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I teach astrology as a living, breathing language, not as sets of lifeless data. By studying with me, you will learn to speak the language that astrology is, incalculably richer and more vibrant than typical astrology tutorials or learning from books or websites. I tailor the sessions to each student.

Tutoring topics could include:
-any of the basics (houses, signs, aspects, planets)
-exploring specific planets through all the signs and/or houses
-transits, progressions, solar arcs
-returns of various bodies
-astrocartography done karmically – a new approach I’ve developed
-what is karma and how to weave a karmic story from the chart
-how to see the soul’s journey in the chart
-how to understand how to change that karma once it is seen

I’m currently taking on new astrology students. The rate is $50 per hour, with a discount on packages of 4 ($46/hour) and 8 hours ($42/hour). Lessons are in Tucson or over the telephone or Skype.

What some students say:
Tom not only brings extensive practical knowledge to his teaching but freely shares his innovative and intuitive style that is raising the world of evolutionary astrology to a new level. Not only have I thoroughly enjoyed my classes with Tom but he has introduced me to the kind of astrology I have been searching for.
A., South Carolina

Tom has been quite helpful to me as an astrology tutor. My main issue had been spending a very long time preparing for consultations with my clients. Tom has taught me how to prepare for a consultation with greater ease and a more reasonable amount of preparation time. Happily my clients seem equally pleased with my work even though I put less arduous time into preparation.
G., Maryland

I found Tom to be both deeply insightful and inspiring in very original ways. The reference points he has incorporated into his work, the voice he hears, allowed me the window for understanding and peace with aspectes of myself and my walk that had previously confounded me.
S., Washington

1 hour tutoring, $50.Purchase.
4 hours tutoring, $184 ($46/hour).Purchase.
8 hours tutoring, $336 ($42/hour).Purchase.

E-mail me or call (213) 925-6019 to arrange for other forms of payment and to set up lessons.

Astrology Courses

Lighting Fires: An Eris Webinar
Learn about Eris in general and how it fits into your own birth chart.
Choose either Tuesday, May 16 from 6-9pm Pacific or Sunday, May 21 from 4-7pm Pacific (each class includes a 10-minute break). $40 per class, $33 for my monthly subscribers. Open to 5 students per class.

Eris is one of the misunderstood archetypes that has become demonized, and I love taking apart that demonizing myth and teaching you to live with her energy in conscious, positive ways.

Each 3-hour class will cover myth (the story as social instruction), archetype (how you’re actually wired and how to love it), and psychological-emotional dynamics of Eris. I’ll also teach you about Eris’s house placement meaning and then we’ll look at your own birth chart to help you understand how Eris fits into your life and how to live with her intentionally.

When I taught this course in early 2011, eyes, minds, and hearts were opened in beautiful ways as students saw how carrying Eris can be a positive. I’ve just finished teaching about Eris as part of Astrology Hub’s Year of Astrology, and recognize how important it is to revisit this material while making it personal for you and your life.

As Eris is an archetype that can have us feeling alone, marginalized, or not worth fitting in, small-group classes like these are fantastic for connecting, learning from each other’s stories, and finding out you’re not the only one carrying this energy of strife and discord. Email me with questions.

Note: If a PayPal link below doesn’t work, then the spot is taken and I haven’t had a chance to remove the link yet. Contact me if you’re interested in another offering of this webinar.

Register for Tuesday, May 16, 6-9pm Pacific, $40. One spot left.

Register for Sunday, May 21, 4-7pm Pacific, $40. One spot left.


Evolutionary Astrology Basics
A six-part webinar to introducing a fast-growing approach to evolutionary astrology.
Saturdays: April 22 & 29, May 6, 13, 20, & 27.
Class is full. Stay tuned for another section to begin Summer 2017.

In this webinar, I’ll provide you with information on the nature of soul and its multilife journey (as specifically channeled from Ascended Master Djehuty, a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin). We’ll then proceed through the four steps of karmic analysis central to my evolutionary astrology work: Pluto, the South Node of the Moon, the South Node ruler by sign, and the North Node.

This spiritual, multidimensional approach to astrology will allow you to understand how and why people are wired the way they are and how to help them overcome challenges while making the best choices possible. It is divinely designed to get at the core of root issues that often prevent us from true health and happiness.

Familiarity with astrology basics is required.

From a student of a previous course covering this material:
I must comment that in listening to the recordings this is an excellent class. You have a powerful innate understanding of what you’re talking about. But, more important than that is how you communicate with such clarity.


Reading the Soul’s Journey: Seeing Past Lives in Birth Charts
Home-study course including seven 90-minute MP3s, 4 handouts, and example charts.

