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The Lilith Healing Intensive

April 4-7, 2019
9 AM to 5 PM each day
Portland, OR area
$950, 10% off for my monthly subscribers. Limited to 6 attendees. A deposit of $300 holds your spot. Contact me to set up a time for a brief call to give me a credit card number, or you can mail a check–contact me for the address.

This powerful healing intensive will teach you new, self-caring ways to approach and live with Lilith sourced in channeled material originally from Archangel Metatron. I don’t often mention this, but that’s the source of my Lilith teachings presented in Lilith: Healing the Wild, my popular book.

First, we’ll explore the cultural traditions surrounding the natural, but demonized, feminine that Lilith represents. We’ll go deeply into myth and archetype, helping you see how to separate society’s expectations (myth) from how you’re actually wired (archetype). The aim will be to show you how to validate your own experience of Lilith (and love her) in a world that wonders if shame, abuse, and hatred is the only way to deal with her. I don’t focus on Lilith as a demon or the mother of all demons, but as an essential part of us that keeps us connected to instinct and the wisdom of the natural world as it exists within our root chakras.

Then we’ll move on to the nine stages of the archetype, showing you how to move beyond the anger or rage that the collective currently believes is the only way Lilith can or should function. I offer a unique healing path through Lilith issues that makes a serious difference in people’s lives, and this intensive is for teaching you all I know so you can leave behind any difficult pasts related to this energy within you.

The rest of the intensive will have three major focuses:

  1. Analysis and personal readings of each attendee’s chart. I’ll bring through the perspectives of your spirit guidance team, Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin, Hermes), and Archangel Metatron. Most of our focus will be on the true Black Moon Lilith (a.k.a. the osculating apogee—not the mean position) in attendees’ charts, yet we will also explore the asteroid Lilith (1181), which has a different meaning and offers much about how to be Lilith in the world in proactive, healing ways.
  2. Channeled energy work meditations to clear the debris or residue of your portion of the collective’s painful struggle about what to do with the natural, wild feminine. This could be about abuse, sexual violence, emotional or psychological control, shaming, and anything else that might have you doubting that you should precisely who you are without apology.
  3. Channeled energy work meditations to seed in you a willingness to open to Lilith’s healthy aspects. I will facilitate developing a healthy relationship with Lilith for all 6 attendees.

Compassionate awareness and strong boundaries will be key. Intense material may come up during this event, as Lilith in a person can represent the suppression of pain to the point that it becomes rage. With clear, intentional boundaries, I’ll hold space for each attendee to process and release whatever in his or her past or present related to Lilith may be holding him or her back.

The intensive will meet at a venue in or near Portland, OR TBD.


The Pluto Healing Intensive
August 2019 dates TBD
London, UK

Family and the Conspiracy of Love Healing Intensive
August 2019 dates TBD
London, UK

Not Tentative
The Pluto Healing Intensive
September 26-29, 2019
Portland, OR

Details are on the way. Check back here, follow me on Facebook, or sign up for my email list (access from the menu above or from the home page here) to be notified.


The Chakra Course

This 9-part mp3 course (including an intro mp3 for each of 2 parts) in replaces the popular Intuitive Skills Development Level 1 course I taught for a number of years.

Part 1 focuses on teaching you to understand the issues and blocks that often come up in the lower 3 chakras and how to heal them. In order to grow spiritually, we must be in our bodies and hearts, not just in our minds hoping to connect to Spirit. This part emphasizes the importance of developing a solid foundation of the lower 3 chakras so you can build sanity, security, and strength.

I recommend using the free 13-minute grounding mp3 daily in conjunction with the course. In the flier below you’ll read about energetically programmed stone suggestions to help you advance through this material.

Read what one user reports about a transformation out of powerlessness and anger. Read more about Part 1 in the PDF flier.

Use Part 1 by itself for a while, truly working through what comes up for you. Because of the importance of focusing on the lower chakras, you can purchase Part 1 by itself below and then come back to get Part 2.

Part 2 focuses on the upper 4 chakras, and is entirely channeled. Once you get comfortable with the processes and teachings outlined in Part 1, you’re ready to have some energetic shifts as you learn about chakras 4-7. The foundation of the lower 3 chakras absolutely must be in place before you work with Part 2. Be in touch with any questions about this.

