I offer 4 kinds of readings or packages:

Intuitive Evolutionary Astrology Consultation
Intuitive Coaching Packages (3 or 6 hours)
True Black Moon Lilith Written Reading
Soul’s Journey Soundbite Life Overview Written Reading

Intuitive Evolutionary Astrology Consultation

Ask questions about your life, birth chart, and karmic journey. You will learn to view yourself in an entirely new light even if you are familiar with evolutionary astrology. The wisdom about soul and our many human lives that comes from Archangel Metatron, Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin) and the departed spirits I’ve worked with and learned from seriously enriches how I practice evolutionary astrology.

Topics can include life purpose, work/career, family issues past and present, money/abundance issues, how to work through challenging times including past/present trauma and abuse, and just about anything else. Energy work is available, most effective during intuitive coaching packages of 3 and 6 hours–see the next section on this page for more on that. Read a PDF about energy work with me.

Exchange Rate
PayPal links are below. If you prefer using a credit card or a check, contact me at (213) 925-6019 or for the mailing address for a check or to provide your card number.

Prerecorded MP3 – email me up to 400 words on what you’d like me to cover.

60-minute prerecorded MP3 using one chart for $145. Purchase.
60-minute prerecorded MP3 life overview reading for a child, $135.Purchase.
30-minute prerecorded MP3 using one chart for $65.Purchase.
60-minute prerecorded MP3 using two charts (relationship reading) for $195. Purchase.

Allow 3 weeks for delivery of prerecorded mp3s. (Usually the time is shorter, but sometimes things come up.)

Live Consultations

60-minute live reading using one chart for $165.Purchase.
30-minute live reading using one chart for $85.Purchase.
60-minute live reading using two charts (relationship reading) for $215.Purchase.

If you use multiple email addresses (i.e., one for PayPal but you don’t check that one often), check it for communication from me. I reply to the email addresses on PayPal receipts and it’s incumbent on you to check it for details about your session(s).

These sessions take place over the phone/web conference or in person in the Portland, OR area. Note: For those not in Portland, I use Zoom. I do not use Skype.

To see my availability, click on this link. Times through mid-April are now posted. Important: Do not schedule a time using the link without paying first. Only use this link after you have paid for a session.


True Black Moon Lilith Written Reading

For a limited time, I’m offering brief written readings to focus on the true Black Moon Lilith (BML) in your birth chart. I’ll cover house, sign, and aspect in detail to provide you with a portrait of your own Lilith energy. Along the way, I’ll describe how to shift perspective out of cultural teachings that Lilith should be demonized and feared–all tailored to your personal true BML placement.

I’ll spend 20 minutes on your reading and provide you with a PDF.

Note: Many people use the mean BML. If you have, you might be surprised as my analysis will treat the true BML and it can differ up to 30 degrees in any given chart. To see your own true BML, use “h13” as an additional point on the extended chart selection page of

All of my Lilith teachings are meant to empower you and give you tools to create more self-awareness, -trust, and -respect. I’ve been involved with Lilith since 2004, and frequently get reflection from clients and readers that my approach is the only positive one out there that helps us live with this energy within in healthy ways.

Investment: $41. Use this link for PayPal or contact me for another form of payment. After you pay, scroll down to the data entry form below to enter your full birth data.

Due to a recent surge in interest, allow four weeks for delivery.

From clients:

Thank you so much Tom! You hit the nail right on the head with this reading.
H., Washington

Thank you so, so much!! I just finished listening to it for the first time (many more to come, I’m sure). I must say that you are excellent. Your recording was intuitive, timeless and totally in tune with what I needed.
C., Washington

Tom, thank you. Just listened. Oh, my. The interconnections you highlight help me see the bird’s eye view and shed light on my patterns of second guessing myself, confusion about which way to turn, feeling stuck, and the strong pull to hide. There’s so much there. So much to take in. It’s invaluable to have this in the background as I work through the course.
R., Iowa


Soul’s Journey Soundbite

Note: Normally this is a 25-30-minute prerecorded exploration of your multilife/karmic journey. Starting July 6, 2019 for a few weeks or months (TBD), I will be typing Soul’s Journey Soundbites in an attempt to rest my 5th chakra. I will spend the same amount of time telling your story with the same commitment and passion for helping you understand yourself, yet in written form.

