Healing Courses

Live Healing Courses
–Energy is Money is Energy Webinar (future dates TBD)
–The Higher Self Protocol (learning to channel spirit guides) (future dates TBD)

Home-study Courses
–Loving Lilith: An End to Shame
–The Chakra Course
–Release: A Course for Healing
Cerealia: Finding Ceres Within
Now a home-study course


Upcoming Live Healing Courses

Succeeding with Affirmations

A webinar to learn how to work effectively with affirmations.

Sunday, October 30, 2022 from 10 AM-1 PM Pacific time.

As a divine being, you are energetically powerful. All that you think, believe, and feel creates your experiences into existence around you. This workshop will teach you more about the ins and outs of being an energetic being who can change your vibration and improve your life using affirmations.

You’ll learn:
a) what happens in your consciousness when you begin doing an affirmation
b) how to work with what comes up as a result (what’s missing from most teachings on the subject)
c) how to fine-tune the process to identify the right affirmation for a given situation
d) how to ensure you effectively raise your vibration using it

I’ll help you identify specific affirmations tailored to what you’re ready to shift in your life, too. I’ll consider selected patterns in your astrology chart and will create affirmations for you focused on what you want to change in your life, though you do not need to know any astrology to benefit from this process.

Investment: $85
Register via PayPal here or contact me to express interest in another form of payment (Venmo, Square, or check if in the USA).


The Higher Self Protocol
Opening to and Working with Spirit Guides

Part 1: A 9-week live course to upgrade your vibration to learn to bring your higher self into your daily life, enabling connecting with and beginning to work with your spirit guides.

Part 2: An invitation-only follow up 8-week course to continue learning and practice.

Part 3: Mediumship Course. An extension of Part 2.

Click here to read all the details and register. Future dates on the way.






Energy is Money is Energy Webinar

The next course begins Sunday, November 27.
Click here for all the details.






Home-study Courses

Loving Lilith: An End to Shame

Channeled home-study healing course. 51K words in 9 modules with questions for reflection. 4 channeled meditations for clearing energy and stabilizing Lilith’s consciousness within you.

The next step in the evolution of tools to support you in making peace with the natural feminine within you (gender and sexual orientation/identity aside). Read more and order.


The Chakra Course

A 9-part mp3 course (including an intro mp3 for each of 2 parts) that replaces the popular Intuitive Skills Development Level 1 course I taught for a number of years. Now it is a prerequisite for my Higher Self Protocol 1 course, to learn to open to and work with spirit guides.

Part 1 (chakras 1-3) covers all I have learned from Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Hermes, Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin) and from experience studying and living with chakras for over 15 years. Part 2 (chakras 4-7) is entirely channeled from Djehuty, and will upgrade your consciousness in important ways once you’re comfortable with the teachings in Part 1.

You can purchase Part 1 first or both at the same time.

Many purchase programmed tiger iron with Part 1 to enhance and support their grounding practice.

Use these mp3s to uncover any blocks to getting into your body, being grounded, and working through blocks from the past.

Part 1, $49.
Part 2, $49.
Parts 1 & 2, $98.

Release: A Course for Healing

This channeled course is a self-guided tour through three important processes: forgiveness of self, forgiveness of other, and calling back your energy from relationships and returning others’ energies to them.

Self-judgment and judgment of other are the two greatest impediments to self-love and self-care, which are absolutely necessary for health on all levels and spiritual evolution. This course will provide you the tools needed to gently and consciously come out of destructive patterns with self and other.

Giving and taking back energy is necessary when relationships have ended (even if long ago), need to or are ready to end, or simply when you are ready to develop better boundaries within existing relationships to make each person and the shared dynamic healthier and stronger.

$33. Read more and order.