Root Chakra Incubator

The next Root Chakra Incubator begins December 1, 2023.

What: A 10-week coaching and learning process with me for individuals to heal personal root-chakra issues while creating community to support one another.

Who: Anyone with root-chakra issues they desire to explore, unravel, balance, and heal (see the list of potential themes below).

When: 10 weeks beginning December 1, 2023. You’ll have 4 private coaching calls with me over the 10 weeks that fit your schedule. Optional group calls are staggered.

Why: Issues in our roots, or 1st chakras, are denser than all other issues and often harder to address and heal. The root or 1st chakra is activated at birth, and inner-child and -infant parts of us carry the emotional and energetic imprints that give us trouble throughout life. Any and all energetic inheritances from our families and our family relationships themselves relate to our root chakras. Worldview and if we feel welcome, too.

Life issues and themes a person might bring in:

  • Unresolved family issues of any kind from childhood or the present
  • A need to heal abandonment, adoption/fostering, rejection, or abuse issues of any kind
  • Unprocessed inner child stuff of any kind
  • Unprocessed ancestral energies of any kind (incl. intergenerational trauma)
  • Feeling invalid/invalidated as a person or as your unique self
  • Feeling unwelcome or that you don’t belong
  • Feeling unsafe on Earth, in your body, in the world
  • Feeling lost on the planet or lack a sense of purpose
  • Being out of touch with your body’s needs (can’t remember to drink enough water, etc.)
  • A history of eating issues/emotional eating/body-image issues
  • If you don’t want to be in your body/on the planet
  • A longing for reconnection with Spirit/the Great Beyond but are nevertheless here, etc. (“I hope this is my last life,” “I never wanted to be here/be born”, etc.)
  • You don’t know if you can “adult”
  • Feeling like a victim of family, life, the Universe, etc.
  • Adult relationships mirror painful childhood/family relationships
  • You can’t get out of your head/intellect and into your body and heart

The root or 1st chakra is the most important as its status defines the foundation of our lives. Sure, we clever people can try to avoid these issues. But we can never get away from the reality that we receive an imprint at birth in our root chakras … and that its content reflects the soul-level contracts we have with family of origin.

In other words, our souls request certain kinds of imprinting and modeling how to be human that families of origin provide us.

Said still another way, whatever was going on in your early life at home, it’s a critical element for your human journey. It’s important for your journey and growth, and addressing these issues is major for your empowerment as a human.

With your spirit guides and the logic of soul and Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Hermes, St. Germain, Thoth, Merlin), I’ll show you how to transform from victimhood or self-negation or any other issue into an empowering perspective to help you live your best life now.

There are no accidents when it comes to your soul cocreating your family of origin. As adults, however, sometimes we need to learn how and why painful models are, in fact, meant by soul to teach us to become empowered as self-validating, self-loving, self-respecting. As I do in all sessions and coaching, I’ll teach you these tools and perspectives to help you improve your self-conception and life as a whole.

As Djehuty emphasizes in The Chakra Course, all issues in the upper 6 chakras are related to the 1st/root chakra, and so to be truly empowered as humans we need to build up from the root daily.


Details and Logistics

There will be no presentation/lecture call on December 1. Instead, Djehuty has offered teachings I’ve recorded on the material you’ll have access to on Dec. 1: On soul and its journey, how families and communities of origin fit into it, and more (See the list of included tools and resources a few paragraphs down. Info on the root chakra itself and various healing methods is included in the mp3 on the root chakra from The Chakra Course, also included for you as part of this workshop.

The 10 weeks will include your individual, private coaching calls (4 spread out during those 10 weeks) and the optional, shared group calls (I’ll post the schedule below closer to the event’s start). The optional group calls are about understanding and healing root-chakra issues, and attendees are free to share from their own experiences, ask questions about uncovering and healing root-related issues, etc. Attendees are also free to not share personal details/information on these calls, but learn more about the root and all manner of healing root issues.

