Subscription Service

You’ll receive exclusive content each month as part of my subscription service. This service is where I go into deep detail about the meaning of the times we’re living in and, in fact, I save the best stuff for my subscribers instead of my blog or the radio show/podcast.

As a subscriber, at the ingress of the Sun each month (around the 20th-22nd) you’ll receive original, in-depth, highly useful material on the coming month’s astrological happenings. The format may vary from month to month but you can expect a mix of videos (MP4s), MP3s, and written articles. (Currently I’m favoring video and audio and you can expect over an hour of original content each month – so far it’s been more like 2 hours.)

Here’s a video excerpt on the Sun’s shift from Aquarius to Pisces from the new material for Pisces released 18Feb17, 8 of almost 90 minutes of video subscribers received:


My unique takes on astrology, spiritual development, human empowerment, and the Earth life trip in general changes lives. Each month I package useful insights and wonderful tools for you to use to improve your life in real, noticeable ways.

Topics Covered
Topics including the Sun’s transit through its current sign, lunations (new & full moons), planetary ingresses (when planets enter new signs), retrogrades, and major aspect patterns will be covered each month, giving you a complete look at what’s coming and how to approach it with a high degree of conscious intention.

Monthly Class
Subscribers are also eligible to join an included monthly 60-minute conference call or webinar on a chosen topic of the month. Recent classes included Jupiter in Scorpio, a 2-part take on evolutionary astrocartography, Eris, the true Black Moon Lilith, the Aquarian Age and karma, and understanding and working with the nodes of the Moon in natal charts. Recordings of classes are available to all subscribers afterward, and in more than half the classes I look at subscribers’ charts and answer personal questions related to the chosen topic.

New as of Capricorn 2017: Subscriber Class Archive
You’ll have access to over a dozen past subscriber class recordings on topics ranging from the 4-step karmic story, Pluto, karma and how to change it, how I approach synastry (chart comparison) and AstroCartoGraphy through an evolutionary astrology lens, and more. New classes that don’t use your personal charts and minireadings will be added from time to time, as will other teachings I’m inspired to share with you.

Channeled Meditations From A.M. Djehuty for Each Lunation
For every new and full moon, you’ll receive a channeled meditation mp3 based on the themes of the lunation. Each begins with grounding and energy clearing, and then Djehuty explains some bird’s-eye views on the themes of the lunation, including key aspects. These meditations are at least 30 minutes each, and provide a semi-monthly opportunity to ground and connect with the vibration and wisdom of an ascended master committed to helping us evolve, no matter what it takes. I receive wonderful comments regularly on how these help subscribers meet the challenges of new and full moons with more awareness and ease.

From Elizabeth in California:
I love being a subscriber to Tom’s service! Every month, he delves deep into the upcoming aspects and lunations for the month in ways that are always smart and striking (a few of his insights and quotes really stick, and of course seem to apply exactly, as if channeled for me expressly, though I know others are also tuning in ;)… The subscription includes several monthly videos, a communal phone chat, book discounts, and other goodies. Money well spent!

From Lynne in Canada:
I just watched the four videos from Month 1 of the subscription service. The information you discussed was exactly what I needed to hear, and what I know I have to do but have been putting it off. It’s definitely time to say something I need to say, but have been putting if off, because of fear of how it might affect others. Thanks so much Tom for reminding me what I have to do!!! I knew there was a very important reason why I joined the Evolutionary Astrology yearly subscription !!!!!

Perks for Subscribers
When you sign up whether for a try-out month or begin monthly payments, these perks will be available:

• The monthly class

• Access to a private Facebook group for Q&A on the month’s astrology

• 15% off tutoring and other live classes

Once you’ve been on the monthly payment schedule for 3 months, you’ll get a variety of perks and savings on more of my services and original materials:

• $25 off live 60-minute one-off consultations, $15 off 30-minute one-off consultations

• $30 off 3 hours of coaching, $60 off 6 hours of coaching

• 25% off programmed crystals and stones, with occasional exceptions (currently only the larger moldavite pieces and a larimar bracelet are excepted)

• 10% off 4-day healing intensives

• 50% off astrology and channeled audio (not including EA Basics I & II hone-study courses)

• 50% off paperbacks (plus shipping)

$29 monthly or $319 yearly (1 month free).
PayPal links are below. If you would like use another method contact me at (213) 925-6019 or to make arrangements.

To purchase one month to try it out:
Use this PayPal link to pay $29 for a try-out month or for the first month. Use this link during the month of Virgo to get access to the Virgo materials. If it’s the solar month of Virgo now and you want to start with Libra (the next month), use the link in the next paragraph.

To subscribe on an ongoing basis with monthly payments:
If today is between the 18th and 20th of the month and you want to begin regular monthly payments with the following/upcoming solar month, sign up for monthly recurring payment of $29 using this PayPal link.

To subscribe yearly:
Use this PayPal link to subscribe for a year for $319, including 1 month free (pay for 11, get 12). Once you join, you’re eligible for all the perks. I don’t offer refunds on yearly subscriptions – if you’re not sure you’re on board, try it for a month first (above).

Other Things to Know
The subscription service uses Dropbox to deliver materials. Each month around the 20th you will receive an email letting you know that new materials are posted as an invitation to join a new Dropbox folder.
Payments made before the 18th of each month get you on the list for the audio, video, and PDF files that will be delivered around the 20th each month. If you subscribe after the 18th and want the current month’s materials, let me know and then change your monthly payment date in PayPal to the 18th.
If you pay monthly you can cancel your membership before the 18th of each month by not making the current payment.