Cerealia 2020

Registration for 2020 is closed.

To put attention on self-care and self-love as the central core of individual human evolution, I’m facilitating an opportunity for you to get know Ceres from the inside out from April 19 to May 2, 2020.

Ceres (asteroid 1), pictured at left, was promoted from the status of asteroid to dwarf planet in 2006, marking an invitation for all of us to revisit its role in our lives. Ceres is a parenting, nurturing, providing, and protecting archetype.

Ancient Romans came up with the idea for a festival for this goddess. Theirs focused on ritual and gatherings to honor, praise, and give thanks to the harvest/grain goddess. Ceres was the most important deity for the general populace because she enabled the planting and harvesting of grain, the food that made civilization possible.

But we won’t be sending foxes with torches tied to their tails into the fields for purification of the crops. We will instead be delving into the Ceres-related themes in your life of nurturing, protection, loving and caring, and becoming the source of love for yourself, which is the intended mission of all souls living human lives.

I’m considering this a festival of sorts, even though most of it is done on your own. First, you’ll work through an individual process related to Ceres themes in your life (with an optional minireading on your own chart’s Ceres), and then we’ll meet through some optional live calls to share experiences and witness each other’s process. While the Romans had a Cerealia defined by gatherings and group ritual, we’ll take journeys within ourselves and then meet up on the other side to share notes and honor each other’s processes.

How Cerealia works:

  1. Introductory material on myth/archetype and the astrology of Ceres is covered in a YouTube video. This is a kind of introduction to Cerealia for those wanting to understand more about why this archetype matters in their lives.
  2. You can opt for an mp3 minireading focused on your chart’s Ceres configuration: house, sign, aspects, and if it’s retrograde. I’ll describe how Ceres issues may tend to work in your life, and give you tips on how to work with it in intentional, healthy ways to support growth. You’ll receive this mp3 by April 15, leaving you a few days to digest the astrology part of the process before you receive the first set of channeled material on April 19.
    I highly recommend you opt for the minireading to get these insights into your chart and life. They will enrich the process described below in significant ways.
    I’d like to make this a learning opportunity for those studying and practicing astrology, too. If you’re willing to share your chart and minireading with other participants (using first name only), let me know and I’ll create a library that will be available to those who contribute their charts. You’ll have access to this library after Cerealia is done, so you can learn more about how I interpret Ceres in various charts and counsel people to work with the energy in healthy ways. This may be available to my other students at some point, too.
  3. During the two weeks of April 19 to May 2, every other day you’ll receive via email a written channeling on a theme related to Ceres energy (listed below). These are from Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Hermes, Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin) and include questions for reflection. You’ll work with them in a journal (the format of the journal is up to you–paper or electronic–the key is to give voice to parts of you who have thoughts and opinions about the material). Each is about 1200 words including questions. They are not astrology-focused, but are about energy, emotion, maturing, family history, self-care, and self-love in your life. You’ll journal each day, noting your reactions to Djehuty’s message for the day and answering the questions for reflection.
  4. On April 19, you’ll also receive 4 channeled meditations (under 10 minutes each) to use during the 2 weeks as you read, process, and journal on certain themes. The themes of the meditations are listed below.
  5. After the two weeks are complete, I’ll host a couple of optional group web conferences open to all participants to debrief. You can call in to share notes on your process/week, what you saw within and learned, how you resolved old sticking points about self-love or -validation, ask questions or for clarification on anything presented, etc.

What 2019 participants are saying about their Ceres reading mp3s
“Just can’t thank you enough for your awesome interpretation of Ceres in my chart, which was as close to picture perfect as would be possible for anyone to get, I think.” L., Michigan

“Wow – you knocked it out of the park with this. It’s also relevant and timely. Thank you for this great reading and for offering the course!” C., New Jersey

“Thanks, Tom, for the reading. Really helpful reiteration of so much of what I’m dealing with now.” L., New Jersey

Time investment
Reading the daily channeled material and going over and noting brief answers to the questions I expect to take 20-30 minutes (keep in mind you’ll get new material every other day for two weeks). Some of the questions on certain days may stir you to think and write more. The channeled meditations to use now and then will be under 10 minutes each. In 2020 the course materials will be sent every other day, so you can take more time when you need and take some days off when you need to.

Materials Participants Will Receive (besides the minireading for those who opt for it)

The Seven Daily Channeled Texts with Questions for Reflection/Journaling from Ascended Master Djehuty

Day 1: Where does love come from?
Day 2: Whose needs matter?
Day 3: Does giving cost?
Day 4: Understanding and meeting emotional needs
Day 5: Family, relationships, and boundaries
Day 6: A deeper look at self-care
Day 7: Becoming the source of love for yourself

The Four Channeled Meditations to Support Your Process During the Week

  1. Finding, connecting with, and honoring the inner child (becoming the parent the child needs)
  2. Clearing others’ energy from the past and present
  3. Owning the power to choose
  4. Self-validation and becoming the source of love for yourself

Channeled Ebook from Djehuty on Emotional Eating
As I prepared Cerealia, I asked Djehuty about emotional eating a number of times, a topic not addressed completely in the 7 daily themes outlined above. To cover this in more detail, I channeled a short ebook (11K words) on the topic from Djehuty that will be provided to all who participate in Cerealia at the end of the process. It is also currently for sale.

Optional Group Debrief Calls
Sharing your story and hearing those of others helps bring the material home, validate the normal human experiences we have when becoming more conscious of our hearts and their power, and creates community. I will not have an agenda for these calls other than witnessing, holding space, honoring, and answer questions or providing feedback if you want it.


Join me for this unique exploration of your inner Ceres! There’s nothing else like this out there. I’ve put all of my Uranian uniqueness, Neptunian channeling and focus on spirituality, and Plutonian passion for helping you transform into this process.