Content: Each person will have 4 individual, private 30-minute coaching sessions (approx. every other week; regularly $450 on their own) with me/their guides on the root-chakra issues of their choice. The calls and recordings are private and not shared with others. Yet all attendees can opt into a series of group calls to discuss these issues, learn more about the root, share notes with one another, and at times perhaps witness one another’s process and progress.

Beginning in early December, there will be a series of optional group calls. Each attendee can join as many calls as he or she wishes. The recordings of the group calls will be available to all.

If you want to learn the astrology side of soul-level family contracts, begin with EA Fundamentals I & EA Fundamentals II home-study courses (or the two as a bundle with deal here) and then perhaps opt for one-on-one tutoring with me. The group calls will not be focused on astrology.

Optional group call schedule for the December 2023-February 2024 group: On the way.

Included tools and resources:

  • 3 private half-hour coaching calls with me/your guides/Djehuty
  • the Root Chakra audio file from The Chakra Course and its transcription
  • my grounding meditation
  • a series of affirmations for the root chakra channeled from Hermes/Djehuty/et al.
  • a series of channeled audio messages/meditations on various root-chakra themes
    • 33-mins.: on the Conspiracy of Love between souls and how family fits into it
    • 24-mins.: on belonging vs. individuation, family soul-level contracts, and what’s in your highest good
    • 31-mins.: on understanding adoption and fostering in the context of the soul’s multilife journey
    • 1 hr., 49 mins.: four channeled meditations on clearing ancestral karma (numbers 2-4 include energy work)

Recommended tools:
Programmed tiger iron for grounding is highly recommended.
Programmed pink opal is recommended if your heart is closed down/you are blocked from crying or feeling compassion for yourself, or if you can’t forgive yourself or others.
Programmed onyx can be helpful for unlocking trauma and rebuilding the root if it feels “blown out” or having fallen apart.
22 channeled energy-work meditations and the companion 31 meditations.


The next Incubator opens December 1, 2023.

Early registration through end of Sunday, Oct. 1: $495. $550 after.
Register via Podia here or email me to for info/invoicing to pay by check, Venmo, Square or Stripe (if in USA) or Stripe or Square if outside the USA.

From participants:

This course is transformational and one of a kind. It offers a path to true healing of seemingly intractable issues. The community is welcoming and supportive, and the opportunity to learn from such a gifted spiritual teacher as Tom is rare and profound. Highly recommend!

My personal experience of this has been of deep epiphanies and a beginning of a new way of being in this world for me. I had no idea how intense this would become for me but I welcome it, am deeply grateful for it and I also like how Tom makes it easy to understand these deep, complex matters to us in a clear, understanding tone of one who has ventured there. He is rich in depth, knowledge and compassion …
Cara, CA

The Root Chakra Incubator was one of the most important and transformative healing experiences I’ve ever done—and I’ve done a lot of healing work. 
Tom is a powerful, compassionate, and wise guide who has truly done the work himself and who knows how to hold space for—and help carry you—through the layers of trauma and conditioning which live buried deep in our roots. 
For me personally, he helped me excavate, and begin healing, old emotional wounds, health challenges, and traumas from childhood I thought would never be healed. NEVER. But for the first time in my life, they’re finally healing. 
This feels like nothing short of a miracle and I’m so grateful for these transformations made possible by the channeled resources, weekly calls, and  one-on-one support offered within the safe confines of the Root Chakra Incubator. 
Katie, NJ

This course seemed to be heading right where I was going. It is a deep dive into healing with so much support and individual coaching I had to sign up. I have not been disappointed and, as usual, Tom delivers more than he promises.
N.A., MI

I have benefited so much from the RCI. The course is easy to get into and leads to deep realizations and healing. I’ve been able to move things I thought would be stuck forever and had such beautiful breakthroughs. It isn’t always fun but it is exactly what I needed.
Matt, NJ