Lilith: Healing the Wild Ebook

Lilith bookMy popular book on Lilith on ending the patriarchy and embracing the divine feminine in PDF format. 166 pp.

In this important book Evolutionary Astrologer, Medium, and Channel Tom Jacobs leads you through an exploration of the genesis and roots of the patriarchy and how Lilith’s issues reflect the imbalance through which we have for so long lived. Jacobs takes apart the myth that we have been taught and cuts through the fog of negativity surrounding Lilith that has brought us to fear knowing her. He lays out an archetypal process for healing Lilith within us that honors her as a natural part of us – not as a demon to be feared.

Readers say:

This is the most informative book on Lilith in astrology. One of the reasons this book is so helpful is that it retells the myth of Lilith in a way that promotes healing internally first. Many Lilith stories focus only on the anger and revenge part of Lilith. When actually Lilith is so much more. Definitely a book for women who are looking to find their authentic self again in the midst of patriarchy.

I loved this book so much so I highlighted most of it in Kindle. I will refer to it again & again. I like his spin on oscillating true Lilith ( H13 on and his explanations on why he finds it more true to the changing dynamic nature of lilith than the average (mean) black moon Lilith. He explained the myths and history of Lilith in an useful clear manner. If you ever wondered what’s going on with your life all of a sudden look for Black moon Lilith aspects. He explains BML by sign , house and transit.

One of the most comprehensive summaries of Lilith as myth and archetype that I have ever read. My astrological savvy is sophomoric at best so the last half of the book discussing Lilith as an astrological influence was over my head. However, I found the first part of the book to be of such great value in my studies that it stands alone as a sufficiently valuable read.