Current Offerings–scroll down to read about each.

Live: Small-group Intuitive/EA Coaching
Prerecorded: 45-minute Soul’s Journey Multilife Overview MP3 Reading
Prerecorded: 30-minute Intuitive/EA MP3 Reading


Live: Small-group Intuitive/EA Coaching

4 weeks at a time, no long-term commitment. See below for date/time options.
Each call is 90 minutes. Each group is open to 4. No astrology knowledge needed.
Each 4-week set of calls is $220.

I’ll open each call with a 20-minute overview of some of the energies of the moment. We might cover a mix: upcoming lunations and planetary aspects, ingresses, and retrogrades. I will help you understand how to live more consciously and intentionally in the present moment. No astrology background required.

The remainder will be minireadings for each caller to answer personal questions (no predictions, no 2-chart readings; a bit over 15 minutes for each person). I’ll use your astrology chart and also bring through your guides (sometimes also Hermes/Djehuty/Thoth/St. Germain) in the process. Everything I do is aligned with the logic of soul that teaches you to see and accept what is in your highest good.

Upcoming options
All times are Pacific. Check your time zone here. Dates and times month-to-month will vary.

Beginning in January 2022
Tuesdays January 4, 11, 18, & 25. 5-6:30 PM Pacific.
Wednesdays January 5, 12, 21, & 26. 11 AM to 12:30 PM Pacific. Note that the 21st is a Friday.

Beginning in February 2022
Fridays February 11, 18, 25, and March 4. Noon to 1:30 PM Pacific. Register using PayPal. 4 spots open.
Saturdays February 12, 19, 26, and March 5. 5 to 6:30 PM Pacific. Register using PayPal. 3 spots open.
Tuesdays February 22, March 1, 8, & 15. 6 to 7:30 PM Pacific. Register using PayPal. 4 spots open.

Beginning in March 2022
Watch this space.


Orders are open: Soul’s Journey 45-min. Multilife Overview MP3 Reading

This mp3 reading covers Pluto, the South Node of the Moon, the South Node ruler by sign, and the North Node – all by house, sign, and aspect – and all from an evolutionary, soul-based approach. This is where to begin if you are thinking of working with me, as it will lay out how your soul has planned your human life.

I’ll cover the major life themes your soul has you working on in many lifetimes. When you understand what your soul intends for you through your experiences and relationships, you can begin to make peace and become empowered to learn to make new choices.

In each, I offer remedies and tools to help you shift what’s happening, in case you’re replaying old karma that doesn’t feel good (as many or most of us do by default). They’re full of insights into how to use energies in your chart intentionally so that you can stop the unconscious vibrations that create what you don’t like.

Nothing need be static. Nothing need stay the same.
Because karma is a collection of beliefs, all karma can be changed.

But we each must to learn to step into empowerment and see how we can make better and more conscious, intentional choices. This mp3 is a great first step! Read (PDF) what people have to say about their Soul’s Journey Soundbites, the previous incarnation of this reading.

Many have used these readings to sample my approach and energy, and then come back to work on specific issues with some depth in coaching packages. Many listen again and again, as these readings are chock full of important information about their lives. As I cover the major themes, these readings are useful for decades.

Note: I use Placidus house system for these readings. If you are accustomed to another house system, I invite you to trust my process with Placidus.

$175. Order using PayPal here or email me for another form of payment.
Scroll down to see the queue. I make every effort to deliver these within 12 weeks.

Thank you so much for this reading! I had chills and tears throughout as I was listening. Very affirming, very helpful. Much appreciated.
E., Ontario

Tom, thank you so much! Being familiar with your work, I knew your reading would resonate powerfully, but I didn’t anticipate it would align so precisely with the exact themes that have felt so pressing and urgent yet also completely enigmatic and out of reach …. I’ve been stumbling around in the dark feeling totally paralyzed by my MC/IC and Sun/Moon axes both squaring the nodes, able to feel and recognize the things I was repeatedly tripping over, but not making any sense of it.
A., Virginia

Wowowow –
I’m just 10 min. in and covered with goosebumps.
L., Massachusetts

Thank you so much, I loved every minute of this reading! I dove in immediately and look forward to relistening. Lots of fresh perspectives on things I’ve already been working with and some new tidbits I hadn’t been aware of yet. So many breadcrumbs to follow and bees in my bonnet! So many questions! I will definitely want to go deeper into understanding both my chart and how to read other people’s charts through the lens of evolutionary astrology.
K., Arizona

Thank you very much. It allows me to stand outside of myself and see/reconfirm from my understanding – the energies I have chosen for this lifetime objectively. This allows me to step back into myself with more clarity.
… I have big dreams for humanity.
This mp3 adds coal to that fire and passion.

