A Thank You: Djehuty & Metatron Energy Work MP3s

There’s a lot of material here that will take some time to get to, so I’m offering this as a long-term process you can step into on your own time.

Download the files after your purchase, and then work through them at your own pace.

When I call these “energy-work mp3s”, it means that through my voice on the recordings you can draw Hermes (a.k.a. Ascended Master Djehuty, St. Germain, Thoth, and Merlin) and Archangel Metatron to come to you to do energy work on you. Letting the vibration in my voice into your field will alter your energy and shift your consciousness as you are calibrated to the clearing and strengthening energies I channel on the recordings. As you make the silent empowering decisions they ask you to do along the way, you co-opt their energies and stuck things in your field begin to move up and out.

They are meditations, and you can use them again and again to receive energy work and get calibrated to healthier states of consciousness.

A goal in doing this is to provide you tools to become someone who more consciously operates yourself and your consciousness. We know emotions affect us, and we’ve been creating tools to teach you to work through them and less often feel handicapped and slowed down by what you feel. Your feelings are normal, and it’s normal that you accumulate them over time … and need to clear your field of them.

Note: I highly recommend beginning with the Energy and Emotion Clearing Event, as it’s an all-purpose clearing tool. Listen a few times over days or weeks and note the effects.

Let yourself get used to a new baseline within you, and then move on to another and focus on it for some days or weeks.

Perhaps one or two of these may not on their face be relevant for your life now, but I strongly encourage you to work through all of them to touch on other-life, unconscious issues you may not be aware of but that might affect you.

Humans are rich, layered tapestries of consciousness that exists over time, and recent processes on Earth have us remembering emotional content from other lifetimes at an increasing rate (so we can learn to clear it).

I’ve heard from those who use these energy-work mp3s periodically that, with repeated use, they can clear old energies and emotions on deeper and deeper levels.

Included in this download:

  1. Energy and Emotion Clearing Event (91 mins.)
    Deep clearing of old and outmoded energies & emotions and those that came from others. Repeated use of this mp3 will change all of your relationships in wonderful ways, including the one you have with yourself. Debris surrounding mental and emotional structures that keep you feeling small is removed.
  2. Transforming the Anxiety and Depression (91 mins.)
    Get to the source of and clean up the energetic sources of depression and anxiety. These are normal human emotions that can get emphasized and become ruts when our energy fields get stuck. This mp3 clears underlying sources of these issues and gives you tools to maintain balance in your field and consciousness.
  3. Transforming Self-Doubt (90 mins.)
    Alter your image of and relationship with self by releasing self-doubt. Judgments related to past choices and fears about making new choices are released through becoming grounded and present. Others’ negative views and opinions of you that might affect your self-confidence are cleaned out.
  4. Transforming the Effects of Abuse (92 mins.)
    Clear residues of all kinds of abuse and call back energies and power lost through abusive dynamics. This work is based in an understanding that fear and anger cannot heal histories of abuse. Lovingly recognize the agreements between souls on both sides of abusive relationships and move into a healing space.

These are usually $33 each, and this is a thank you for your interest in and support of my work over the last 17 years.

A note on the effects: Depending on what energies and emotions need to be cleared from you at any given time, your physical body might reflect the changes. Some of the short-term results (for a few days) from using any of these can include:

  1. Emotions of many kinds can come up–let yourself move through them by witnessing them and emotion, including crying.
  2. Increase or decrease in appetite.
  3. A need for more water (which is often a result of forgetting to drink as you’re processing and releasing old energies/emotions–you may tend to lose track of time now and then, so stay on this).
  4. Random pains or aches that pass after a few hours.
  5. Headaches; sensitivity to sensory stimulation (a need for quiet and down time).
  6. A need to sleep more or an inability to stay awake.
  7. Mental fogginess or inability to concentrate (again, this would be temporary).
  8. For some women: Earlier than expected menstruation, heavier flow at first or during the next menstruation, cramping worse at first then clearing, reduction of typical cramping, longer or shorter menstruation than usual.
  9. Short-term gastric or digestive issues, such as bloating, flatulence, or even an hour or two of diarrhea.
  10. Old injuries or illnesses flaring up temporarily.
  11. Dreams of past relationships, hurts, traumas, losses or deaths, fears, shame, regrets, or doubts.

All of these would indicate energies leaving your field and your physical body adjusting to the new contours of your energetic field.

If anything persists or gets demonstrably worse over time, see a medical professional.