The Higher Self Protocol: Opening to and Working with Spirit Guides

Spirit guides operate only over loving frequencies. When we learn to understand not-loving energies within us (fear, pain, guilt, shame, regret, self-doubt, etc.) while embracing and aligning with loving energies, we can learn to open to and connect with our guides.

Our channels open with love, yet we also need to make peace with and transform our portions of not-love.

The next course:
Group 11 will begin January 20, 2024.
9 Saturdays. 10 AM to 12:30 PM Pacific.

After my first reading with a channel in late 2004, I learned to connect with and bring through guides in a channeling class. They quickly became part of my professional practice. Learning to hear and channel guides was a foundation to learning to become a psychic medium, and then channeling ascended masters and angels.

Over the years, I’ve taught some of these skills to a number of people through individual coaching/counseling and a course called Intuitive Skills Development. That course centered on how to work with fears and other negative or low vibrations in order to raise their vibrations and learn to open to their own guides.

This course is a new protocol I’ve developed after years of learning what it takes to be able to work through pain, fear, etc., and raise one’s vibration consciously, consistently, and intentionally. In part, this material reflects how to raise our vibration when, even as we know intellectually how to do it, we are distracted by emotional and energetic issues that bring us down.

I’m truly excited to hold space for you to learn these empowering teachings and techniques!

“This course was truly life (energy) changing for me. I became more empowering and capable in working with certain feelings and emotions. I became less easily triggered and less reactive.” A.

This Course is for You If:

  • You’ve heard of spirit guides and want to learn to work with yours.
  • You know you have guides but can’t hear them or don’t know how to connect with them, yet want to.
  • You want to learn to read others’ spirit guides.
  • You know you’re intuitive but don’t trust it.
  • You know you’re intuitive but don’t know what do with it or how to use it.
  • You hear and see things that are not in 3D and want support in learning what it is/what is happening/how to deal with it.
  • You feel called to be an intuitive or medium and don’t know where to begin.
  • You identify as an empath and want to learn to manage your energy and emotions better.
  • You want to learn energetic self-care, or energy management techniques, for your health on all levels. This can include learning to be safe in your body, in opening your heart, and being yourself in all of your relationships while establishing healthy boundaries.

“This is such a transformative and impactful course. Tom is a masterful spiritual teacher. If you are at all drawn to this course, I highly recommend you give it a try! It is truly unlike anything else I have come across, and I’m profoundly grateful to be a part of it.” J.

My Intentions for this Course
When we begin to move through and release old fears and pains (a major focus of the course), we become stronger. Therefore, one of my intentions here is to help you become stronger through learning more about working through old pains and fears, whether from this life or other lives.

More than a class, this is a spiritual life skills development course. If you join, you may be confronted with challenging information about yourself and your patterns, and you may see a need to make concrete changes to your life. At times this isn’t easy, and I’ll  share with you all the tools I use for working through challenging and changing times.

The space I’m creating with this course holds that you are capable of becoming in charge of your life, even if some parts of you don’t know or don’t yet believe it’s true. Think of this course as learning to be in charge within your head and heart, taking back the reins from parts of you who have carried fear, doubt, self-judgment, guilt, shame, and more.

How this Course Works
Each time we meet, we’ll begin by getting into our right brains and getting grounded (get into our bodies). Through teaching, Q&A, and meditations, we’ll explore a variety of topics related to energy/emotion management, spiritual empowerment as I understand it, spirit guides and how to work with them, and more.

During the days between webinar meetings, you’ll work on self-reflection assignments and journal about them. You’ll also have instructions about working with the programmed crystals that are integral to the process.

The Higher Self Protocol 1

  • 9 weekly meetings
  • Exploring who spirit guides are (and are not), what they do (and don’t do), how they work (and don’t work), and when to consult them (and when not to)
  • Learning to discern different frequencies within yourself–getting to know your “intuitive radio dial”
  • Self-reflection exercises to clear the past and raise your vibration
  • Journaling
  • Meditation in class and at home on your own
  • Progressive work with selected programmed crystals that are required for the course (see below)

Click here to see the overview for all 3 courses, The Higher Self Protocol 1 & 2 and Mediumship.


Prerequisites for The Higher Self Protocol 1

  1. A willingness to grow through blocks from the past and upgrade your self-image and self-confidence.
  2. A willingness to embrace a grounded humility to serve growth while learning to leave behind guilt, shame, self-doubt, self-judgment, self-hatred, etc.
  3. The Chakra Course Parts 1 & 2. (Begin with Part 1.)
  4. A programmed tiger iron to support grounding.
  5. Practice and comfort with the grounding process.
  6. Practice and comfort with the (free) 22 channeled energy work meditations.

Required Materials for The Higher Self Protocol 1

  1. A programmed tiger iron or two tumbled pieces. If you are even somewhat interested in this course, getting a programmed tiger iron from me and working with the grounding practice I teach will help you discern if this path feels right to you.
  2. Other programmed crystals: Personally I prefer two small pieces, to hold one in each hand to create a circuit through my body to really connect with the energy. For each of these 3 crystals I offer options of single pieces or pairs–ultimately this is up to you; trust your gut.
    1. Programmed auralite 23.
    2. Programmed larimar.
    3. Programmed mookaite.
  3. A journal for writing in class and during the week between calls.
  4. A sketch pad and a set of colored pencils, pastels, etc.

Logistics & Investment
The next course:
Group 11 will begin January 20, 2024.
9 Saturdays. 10 AM to 12:30 PM Pacific.

$595 using PayPal here or contact me for another form of payment.

Additional Investment
The Chakra Course Part 1 as a prerequisite–feel free to get just Part 1 for now:
$49 for each part (Part 1 alone, Part 2 alone) or $98 for the whole course regularly.

Programmed crystals: Varies.

From  students:
I want to thank you – again! – for creating a safe and super transformational environment. I signed up wanting to strengthen my connection to my guides. They clearly wanted me to release my old wounds. I have learned a lot from this experience and benefited greatly.
D., New Hampshire

Tom is a fantastic, kind and generous teacher and the earth becomes a better place every time a group of students completes a class. Tom has a powerful ability to inspire people to be their best selves.
S., NY

If you’re ready to release old patterns and move into a more grounded, healthy, self-aware state while also learning to perceive information from spirit guides, Tom Jacobs is a wonderful teacher for this work. His approach is gentle yet challenging and will open your eyes to things you didn’t know about yourself and things you didn’t know about the spiritual world. The difficulty of the course is learning to get out of your own way, so if you are willing to work hard to observe and address the ways you may self-sabotage, you will have a new set of tools to use to consciously connect with yourself and with spirit at the end of this course. Personally, this course is the best investment I’ve made in my own well-being in a very long time and I now have the tools to consciously manage my intuitive gifts rather than feeling at the mercy of my sensitivities.
J., Illinois