Loving Lilith: An End to Shame

It’s time to heal Lilith issues and learn to love her without doubt or fear.
It’s time to love ourselves as Lilith, without shame and without apology.

Work at your own pace to heal Lilith issues with this new, unique channeled healing course.

A collaboration between me and Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Hermes, Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin), this course explains the roots of the patriarchy and how to end it, how to understand sexual violence and heal it, how to live Lilith stories with self-respect in healthy ways, and much more.

Hear an audio diary I recorded while preparing the course (78 minutes).
Read the course introduction (7-page PDF).

Thematically it shares roots with my book Lilith: Healing the Wild. As a personal healing course, however, Loving Lilith: An End to Shame is designed to unlock what in you needs to be resolved/released to live as Lilith in empowered, healthy ways.

You’ll receive text from Djehuty and me (51K words total, most of it channeled) including questions for reflection/journaling and channeled mp3 meditations to use in conjunction with the course.

All channeled material aims to alter your consciousness. While the text itself may seem like a channeled book, the course is organized into 9 modules with questions for reflection and journaling at the end with the intention that you take your time with each module. Some of the material may stir parts of you from under the surface who need healing and compassionate attention to come to the surface.

Due to how Djehuty’s perspectives in the text combined with the questions for reflection can alter your consciousness and stir things within, expect to take some time to work through the material–if I were doing it, I’d go no more than a module per week. Many will feel comfortable taking more time with some of the modules, perhaps even one per 3 or 4 weeks at times. Each participant is to go at her or his own pace. In other words, do not rush through the material or treat it as a book you can read in a sitting–allow yourself to organically encounter what it offers and process at your own pace.

What you’ll receive:

Modules (a 109-pp. PDF):

Module 1: An End to Shame
Module 2: Lilith and the Myth of the Patriarchy
Module 3: The World is a History of Traditions
Module 4: Control, Abuse, and Punishment, and “Me, Too”
Module 5: Understanding Sexual Violence
Module 6: Healing Sexual Violence
Module 7. The Nine Stages of the Lilith Archetype
Module 8: Respect for the Feminine
Module 9: A Future with Lilith

Channeled Meditations (113 minutes total):

  1. Extended grounding meditation, incl. clearing others’ energies out and calling back your own (27 minutes). For general use and also for deeper clearing of energies related sex of any kind and abuse.
  2. Clearing the residues of cultural attitudes of shaming the feminine (28 minutes). This one focuses a great deal on attitudes picked up from others, but also on specifically clearing shame and its parallels.
  3. Clearing the effects of control, threats, coercion, bullying, and abuse (39 minutes). The meditation with the most intense focus, this is for going deep into your unconscious to uncover layers of negative treatment from others while strengthening your field through connecting to the Earth.
  4. Deepening into the root and earth; self-validation from the ground up; daily calibration to the Earth (19 minutes). A quieter process to tap into the stillness you can cultivate by regularly connecting to the Earth. Use this to stabilize if emotions are coming up but you don’t need to clear them–or know what you might clear.

From clients working the course:

I’ve been doing the Lilith guided meditations a lot these past few days and the results are immediate, and actually beyond my expectations. The meditations alone are worth it! It is a body of work that is so helpful in alignment and centering/grounding. I wanted to let you know how much I love this home study you put together.
T., Washington

I continue to work through the Lilith home study course, which is potent (an understatement), by the way! Lots and lots of grist for the digestion mill there. I’m in the second lesson. What I’m reading makes sense — feels right on. I find I have to take it very slow. One chunk at a time, one question at a time, constantly simmering what I’m taking in.
Thanks, Tom, so much.
R., Iowa

I just felt inclined to offer some feedback to you regarding the Loving Lilith Self-Healing Course. It has been nothing short of invaluable to me so far. I bought it as a birthday present to myself last December and it’s taken me all this time to get to Module 6, Healing Sexual Violence, which for me at this time is a good place to pause.

I haven’t even finished it – but already it has helped me to finally leave an abusive relationship that was very hard to extract myself from, which has involved moving back in with my mother (a course of action I desperately resisted for about 2 years, due to the ordeal I had growing up here) and facing my father. Though deeply uncomfortable in many ways, a profound root chakra clearing and transformation is taking place with me being back in the home I grew up in ….

I still have a great deal of things to move through but the hardest is definitely over (leaving my son’s father and moving back to my mother) and I’m just overwhelmed with gratitude for you and your commitment to whatever process you must have undergone to be able to offer the profound healing tools that you did.

Especially useful has been the extended grounding meditation, which has proven absolutely amazing for helping me regain my equilibrium when things have got hairy. And when I say hairy, I mean really hairy …. I am amazed at how calm I have managed to remain throughout this narrow passage and those meditations have had a lot to do with it.

I just wanted to say this to you, because whilst I’m sure you know that your work is benefitting people, I just wanted to let you know exactly how it is directly impacting my life in a profound way!! And that of my gorgeous little son [name]. This stuff is doing absolute wonders for me and my family.
S., UK



The course including the channeled text and 4 channeled meditations is $110. After I see payment, I’ll give you access to a Dropbox folder within a day or two.
Use PayPal here or contact me for another form of payment.

How This Course Differs from the Book, Lilith: Healing the Wild
As a healing course, it includes no astrology. Thematic material overlaps, but the course is entirely focused on stirring and driving an individual healing process within you. The book is a teaching based in ideas and intellect.

Module 7: The Nine Stages of the Lilith Archetype is taken from the book verbatim, as Djehuty and I agreed it was preferable not to reinvent that wheel for the course. So, if you’re counting, 42K of the 51K words are channeled and new; 9K words are from the book, reframed in the context of this more personal healing process.

From Ascended Master Djehuty’s Introduction:

I would like to share with you my intentions for this course. I recognize the truth that the only way humanity can evolve as a collective is through the particular, personal evolutionary steps of individuals. As stated above, knowledge is not enough but understanding coupled with knowledge opens doors into true evolution. At this stage in your evolution as humans, it is necessary to confront and resolve the imbalance between masculine and feminine that has dominated much of life on Earth for the last several thousand years. The healing of this imbalance is perhaps the most significant undertaking any group of humans could undertake. It is important and necessary, and it is huge. It is major. A most major thing, in fact, reaching across time to tie together so many of your various lives lived on Earth in different time periods. Providing you this information and understanding (as well as questions for reflection along the way) serves my purpose to help you evolve in whatever way you need. So many humans are aching to heal this imbalance in the world and in their own lives and yet, given the social constructs that seem to define your world, you may not often see how to do it. I am here to help you learn how.

And so, it is my intention in these modules to also offer you perspectives on how to end the imbalance in your own life. As you heal yourself, you not only contribute to the collective but you also share and model for others examples of how to do it. Again, people are aching to heal this imbalance! Humans are aching to recognize Lilith within themselves, cease shaming the feminine in all its forms, and move into phases of living on and with the planet that honor and support life and its cycles. You are exhausted from living through the destructive lens of mind-based culture that seeks to control, manage, and eradicate what cannot be controlled. You are emotionally depleted from trying to validate your own and others’ true natures as animals with instinctive wisdom. You are psychically and physically filled with the damaging and painful residues of unhealthy food, relationships, and sex that grow from these traditions of imbalanced culture. Through sharing knowledge, I intend in this course to open your eyes to what is actually happening in the world around you. Through helping you develop understanding, I intend in this course to show you how to transform in the face of any such issues and empower yourself to move forward with conscious intent fueled by empowered, self-respecting choices.