Multidimensional Evolutionary Astrology School

I am now offering a path toward certification in the unique way I do evolutionary astrology (EA).


This 9-step course plan will prepare you to become certified by me to:
  1. Effectively tell 4-step karmic stories in any birth chart.
  2. Understand the soul’s multilife journey and shed light on multilife issues and understanding the beliefs and emotions that carry through from other lives.
  3. Identify karmic issues in chart holders’ daily lives and counsel/teach them learn to change their karma (crystallized emotions stuck to old beliefs), empowering them to live healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives in alignment with their soul’s purpose.

The path is 9 steps comprising home-study courses and live webinars with me, from EA Basics I to Testing for Certification. A full course list is below.

My version of EA begins with a channeled model of soul. After spending time with humans’ spiritual and religious traditional teachings about the nature of soul, I was dissatisfied and reached out to disembodied beings for help. Hermes, a.k.a. Ascended Master Djehuty, Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin began answering my questions. This perspective on soul provides a framework for doing karmic astrology like no other.

When you study with me, my goal is to teach you to understand astrology and think like Hermes, Djehuty, et. al without having to become a channel.

To find out more about that story and how I do astrology before signing up for courses, I recommend reading The Soul’s Journey I: Astrology, Reincarnation, and Karma with a Medium and Channel. The other two books in the series, The Soul’s Journey II: Emotional Archaeology and The Soul’s Journey III: A Case Study extend the story and are optional.

If you do not already have a Soul’s Journey Soundbite, I require that you get a Soul’s Journey Multilife Overview mp3 reading from me. In 45 minutes, I explain how I/your spirit guides/Hermes see your multilife journey. You should have this perspective on yourself prior to taking these classes because it will bring the teachings to life for you about your own path.

“Multidimensional” in the title reflects a core teaching of my model of soul: Your soul experiences all of its various lives across the Earth timeline at once. If you want to get closer to the wisdom of soul and heal the human debris that keeps you from embracing that wisdom, you have to reconceive of how you are situated in time, and what time means.

The chart analysis I will teach you reveals that this life is one of many, and that the deepest emotional issues from many lives show up in your life now. I will teach you to help people overcome other-life blocks, including changing the beliefs wrapped around emotions that are karma, resulting in making good on the intentions of the soul to learn to becoming strong through love during human life.

After years of working with this material in sessions and teaching it to some students, I’m happy to have finalized this path toward certification.

Things to Know

  1. There is no commitment regarding time or money. The live courses beginning with EA Intermediate I will be 9 or 10 weeks in duration, and each course will have a fee attached. In other words, you are not committing to a process that takes a particular amount of time that you are locked into.
  2. EA Basics I & II are not astrology basics courses. I expect you to be familiar with planets, houses, signs, and aspects before beginning this path.
  3. Even if you have studied your chart for years and/or studied EA with others, you’ll find this course work unique. Beginning with a detailed model of soul and its multilife journey creates a new foundation for deep understanding that no other EA teachers use.


Courses in the Series

EA Fundamentals I (home-study)
Available now.
In this 6-module home-study course, I provide you with high-level information on the nature of soul and its multilife journey (as channeled from Ascended Master Djehuty, a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin). You’ll then learn the four steps of karmic analysis central to my evolutionary astrology work–Pluto, the South Node of the Moon, the South Node ruler by sign, and the North Node–and begin practice with detailed instructions with charts I provide.

Read more and order.



EA Fundamentals II (home-study)
Available now.
A 7-module home study course open to those who have taken EA Basics I home-study course.

This course focuses on forming sentences to create a bare-bones karmic story from provided charts. This skill sets you up in Intermediate I to begin interpreting the meaning of the multidimensional nature of the symbols in the chart (stay tuned for dates for that live webinar).

In EA Fundamentals II you’ll learn to create sentences based in aspects to Pluto, the SN, SN ruler by sign, and NN. By the end, you’ll be able to take any chart and create a complete 4-step karmic story that opens a door to meaning.

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EA Intermediate I (live course)
9 weeks beginning March 23, 2024.
Read more and sign up here.

This course continues the exploration of karmic chart analysis with deeper discussion and more chart practice.

Now that you are comfortable making 4-step stories with aspects, we begin to talk about the meaning of various signatures. In this course, we start to talk about the chart holder as a complex human.

EA Intermediate I introduces the concept and techniques of changing karma, which form the backbone of the rest of the courses.

    • Deeper meaning of PL, the nodes, & SN ruler.
    • Adding retrogrades to the karmic story (PL & SN ruler).
      • Practice to expand students’ range with this deeper material.
    • How these stories come to life in our lives—adding meaning, making it real.
    • Learning how to change karma, which will feature prominently in all remaining courses.


Future courses:

  • EA Intermediate II
    • Creating 4-step karmic story readings from assigned charts.
    • Answering questions from me in assigned charts as if I am that client. Exploring numerous angles of interpretation, layers of interpretation (even conflicting), & how to give appropriate weight to various chart factors.
  • EA Advanced I
    • Telling more than one karmic story from a single chart.
    • Using assigned examples, exploring why I would tell a chart holder this about relationships, or that other thing about work or life purpose.
    • High-level Q&A along the way.
  • EA Advanced II
    • Working out kinks in students’ processes. Streamlining chart analytical skills.
    • Improvised karmic story readings, including telling more than one karmic story.
    • Going deeper into telling more than one karmic story in a birth chart.
    • Deeper issues regarding changing karma.
    • High-level Q&A along the way.
  • EA Practicum I
    • Each week, students study assigned charts before class, when I counsel the chart holder live. Afterward, students ask me questions about interpretative choices and the client about how signatures have shown up in their lives.
    • Actual life issues become the topics of discussion. Examples of how I work with clients on real issues that can be vexing and persistent. Real-life examples of how to change karma by dealing with deep emotions and changing beliefs about why things happen the way they do.
  • EA Practicum II
    • Students study charts before class and then begin to work with the chart holders during live class calls. Discussion and analysis follows.
  • Testing for Certification