The Pluto Healing Intensive

The next opportunity begins July 15, 2023.

This unique webinar will teach you to approach and live with Pluto in empowered, healthy ways sourced in channeled material from Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin, and Hermes).

Healing intensives with me are opportunities to process and release past emotion, conditioning, and beliefs that might get in the way and block or limit you. They have a way of pulling the junk out so we can seed positive, empowering Plutonian energy in its place.

Based upon what I first presented in The Soul’s Journey trilogy of books, my innovative view of Pluto centers on detaching from external models of empowerment (money, achievement, power over-power under games, physical strength, etc.) and developing power through developing self-respect and self-care.

It has much to do with transforming through working with shadow material, processing the depth of what has hurt and angered us, and emerging on the other side with deepened self-awareness and the power of compassion.

It’s not enough to know what your shadows are–what hurts, what you regret, what may make you judge, shame, or limit yourself in any way. Healing with Pluto can only come through conscious shadow work. I’ll teach you to understand your shadows and meet them with the strength of compassion, setting you up to learn to love the shadows and developing true Plutonian power from self-respect and self-care.

In the introductory material on August 20 & 27 (different presentations & Q&A time in each), we’ll begin by exploring my unique evolutionary astrology (EA)-based approach to soul, reincarnation, karma, and Pluto. Then we’ll explore the natal charts of all attendees not only to bring the concepts to life and make them relevant to all, but to provide a process and space for the deepest sort of healing and empowerment for each participant.

In your reading, after working with your natal Pluto configuration I’ll explain current, recent, and upcoming transits and progressions to it to help you understand how to navigate the opportunities and effects with more awareness and clarity.

We’ll rewrite your multilife history of relating to power so that you can inhabit and create your life with confidence and strength now.

You’ll leave this intensive with a clear understanding of how to heal your own Plutonian issues, as well as step forward with an acceptance of how you’re wired and what your soul set out for you to learn along your Plutonian empowerment journey while human.

My approach to Pluto centers on meeting—and confronting with compassion—intense, unpleasant emotions within the self and becoming stronger as a result of bringing love to them. This intensive may at times be, well, intense! I’m expert at guiding people through this territory, and I’m happy to share this teaching and process to another group.

How It Works

  1. This is a several-month webinar available to all with an internet connection–no travel is involved as with 4-day healing intensives I’ve offered in the past.
  2. I’ll host two group calls to teach the introductory info on soul, Pluto, karma, and reincarnation that’s unique to my approach to EA, and answer questions. These will be July 15 & 22, 2023. I encourage all who can to join, but it’s not necessary, as all can access these recordings after.
  3. Following those two calls, I’ll send each participant a 20-minute prerecorded mp3 reading covering the major themes of Pluto in their own charts.
    Then I’ll schedule participants’ one-on-one Pluto coaching calls with me. These will be two 30-minute calls, and will include me using your birth chart, the input of your spirit guides and Djehuty, and other-life information (Akashic Records) that will help you understand/change current patterns and release the past. We’ll work through things as needed in your own Plutonian life/stories. The 20-minute minireading you’ll have heard already will set us up for exploring the themes on your mind and heart to work through.
    The 20-minute minireadings will be available to all participants in the workshop (via a Podia course) while all will be confidential.
    Note: the two private 30-minute coaching calls with me will NOT be shared with others:
    –20-minute prerecorded minireading: shared with all participants for educational purposes
    –two 30-minute private coaching calls: not shared with other participants
  4. For processing, discussion, and Q&A, I’ll hold optional group calls any and all participants can attend. Due to people being in various parts of the world, I will stagger the call times so those in Europe/Africa and Asia/Australia will have a chance to attend around half of them.
    These recordings will also be available to all who sign up. I encourage you to try to make as many of these as possible, but they are not required.
    The community enabled by these calls will prove important to many, as we learn from each other’s experience, readings, and processing after the readings.
  5. You’ll learn about your own Plutonian journey as I provide insights and tools to learn to come out of fear and disempowerment, but you will also learn to live with Pluto going forward (transits, progressions, etc.) in new ways, leaving behind the dread of Plutonian times as you learn to make an ally out of this powerful transformer.


All times listed are Pacific. Check your time zone here.

  1. Saturday July 15, 10 AM to 1 PM: Intro material 1
  2. Saturday July 22, 10 AM to 1 PM: Intro material 2
  3. Individual readings for each participant will be scheduled when convenient for each person and me in August and September.
  4. Optional group calls will be scattered in July, August, and September. I’ll stagger them so those in different parts of the world will be able to make at least some of them. I’ll update this space when the call dates/times are set.

Investment and How to Register

If you sign up, you agree to keep all personal info from others gained from readings or group call or Facebook group conversations in the workshop confidential. (You’re free to share with others your own stuff, of course, as well as the teachings on Pluto from me.)

Investment: $495.
Via Podia, use PayPal or Stripe here. Or contact me to use a check, Square, or Venmo.


From 3 current (2022) participants:

  1. The readings and group calls are very rich and have definitely triggered a lot of contemplation. I appreciate the set up to be able to listen to the recordings and join the calls at my own pace. I think you are doing quite well handling all the variables on the fly as the course goes along. Thank you and look forward to it all as it emerges.
  2. Thank you so much for this inspiring and healing reading.
    After the reading I felt like in a disco on the dance floor with my guides.
    You are very talented and your work is such an important contribution to this world. Hope you know that.
  3. Seriously Tom I have enjoyed the course immensely. It’s has already been one of the best learning experiences I’ve had, and I haven’t even had my own chart read yet. Thank you for putting so much time and effort and love into all you do.

What past attendees of the 4-day Pluto Healing Intensives have shared about their experiences:

Thank you so much for a truly great and truly intense workshop. I would not have traveled to Sedona for just any old teacher or any old workshop!  Only for intense work lead by a really great teacher, astrologer, and channel. 

I thought the workshop was really valuable and useful with the combination of instruction, wisdom, intense gentle and intentional meditations and focused, personal, powerfully insightful readings. The combinations of teachings, guided meditations and personal readings lead to deep, meaningful and profound openings, clearings and strengthened awareness, all of which was really valuable and quite remarkable for four days. Thank you for all of your hard work, channeling and knowledge. 

It was really wonderful to meet all of you and I think 6 was a great number for this workshop. I really appreciated everyone being SO REAL AND OPEN. It was incredible. I learned so much from witnessing each and every person’s process. I greatly appreciated all of your support and intentionality with witnessing my story. Thank you.

M. Oregon

I feel the Pluto Intensive had a profound effect on me in a positive manner …. I deeply appreciate the hard work you put into making this Intensive successful. Tom, you are an excellent teacher, astrologer, guide, channeler, and medium. A wise, empathic, articulate, and sensitive Shaman.

D., Illinois

Tom’s gifts of channeling and holding space of unconditional love in the room is with the highest respect to your capacity to healing.

I knew the Pluto Intensive was going to be life changing; what I didn’t know is how much. I got my dignity back! For that I am so thankful to Tom Jacobs for doing his soul work on this planet.

M., Laval, QC, Canada