As channeled material aims to alter your consciousness, plan to hear the mp3s of Part 2 with focus (avoid driving, multitasking, etc.). Also, some will find they fall asleep readily when hearing channeled mp3s, and I encourage you to let that be okay. You’re still benefiting – you’re processing the info from a sleeping state.

Following purchase, I will invite you to join a Dropbox folder in which the appropriate mp3s reside.

I recommend using The Chakra Course in tandem with one of the two sets (22 or 31 days) of channeled meditation/energy work mp3s with Djehuty and Metatron, available here.

Purchase the entire course (9 mp3s totaling over 7 hours) for $98 here.
Purchase Part 1 alone (4 mp3s totaling 3.5 hours) for $49 here.
Purchase Part 2 alone (5 mp3s totaling 3.5 hours) for $49 here.


Release: A Course for Healing

This channeled course is a self-guided tour through three important processes: forgiveness of self, forgiveness of other, and calling back your energy from relationships and returning others’ energies to them.

Self-judgment and judgment of other are the two greatest impediments to self-love and self-care, which are absolutely necessary for health on all levels and spiritual evolution. This course will provide you the tools needed to gently and consciously come out of destructive patterns with self and other.

Giving and taking back energy is necessary when relationships have ended (even if long ago), need to or are ready to end, or simply when you are ready to develop better boundaries within existing relationships to make each person and the shared dynamic healthier and stronger.

Included is a 40-page PDF of channeled teachings from Ascended Master Djehuty and introductions and commentary on those teachings by me intended to help you understand and best use the teachings. Following most of the teachings are questions for reflection to make the material for the week real for you in your life. Three channeled meditations and a grounding meditation that raise your conscious awareness and heal you across time are also included for daily use alongside the written materials. The course is structured such that you can move through these processes in 6 weeks at minimum – the shortest recommended duration due to the deep energetic effects the materials tend to have on people – or at your own pace over a longer duration of time.


Energy is Money is Energy

Required to take the full course that begins Saturday, March 2, 2019.
EME Introduction MP3
This unique 109-minute MP3 introduces my approach to working with energy, money, love, and transforming debt and opening to receive. This MP3 is required if you want to take the popular Energy is Money is Energy course.

Collected in this MP3 are the openings to four EME class calls taught in the Summer of 2012. They introduce the channeled perspectives and how I work with astrological birth charts to approach clients’ issues with debt, opening to receive, and in general flowing with life.

After hearing this MP3 you can opt in to take the next full course (dates TBD). The class itself focuses entirely on the birth charts of all students, using the principles in the channeled PDF from Ascended Master Djehuty: seeing what you might think you owe someone or yourself energetically and why you might be blocked to opening to receive love, of which money is one manifestation. Understanding the root of money issues as a relationship with love empowers you to move into an empowered relationship with yourself, others, and life in order to make the most of what you have to offer. Students have reported amazing results from this course!

Purchase the intro mp3:


Energy is Money is Energy Course
Prerequisite: The intro mp3 listed above.
Dates: Homework begins Saturday, March 2, 2019. Class meets twice: Saturdays March 9 & 16, 2019 from 10 AM – 12 PM Pacific time.
As there is a week of homework before we meet, you must sign up no later than Saturday, March 2.

This unique course begins with channeled affirmations from Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin, Hermes) that reveal potential issues you may carry about debt (being on either side of it) and how you can open more to receive.

On March 2 you will receive the first set of channeled affirmations related to transforming debt and you’ll work with them the whole week, making notes about your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs that come up. In the first class meeting on March 9, we will discuss each attendee’s week while I use your astrology chart to help you unravel energetic, emotional, and karmic blocks that create debt.

After the first class on March 2, you’ll receive the second set of channeled affirmations related to opening to receive. You’ll work with them the whole week, then in the final class on March 9, we’ll discuss the week of each attendee and repeat the process, but framed in terms of how you can remove blocks to being open to receive.

Open to 6. $74 regularly (PayPal link to register here). $63 for subscribers to my monthly service (PayPal link to register here).