B., Switzerland

THAT was the best reading I’ve ever had …. Thank you so so much. Will follow for readings on my 2 daughters, and my husband!
M., Massachusetts

WOW!!! Tom, what a gift you have!  I am blown away with your accuracy!
Thank you for making the muddy waters of my life clear and understandable. I have listened to it 3 times since it arrived and I hear something new each time. And I feel like my load is lighter, that I’ve been heard and that there’s been a reason behind all my experiences. What a relief!!!
K., Washington

Thank you, Tom!!! Best birthday present ever and you were spot on. Very helpful.
D., Vermont

The queue:

  1. Billie, Sari (these to be delivered in January 2022)
  2. Mary, Angela (to be delivered early February 2022)


30-minute Prerecorded MP3 Reading

After you purchase a reading (PayPal link below), I’ll send my calendar link to get in the queue. You’ll pick the next available time on my calendar and I’ll have the mp3 to you about ten (10) days after that day. You will not be choosing a call time, but getting in my queue for a prerecord.

After purchasing, email up to 500 words on what you’d like me to cover. If you send me more, or your whole life story, I will read and respond to only the first 500 words.

These readings will focus on you bringing questions I and your spirit guides will answer, though you can opt for “tell me what jumps out at you” or “tell me what you see”.

Ask about life purpose, work/career, family issues past and present, money/abundance issues, how to work through challenging times including past/present trauma and abuse, and just about anything else.

You will learn to view yourself in an entirely new light, even if you are familiar with evolutionary astrology. The wisdom about soul and our many human lives that comes from Archangel Metatron, Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Hermes, Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin) and the departed spirits I’ve worked with and learned from enriches how I practice evolutionary astrology.

Note 1: No predictions.
Note 2: No 2-chart relationship/synastry readings. Questions about your relationships can be answered with your chart alone. Your chart details the kinds of people you attract and why/what you need to resolve to upgrade who you attract.

Exchange Rate
$105 for a 30-minute prerecord. A PayPal link is here. Or contact me at to let me know if you prefer to use a card outside PayPal. We’ll chat briefly so you can provide your card number (do not leave it in a voicemail or email).

If in the USA and you prefer using a check, email me with a heads up and make it out to T.D. Jacobs Astrology, LLC and mail it to:
T.D. Jacobs Astrology, LLC
PO Box 3146
Hillsboro OR 97123

The queue–to be delivered within 10 days of the date you chose on my calendar:

  1. Padma
  2. Jim
  3. Constance
  4. you


Energy Work

I am no longer offering energy work. I highly recommend all three of these practitioners I personally work with and also channeled audio from me:

  1. Try my channeled meditations for energy work. Download for free 22 channeled energy work meditations to connect with Ascended Master Djehuty and Archangel Metatron and check out all the channeled audio I offer.
  2. LifeWave patches. A gentle way to heal longstanding emotional patterns and deep physical symptoms. Learn more here. I’ve been using them to heal a problematic knee injury and other things. From the site:
    They marry Western phototherapy technology and Traditional Chinese Medicine, using light to induce biochemical and physiological changes in the body without relying on molecular inputs like pills, drugs, creams, oils, injections, food, diets, or lifestyle changes. Several clinical trials have proved the efficacy of this technology in treating anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, insomnia, adrenal/energy disorders, nervous system dysregulation, hormonal imbalances, asthma, bone density, pain, detoxification, stem cell regeneration, etc.
  3. Claire Darling, LMT. I reach out to Claire when I am, in some way, misaligned. She identifies bones, organs, meridians, and anything else that can be brought into alignment and does it.
    I’ve received distance craniosacral work from her with great results (as well as Bowen Technique in person with the same results), and she also does a form of distance acupressure I’ve yet to try. Check out her site and contact her here.
  4. Lori Arveson, CECP, CBCP, CH. Lori uses the Emotion Code and the Body Code to identify and remove energetic and emotional blocks from this life and others. Many use these modalities for physical issues, and I have mostly pursued them for emotional/energetic clearing. This is a highly effective way to reveal and remove layers in your field without having to relive everything being cleared in stressful ways. I find Lori grounded and clear, and her work has helped me a great deal.
    Read more about this work and contact Lori through her site.
  5. Tanuja Dabir. I reach out to Tanuja when I am stuck with a trauma or chronic stressor I just can’t seem to work through on my own, or I’ve done as much as I can and need support.
    While I’m feeling the emotion or stress, she changes its shape, reducing and releasing it. It appears that she dismantles it enough that I feel it as 5-10% of its original intensity, or I can’t access it at all after a while. As an energy worker, I can feel her doing this and it is amazing to me. She unravels and clears the trauma and stress, validating my experience along the way and providing high-level guidance.
    Email Tanuja here: