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Upcoming Healing Intensives

Family and the Conspiracy of Love
October 4-7, 2018
Tucson, Arizona
$750, 10% off for my monthly subscribers
Registration opens mid-March.

In this small-group healing intensive, you’ll learn about the nature of soul and the multilife contract it makes with other souls to create family.

Then I’ll use your birth chart while channeling your spirit guides and my team (including Ascended Master Djehuty and Archangel Metatron) to articulate why your soul has chosen your family for you: What you’re to learn, how to release and heal anything left unresolved, and how to make the most of what your soul has set out for you to do.

I’ll also lead you through meditation and energy work to clear debris from the past, helping you get on the right footing to move forward.

No matter your age, no matter how far away you feel from the impact of your family of origin (or, if adopted, the one that raised you), there is a divine logic souls employ to form that family. This healing intensive is designed to help you release fear, pain, anger, resentment, confusion, and shielding related to your experience in family growing up. When you see the higher-level truth of what your soul intends through family, you can feel more at home in the world and participate more fully in the ways that work best for you.

To do what your soul came to Earth to do, you needed the incubator of family. Join me to learn how to make peace with your soul’s intentions and wisdom.

The Pluto Intensive
October 25-28, 2018
Tucson, Arizona
$850, 10% off for my monthly subscribers
Registration opens mid-March.

This unique intensive will teach you a new, empowered way to approach and live with Pluto sourced in channeled material from Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin, and Hermes).

Based upon material presented in The Soul’s Journey trilogy of books, this view of Pluto centers on detaching from external models of empowerment (money, achievement, power over-power under games, physical strength, etc.) and developing power through choosing self-respect and self-care.

We’ll begin by exploring my approach to Pluto. Then we’ll explore the natal charts of all 6 attendees to bring the concepts to life and make them relevant. Intensives with me are opportunities to process past emotion, conditioning, and beliefs that might get in the way and block or limit you now and release them.

After working with your natal Pluto configuration, I’ll explain current, recent, and upcoming transits and progressions to it to help you understand how to navigate the opportunities and effects with more awareness and clarity.

We’ll rewrite your multilife history of relating to power so that you can inhabit and create your life with confidence and strength now.

You’ll leave this intensive with a clear understanding of how to heal your own Plutonian issues, as well as step forward with an acceptance of how you’re wired and what your soul expects you to learn regarding your Pluto.

My approach to Pluto centers on meeting – and confronting with compassion – intense, unpleasant emotions within the self and becoming stronger as a result of bringing love to them. This intensive will be, well, intense! I’ve become adept at guiding people¬† through this territory, and I’m happy to share this teaching and process with a group.

The Chiron Intensive
November 15-18, 2018
Eugene, Oregon
$950, 10% off for my monthly subscribers
Registration opens mid-March.

This intensive will teach you all I know about Chiron as energetic sensitivity and related to wounding and healing. We begin by exploring the channeled teachings from Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin, Hermes) about Chiron’s energetic/emotional sensitivity as the key to our transition to the Aquarian Age. We will uncover your Chironic wound in all its levels, including the rejection that occurred when you were born/very young.

I’ll lead you through a heart-opening process that will result in relaxing the inner-kid part of you not sure if you’re worth love and acceptance, releasing all others across time for being the source of love for you.

This work will be deep yet gentle, and teach you specific techniques to step into being the source of love for yourself. We will also explore energy/emotion management techniques in detail.


The Chakra Course

This 9-part mp3 course (including an intro mp3 for each of 2 parts) in replaces the popular Intuitive Skills Development Level 1 course I taught for a number of years.

Part 1 focuses on teaching you to understand the issues and blocks that often come up in the lower 3 chakras and how to heal them. In order to grow spiritually, we must be in our bodies and hearts, not just in our minds hoping to connect to Spirit. This part emphasizes the importance of developing a solid foundation of the lower 3 chakras so you can build sanity, security, and strength.

I recommend using the free 13-minute grounding mp3 daily in conjunction with the course. In the flier below you’ll read about energetically programmed stone suggestions to help you advance through this material.

Read what one user reports about a transformation out of powerlessness and anger. Read more about Part 1 in the PDF flier.

Use Part 1 by itself for a while, truly working through what comes up for you. Because of the importance of focusing on the lower chakras, you can purchase Part 1 by itself below and then come back to get Part 2.

Newly available: Part 2 focuses on the upper 4 chakras, and is entirely channeled. Once you get comfortable with the processes and teachings outlined in Part 1, you’re ready to have some energetic shifts as you learn about chakras 4-7. The foundation of the lower 3 chakras absolutely must be in place before you work with Part 2. Be in touch with any questions about this.

As channeled material aims to alter your consciousness, plan to hear the mp3s of Part 2 with focus (avoid driving, multitasking, etc.). Also, some will find they fall asleep readily when hearing channeled mp3s, and I encourage you to let that be okay. You’re still benefiting – you’re processing the info from a sleeping state.

Following purchase, I will invite you to join a Dropbox folder in which the appropriate mp3s reside.

I recommend using The Chakra Course in tandem with one of the two sets (22 or 31 days) of channeled meditation/energy work mp3s with Djehuty and Metatron, available here.

Purchase the entire course (9 mp3s totaling over 7 hours) for $98 here.
Purchase Part 1 alone (4 mp3s totaling 3.5 hours) for $49 here.
Purchase Part 2 alone (5 mp3s totaling 3.5 hours) for $49 here.


Release: A Course for Healing

This channeled course is a self-guided tour through three important processes: forgiveness of self, forgiveness of other, and calling back your energy from relationships and returning others’ energies to them.

Self-judgment and judgment of other are the two greatest impediments to self-love and self-care, which are absolutely necessary for health on all levels and spiritual evolution. This course will provide you the tools needed to gently and consciously come out of destructive patterns with self and other.

Giving and taking back energy is necessary when relationships have ended (even if long ago), need to or are ready to end, or simply when you are ready to develop better boundaries within existing relationships to make each person and the shared dynamic healthier and stronger.

Included is a 40-page PDF of channeled teachings from Ascended Master Djehuty and introductions and commentary on those teachings by me intended to help you understand and best use the teachings. Following most of the teachings are questions for reflection to make the material for the week real for you in your life. Three channeled meditations and a grounding meditation that raise your conscious awareness and heal you across time are also included for daily use alongside the written materials. The course is structured such that you can move through these processes in 6 weeks at minimum – the shortest recommended duration due to the deep energetic effects the materials tend to have on people – or at your own pace over a longer duration of time.


Energy is Money is Energy

Required to take the full course beginning 03Dec16: Introduction MP3
This unique 109-minute MP3 introduces my approach to working with energy, money, love, and transforming debt and opening to receive. This MP3 is required if you want to take the popular Energy is Money is Energy course.

Collected in this MP3 are the openings to four EME class calls taught in the Summer of 2012. They introduce the channeled perspectives and how I work with astrological birth charts to approach clients’ issues with debt, opening to receive, and in general flowing with life.

After hearing this MP3 you can opt in to take the next full course beginning 03Dec16. The class itself focuses entirely on the birth charts of all students, using the principles in the channeled PDF from Ascended Master Djehuty: seeing what you might think you owe someone or yourself energetically and why you might be blocked to opening to receive love, of which money is one manifestation. Understanding the root of money issues as a relationship with love empowers you to move into an empowered relationship with yourself, others, and life in order to make the most of what you have to offer. Students have reported amazing results from this course!

Purchase the intro mp3:


Registration for the next course is open until 03Dec16. On that day, registrants will receive the first set of channeled information and affirmations. You will work with them and journal about your experience for one week prior to the first class call.

During each class call, we will discuss your process with the affirmations and explore your astrology chart. Essentially, this course is a pair of mini-readings combined with channeled wisdom to help you make positive, lasting changes in your life.

Call dates: Saturdays 10Dec & 17Dec, 10am-12pm Pacific time. A video conference link will be provided to registrants.

Register for the full course, $65: