To put attention on self-care and self-love as the central core of individual human evolution, I’m offering an opportunity for you to get know Ceres from the inside out in this home-study course to work at your own pace.

Ceres (asteroid 1), pictured at left, was promoted from the status of asteroid to dwarf planet in 2006, marking an invitation for all of us to revisit its role in our lives. Ceres is a parenting, nurturing, providing, and protecting archetype.

Cerealia is a 7-module home-study course to help you uncover and shift patterns of self-care that don’t serve you, many of which stem from what you were modeled with young about what love is, where it comes from, and who is responsible for giving it to whom.

Some who have worked through all of my courses and much channeled audio tell me this is the most powerful channeling I’ve brought through. I ran this twice on a schedule, but realized it needs to be a home-study course to free you to take all the time you need with the material that might come up.

Read all the details and order via Podia.
From there you can also read about and order the optional 20-minute mp3 reading in which I delineate your chart’s Ceres configuration.