Transits to Lilith

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Transits to Lilith

Planets in transit ask us questions. They bring their energies to challenge or boost us, always asking us if we are willing to change in the spirit of growth. How we respond to these questions is entirely up to us. Each transit is an opportunity to get to the bottom of a story we tell ourselves or step into new territory by recognizing a new direction and moving in its direction. As the natal true Black Moon Lilith in many of us can represent a bed of hot-button issues related to anger, pain, suppression, and abuse, transits to it can stir us to feel we have to deal with some difficult issues we might not feel comfortable with. How we feel about Lilith inside ourselves and how we respond to external influences that have opinions about Lilith will determine much of the kinds of choices we will make when confronted with transits to our true Black Moons.

Jupiter transits to Lilith ask Lilith to expand. The person needs to open to feel and express the energy of the natural wild as it exists within him or her. Any Lilith-related wound or anger will be stirred up during this time, giving the person opportunity to heal it and make it a thing of the past.

Saturn transits to Lilith bring the invitation to structure how instinct functions in the person’s life. Something realistic, fact-based, and productive now needs to be done in order to help the person make peace with the reality of Lilith within and do something useful with it.

Chiron transiting Lilith asks the person to open to be more sensitive to and aware of how the energy of Lilith functions in the person’s life. Chiron will make the person more sensitive to the subtle undercurrents around him or her whether that has to do with sexuality, relationship issues, gender parity, and/or autonomy.

Uranus in transit to Lilith stirs the feeling if it exsts that the person is not free to be or not be a Lilith figure, depending on what the person is used to and/or wants and needs. If the person feels trapped in some Lilith-related or -inspired dynamic, he or she will need at this time to free the self. Positive, proactive choices to free to self need to be made now to create better life circumstances and more appropriate relationships.

Neptune transits to Lilith seek to open up the person to the truth of what is going in his or her life when it comes to body awareness, natural sexual expression, food choices/nutrition, health and well-being, and equality in all different kinds of relationships. Neptune presents a fog and asks a person to tune into the truth. With these transits, the fog is an appearance that business as usual through a forgetting or disconnection from the innate, instinctive wisdom of the physical body – it can no longer be ignored.

Pluto transiting Lilith asks if the person is willing to stand up for the self in order to correct imbalances when it comes to relating to the physical body and honoring one’s instinct. During these times instinct and a commitment to honoring it and the self as a whole will need to be in place to provide inner strength as something related to Lilith’s themes begins to crumble in the person’s life. Whether a relationship or job that was unfair and abusive, a way of treating the body that didn’t work, or a perceived crisis about sex or sexual healing, the person needs instinct to guide him or her through new territory. Pluto asks the person to dig deep and get more real than he or she ever thought possible.

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