Natal Lilith Aspects

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Natal Lilith Aspects

In the birth chart, aspects between the true Black Moon and planets and other points tell of the energy dynamics within the person’s energy field. One way to look at aspects is as the conversations happening between the two energies within the person’s energy system and consciousness.

Lilith-Sun aspects are about developing a healthy ego in terms of the input of the natural wild that exists within the body and world around the person. These people need to learn that trying to control the wild will get them grief while supporting and directing it will teach them to work with it and become more whole.

Lilith-Moon aspects indicate that the emotions are involved in an inner conversation with the uncontrollable natural feminine or wild within the person. This could lead to mood swings and being moody if ungrounded or to living on the full spectrum of emotional possibilities available to a human if grounded.

With these aspects the mind and thought processes are conversing with the inner wild and instinct. These people need to let instinct guide their minds and curiosities and to allow their minds to learn to function in unique, non-rigid ways. Deep and amazing levels of perception and sensory input await those who allow Lilith to inform their minds.

Venus-Lilith aspects bring the need for a person to learn about relationships, values, resources, and money by trusting instinct. People may look good on paper but if they don’t smell right, forget them! It’s critical with these aspects to feel in the body what people, activities, options, and choices are right.

Lilith-Mars aspects are about the conscious will and desire of a person being in contact with his or her inner wild. Mars is pretty instinctive without Lilith and so the task is to make sure Mars’s reactivity is informed not by knee-jerk or rote but in line with what is best for the person going forward. Lilith offers Mars the wisdom of the natural world to go with its get-up-and-go energy.

Lilith-Jupiter aspects indicate that issues of belief, hope, risk-taking, and what one puts faith in are in conversation with the person’s instinctive wild. Optimism and/or pessimism may be triggered in the person when feeling confronted with the need to choose autonomy in the face of controlling situations or others (even when they mean well). This chart holder needs to learn to upgrade self-confidence and what he or she has faith in through a process of learning to tap into and trust the visceral “yes” or “no” that Lilith offers through the root chakra, body, energy field, and emotions.

Saturn-Lilith aspects indicate that the person’s maturity and structure function needs to be taught by the uncontrolled, instinctive wild of Lilith. Any rigidity that does not serve the person as a being on all levels must be reworked in order to allow Lilith’s primal wisdom to shine through. Lilith here needs to learn from Saturn that structure and a firm foundation can serve her purposes well.

Lilith-Chiron aspects put the person’s energy antenna in a conversation with his or her need to relate to the natural world as an extension of it. A lot of emotional reactivity can result if the person feels threatened by others. What’s needed is that all possible expressions of humans be allowed in principle and honored but that the person guides him- or herself to the right situations and experiences based on a trust of instinct and the body itself.

Uranus-Lilith aspects bring into conversation the need to be free and the need to be wild. “Don’t fence me in” meets “Don’t tread on me.” The originality of Uranus can teach Lilith to leave behind situations that don’t serve her and Lilith can teach Uranus to get back in the body and not get stuck in the head – too much detachment and objectivity leads to disconnection, after all.

Neptune-Lilith aspects show the inner conversation between the surrender function and the inner wild. Connecting to nature is a primary tool for each archetype and so people with these aspects need to get out and sit on rocks, hug trees, and have summits with various animals and other forms of wildlife. Much information that will help the person stay conscious of having and being in a body is available through such activities.

Lilith-Pluto aspects are about trying to figure out who gets to be strong when. Within a person, Pluto needs honesty and truth and Lilith needs autonomy, equality, and respect. Pluto can learn about honoring the passing and changing rhythms of the natural world while Lilith can learn from Pluto about sticking to guns when conviction and determination are needed. Both are and can be strong if the wild within the person is recognized and honored.

Lilith in aspect to the horizon says that relationships and self-definition carry Lilith themes for the person. Others to be played with need to be chosen through a process of opening to and trusting instinct. If they are not, sticky relationship issues can result that may make a person wish he or she could flee situations that aren’t working. If there is a pattern of this, check with how people are chosen to play with and why.

Lilith in aspect to this angle brings a need to know and honor the wild within into the home and work environments. Instinct and inner, visceral wisdom need to come into play when it comes to how work is chosen and approached as well as how family, safety, and security are dealt with. Work and home relationships can stir up Lilith themes and issues and people with these aspects need to trust themselves to make the right decisions regarding balancing home and work no matter what.

Nodes of the Moon
Lilith-Nodes aspects indicate that developing a healthy relationship with the natural wild within has been an issue in many lives. These people need to shed cultural labels that get affixed to those who live Lilith stories and tap into the truth about humans: we are extensions of the natural world, we all carry the energy of the uncontrollable wild within us, and all need to make peace with who we really are.

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