Loving Lilith Introduction (7-page PDF)
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In Process: Karmic Story Pages
Notes on Pluto
The Chiron Pages
The Lilith Pages
Nodal Returns, Squares, Reverse Returns
Living in the Present Tense
Seeing in the Dark: Lilith and Lucifer
The Multidimensional Nature of the Astrological Symbols
Astrology and Karma
How to Get From Here to There: The Jupiter-Saturn Dialogue

Channeling and Crystals

Hermes: How Will You Interpret Your History? (PDF)
Metatron Tiger Irons (PDF)
A.M. Djehuty on Trauma, PTSD, and Using Charged Onyx for Healing (PDF)
A.M. Djehuty: Healing the Effects of Sexual Abuse with Charged Red Jasper (PDF)
A.M. Djehuty on Tiger Iron: Understanding and Using a Charged Crystal (PDF)
A.M. Djehuty on the 2011 Wall Street Protests
A.M. Djehuty on the 2011 Events in Japan
Your Attention, Please

Metaphysics General

October 2021 Interview
A New Year’s Guide for Energetic Beings (PDF)
Persephone’s Ransom (PDF)
Your Very Own Rabbit Hole
Parents, Kids, and Karma
Responsibility and Reflection