts and healing any pain of rejection or abandonment you might have felt when very young. These transits can feel a bit like time travel as your inner kids come up and express their needs.

Chiron Transits to Mercury ask you to open your mind to the realities of energy and emotion. Your regular logical, linear self – the one that typically runs your life because you are an evolved human who’s benefited from the miracles of the enlightenment (so says your brain) – can grow during this time from taking in new information about the reality of human sensitivity. Through new contacts and experiences, you may become interested in healing techniques and methodologies. You could also become able to articulate more clearly, or for the first time, aspect of yourself and your biography that need to be processed. With any of these aspects, make sure you take time to check the rhythms of your mind while taking time to get in touch with what you feel and what makes you feel insecure. This is also a time of figuring out new, unique solutions to old problems, as Chiron’s resourcefulness is asking your logical mind to stretch itself open to new possibilities.

Chiron Transits to Venus seek to sensitize you to human vulnerability in new ways. Your needs in relationship might shift, and you might find a craving for a certain kind of safety and security from another person. It could also be that someone else suddenly needs this from you. You might also meet vulnerable, insecure people who expect rejection, and their fears won’t make sense to you because you see the wonderful things about them they can’t see through the haze of fears of rejection or abandonment. However it’s working in your life, the point is for you to evaluate how and why you have relationships. Some possibilities include that you realize someone else’s refusal to take responsibility for him- or herself is something you just can’t deal with any longer, or that someone tells you that something you routinely do affects him or her in deep, painful ways. This is a time to take reflection about how consciously you allow pain and suffering to affect your relating style, and what you do in response. Take the time to be aware of your own patterns so you can see others’ patterns as showing you something important, not just a sense of annoying white noise.

Chiron Transits to Mars bring reactions to you that your Mars may not appreciate. When you make a choice or act on a desire, you might get what looks like blow back from others who seem overly sensitive, and who take things too personally. While this might lead to some tension (the particular aspect matters here), the point is that you learn more about how your actions affect others. If you feel slowed down or stunted by the needs or fears of others, understand that this transit is asking you to align your choices with what serves the highest good of all involved. It could be that something you’ve always wanted (and perhaps worked toward) no longer seems meaningful to you, or you might see your true motivation for pursuing it and be willing to let it go. You’re in a process of upgrading what motivates you and how you make choices. This time is a good one for learning more about tuning into your body to get to deeper and deeper levels of what energies within you cause you to make the choice you typically don’t think twice about but keep making.

Chiron Transits to Jupiter will attempt to reveal to you more about why you believe what you believe. You might have experiences that tempt you to lose faith in whatever you’ve put your faith in, and you might for a time feel as a result that you’ve lost your way. It’s time to let the reality of human vulnerability and insecurity show you how to upgrade your beliefs in favor of those that allow for the wide variation of human living. You might expect the world to be a certain way, for example, but keep finding that the presence of humans keeps messing it up and changing it. This transit is giving you a chance to reorient your beliefs after considering the reality of your own pain, wounding, and rejection fantasies (what you believe makes you worth rejection, or not worthy of love), as your reaction to others’ issues is a reflection of how you deal with your own.

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Chiron Transits to Saturn ask you to alter some of the structures of your life to make sure that there’s room for vulnerability and uniqueness. Many people use their Saturn energy in ways that eventually lead to crystallization, and this transit from the energetic sensitizer is sure to disrupt the status quo part of you feels you must maintain to remain in control. If you believe you have to push through things to prove your worth, Chiron in transit will bring other people and situations to challenge how much and how long you can work without taking care of yourself and resting. If you’re someone who thinks your softness is too messy to deal with, this time will be one of causing you to look at it and, ideally, embrace it. In the end, Chiron affecting your Saturn can make what you do and why you do it more open to the human realities of feeling, pain, and sensitivity, instead of approaching staid rigidity and robot-like focus that leaves out your human side.

Chiron Transits to Chiron bring energetic and emotional stimulation, trying to wake you up to the importance of acknowledging what makes you believe you’re not or might not be worthy of love and support. This can stir up some fears and insecurities from when you were very young, asking you to take responsibility for your feelings and needs and become the kind of parent for your inner kids now that you needed when you were young. You’re going to be more sensitive than normal to others’ emotions, needs, pains, and sorrows, and you’re going to have to learn the value in choosing to nurture yourself first so you don’t get lost in others’ issues. You might now need a lot more time alone to process emotions, but just make sure you’re maturing through self-reflection and self-care, not just hiding because people, your family, and/or the world are just too much to handle.

Chiron Transits to Uranus are about bringing in humanizing perspectives to this unique part of you. Your Uranus the part of you that needs to create freedom and elbow room, and it does not want to get caught up in others’ sad stories. But that might have you at times cutting yourself off from your own, which you already know isn’t healthy and can’t last. Make sure you’re not avoiding the energy of Chiron because doing so would limit progress or leave you feeling all alone with your unhappy thoughts and feelings. A large part of this time in your life will also be in identifying unique solutions to vexing problems, as Chiron’s resourcefulness is activating your inner, personal genius. Let your mind make leaps and trust your first impressions.

Chiron Transits to Neptune may have you feeling overwhelmed by energetic and emotional input. If you’re drawn to escapist routes because you don’t know how to deal with it, let me invite you to realize that flowing with emotion and energy is a healthy outcome of this transit. With, of course, healthier energetic boundaries, which means being clear about what kinds of energies and frequencies you’re willing to entertain and hang out and deal with. Chiron’s gift here is to open you up to greater awareness, and your task is to use your Neptune in healthy ways that connect you with spirit and/or truth while not deluding yourself into distraction with substances or other addictive paths. Don’t let pain and suffering deep within you drive you into unhealthy downward spirals of avoidance tactics – be willing to feel, but stop being willing to hold onto energies you pick up on in the world around you.

Chiron Transits to Pluto seek to disarm your defenses when it comes to what makes you feel less than strong. To avoid admitting and displaying what makes you feel powerless, you might have developed some defensive tactics, emotional armor, and/or sarcastic/sardonic shielding you use to keep others and their intuitive, prying eyes and hearts at bay. This transit is about making you feel what within you you perceive is weak, and ideally you choose to have compassion for these parts of you, no longer being willing to shame yourself for any emotion or motivation you may have. Pluto represents both what we believe is wrong with or dangerous about ourselves and the greatest passion we can tap into once we heal from disempowerment. Chiron is asking you to bring love and light to your anger, shame, guilt, depressive, and grieving shadows so they can come back into the fold and you can be more whole. In that state, you can do what your soul has you here to do, and with confidence and courage.

Chiron transits to your angles can shake up the structures of your life. How you present yourself (Ascendant), your home life and family relationships (IC), your existing relationships and how you approach others (Descendant), and who you are and/or would like to be in the world (Midheaven) can be affected by an influx of sensitivity. You’ll be attuned to others’ issues, and you’ll realize more about your own issues and the emotional sensitivity and awareness behind them. Chiron changes are afoot with these transits, and you’re being asked to allow more uniqueness in your world, not to mention vulnerability. During these times you can significantly alter your relationship with your own needs and, thereby, how you deal with others’ needs. Always take care of and honor yourself first.

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