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Mookaite is a 6th-chakra stone with calm, smooth effects. The 6th chakra is the seat of perception, also called the 3rd eye. Both logic and intuition are associated with this energy center.

Generally speaking, mookaite is a stone for flexibility, opening to new ideas, and emerging from stuck patterns. In a broad way I therefore associate it with the energy of Mercury and Gemini. A silica formed from the remains of protozoa called radiolaria, it’s found near and around the Mooka Creek in Western Australia.

More specifically, energetically programmed mookaite can have several effects. First, intuition can be increased, but it is not the acute/sharp/quick insight that can come from my programmed labradorite. The barriers constructed by your linear, logical mind to keep out intuition can be slowly disarmed, and you may realize deeper truths, even some major truths that stop you in your tracks.

Second, you may be more connected to your spirit guidance team. In my experience, you likely will not be aware of this directly but would notice yourself coming out with more intuitive or guided information. As in, as you say the thing, you realize it’s not you who’s saying it. In some who feel blocked regarding intuition, this might take some getting used to. For those who feel in touch with intuition, mookaite can augment it in noticeable ways. Either way, feeling thus connected to spirit guides can remind us that we’re not alone and take the pressure of the linear, logical mind to be on guard and edge all the time, running its old, tired protection/fear-based rackets.

Third, you might receive more information via dreams. This can come from spirit guides or simply due to the fact that barriers to openness might lessen or dissolve, enabling more sub- and unconscious information to make it to the surface while dreaming. The best way to stimulate this effect is to hold the stone while sleeping. I haven’t encountered anyone who’s stimulated by mookaite in a way that prevents sleep, but I imagine there are some people out there for whom this use might not be comfortable.

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