It covers Pluto, the South Node of the Moon, the South Node ruler by sign, and the North Node – all by house, sign, and aspect – and all from an evolutionary, soul-based approach.

I’ll cover the major life themes your soul has you working on in many lifetimes. When you understand what your soul intends for you through your experiences and relationships, you can begin to make peace and become empowered to learn to make new choices.

In each I offer remedies and tools to help you shift what’s happening, in case you’re replaying old karma that doesn’t feel good (as many or most of us do by default). They’re full of insights into how to use energies in your chart intentionally so that you can stop the unconscious vibrations that create what you don’t like.

Nothing need be static. Nothing need stay the same.
Because karma is a collection of beliefs, all karma can be changed.

But we each must to learn to step into empowerment and see how we can make better and more conscious, intentional choices. A Soul’s Journey Soundbite is a great first step! Read (PDF) what people have to say about their Soundbites.

Many have used these readings to sample my approach and energy, and then book full consultations to work on specific issues with some depth. Many listen again and again, as these readings are chock full of important information about their lives. As I cover the major themes, these readings are useful for decades.

  • 1 typed Soul’s Journey Soundbite for $55. Purchase.

Details: Only AFTER ordering using the above link, enter your full birth data in the form below (it’s okay if you don’t have a time of birth). If you enter your birth data without ordering using the link above or contacting me for another form of payment, you are not in the queue.

Since this reading follows a 4-step structure, I do not answer questions in them. Use the consultation options above or the coaching options below instead if you have questions you want me to answer.

If you do not hear from me within 4 weeks (whether confirming your order or receiving the Soundbite mp3 itself), this is normal due to the number of kinds of work I manage and all the related emails. If you have a PayPal receipt, you’re in my queue. If you do not hear from me on day 31 after you place your order, feel free to write and inquire.



Intuitive Coaching

Your most difficult issues are karmic and they persist in many lives. The only way to move beyond them is to gain a view on your karma and learn how to release and change it. You can opt for talking astrology/counseling or energy work (read about energy work with me in this PDF), or a mix. Examples include long-time, persistent, deep patterns in love relationships, work/career issues, family difficulties, sexual issues, self-esteem, motivation, confusion over life purpose … or anything else.

My intention is to support you in healing, as well as to teach you to see your life as your guides, the ascended masters, angels, and your higher self/soul see it. I bring through the consciousness level of Djehuty, the ascended master, and Metatron, the archangel. Their perspectives ground you in a high level of consciousness so that you can make changes where they need to be made.

Choose 30-minute or 60-minute sessions. There is no set duration of weeks of coaching but I encourage you to work with me for at least 6 consecutive weeks to see meaningful results. Some coaching clients work with me for a year or two and others for a few months at a time here and there.
I will record your sessions and e-mail you a link to download the mp3.

Coaching hours are usually purchased in packages of 3 ($125/hour; to be used within 2 months) or 6 ($115/hour; to be used within 4 months).

New: With a commitment to do 3 hours within 2 months or 6 hours within 4 months, you can purchase them one or two at a time with a $10 extra charge for each payment. If you want to do this, contact me over email and we’ll set up a payment schedule.

I accept credit cards, PayPal, and checks for payment. The mailing address if you prefer sending a check: Tom Jacobs, 9545 SW 146th Terrace #8, Beaverton OR 97007. Email to set up a time to talk to provide a card number–do not leave it on voicemail or send it via email.

Email if you have questions not answered here or to discuss if coaching is right for you.

To see my availability, click on this link. Times through mid-May are now posted. Important: Do not schedule a time using the link without paying first. Only use this link after you have paid for a package of sessions.

Coaching package: 3 hours of intuitive coaching sessions for $375 ($125/hour).Purchase.
Coaching package: 6 hours of intuitive coaching sessions for $690 ($115/hour).Purchase.