Living With Saturn

A new, 4-week course in a unique format that will teach you to unwind negative perceptions of Saturn and embrace how to live with it in healthy ways.

How it works:

  1. Each attendee will receive a 20-minute personalized Saturn mp3 reading. All attendees will have access to hear all the Saturn minireadings.
  2. Each attendee will have access to my book Saturn Returns (the PDF ebook is included) and a series of new mp3s outlining elements of understanding and interpreting Saturn. These together cover house and sign placements, retrograde status, natal aspects, transits of Saturn, and more.
  3. Each attendee can submit questions covering their own personal Saturn mp3 readings and more general questions on living with Saturn’s natal and in-transit energy in healthy ways. I will collate and organize the questions for optional group live Q&A calls (schedule below) and likely some extra mp3s answering them.
  4. Attendees will be able to opt to add a half-hour reading to discuss and work out issues with their Saturn placements and transits at $110 (regularly $140). This will be in play during the month of the webinar beginning May 19, 2023.

Optional group call schedule
Group calls are for asking questions about the materials on Saturn, turning the inner critic into a helpful influence, working with natal Saturn and Saturn in transit, and the personal minireadings all will receive. All will have access to the group recordings.
Friday June 16 from 6-7 PM Pacific.
Saturday June 17 from 10-11 AM Pacific.
Check your time zone here.

Introductory MP3s to be released in May before we begin:

  1. How the Living with Saturn Intensive works; Approaching Saturn as an Energy; What does Saturn want? 34 mins.
  2. Saturn in the Birth Chart: What it does and wants, Natal retrograde and houses. 26 mins.
  3. Saturn in the Birth Chart: Natal signs, aspects overview. Models of Saturn in your life. 47 minutes.
  4. Saturn in Transit and progressions to Saturn. 14 minutes.

Registration is closed. Check out the Pluto Healing Intensive Webinar that begins July 15, 2023.