This course teaches you the foundation of how I work with charts to understand the multilife journey of soul including karma, the soul’s other lives (a.k.a. past lives), and what the soul has incarnated to do. It’s a must-have for anyone interested in learning to see charts multidimensionally as well as those interested in transforming through understanding self and others.

The material is based on the 3 books in The Soul’s Journey series (available here) but expands upon them and approaches numerous charts from varied angles. I teach you the basics of each of the 4 steps I use to unlock the karmic story in a chart and build upon them, giving you insights into this cutting-edge evolutionary astrology approach. My intention is to get you inside how my head works after being stretched and opened up by the wisdom of an Ascended Master and how it has changed how I do astrology. Your astrological mind will be opened and your work will never be the same!

From students:
I am enjoying and learning a lot from the course. Two revelations in particular – the south node ruler in distinction to the south node, and that nodes and Pluto are an undercurrent of the personality – wow!
S., Texas

During the course:
I must comment that in listening to the recordings this is an excellent class. You have a powerful innate understanding of what you’re talking about. But, more important than that is how you communicate with such clarity. I am so jealous! Djehuty trained you well!! I don’t mean to gush, but as I’m listening and putting the 2 pieces together, so far, of just Pluto and the South Node I can intuitively feel the backdrop of an individual and it is coherent.
Following the course:
This class gave me exactly what I was looking for. I have studied astrology for many years; my teacher is Linda Brady (Discovering Your Soul Mission…How to Use Karmic Astrology to Create the Life You Want”).
And I have read books and learned a combination of ways to view a chart. Being Sagittarius, though, I had not been able to find a platform or foundation on which to lay the different concepts of interpretation that go through my mind.
Your description of the 4 step process is the platform that I’ve needed. I read Jeff Green’s Pluto books so many times. I could not decipher the information to a degree that was useful to me. But you have done that for me.
This class wrapped up the karmic/evolutionary background of a person’s chart in a way that I now feel I have something to hold onto in my interpretations and sessions. Soooo much information that is coherent from just those 4 elements before you even get anywhere else in the chart!!!!
Needed to say thank you and I very much appreciated the class. It fulfilled my expectations.
Monica, Maryland

Materials included:
-Seven 90-minute MP3s (10.5 hours)
-4 PDF handouts to make the books’ material easy to approach and master
-PDF chart handouts including those of well-known figures
Investment: $55.


The Lilith Intensive
7+ hours. $60, 6 MP3s delivered via secure download.

In this set of 6 MP3s I walk fellow evolutionary astrologer Marina Ormes through an in-depth orientation to Lilith.

This a fascinating trip into understanding the breadth, depth, and possibilities when it comes to this rich and misunderstood archetype. I’m told often that my approach to Lilith is the only one out there that sates the deep curiosity that people have about this mysterious goddess and how to work with her in astrology charts in positive ways. We’re mostly taught to fear Lilith or enticed to be entranced by dark mystery surrounding her. This work lays out just what Lilith represents and how to integrate her wisdom and natural ways into your life.

While it is useful and enlightening on its own this 7 hour, 22 minute MP3 set could be an adjunct to the popular book Lilith: Healing the Wild. Certain themes are explored in more depth here and the dialogue that arises between me and Marina yields some interesting fruit not possible in a book written by one person.

A rough overview of each MP3 (you will be provided a PDF with time markers enabling easy reference through 7+ hours of material):

• File 1, 79 mins.: What is the true Black Moon Lilith (BML); the difference between true and mean positions; the difference between the asteroid Lilith (1181) and the true BML; the Lilith myth and archetype; how the true BML functions in astrology charts; the true BML’s motion.
• File 2, 81 mins.: How Lilith energy differs from planets; instinct, the body, and diet crazes; patriarchal marriage including the shame associated with divorce; how we as animals should have relationships; beginning to look at Marina’s chart including Lilith in the 1st house and Lilith in Taurus; transiting Saturn opposing true BML.
• File 3, 76 mins.: Lilith in a t-square transited by Saturn; transits of the true BML; the existence of feminist uprising – anger from oppression – and working through anger stemming from being or feeling second-class; a view on victimhood and how to come out of it.
• File 4, 84 mins.: True BML in the houses; true BML in the signs Aries-Sagittarius.
• File 5, 83 mins.: True BML in the signs Capricorn-Pisces; how Lilith fits into chart readings; life themes brought by clients living Lilith stories and how to work with them in positive ways for healing and empowerment; understanding and ending the victim-perpetrator paradigm.
• File 6, 41 mins.: An overview of a handful of celebrity examples: Madonna, Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Sarah Palin, Angelina Jolie, and Bill Clinton.

$60, 6 MP3s plus example charts delivered via secure download.


Asteroid & Centaur Video Course
5 videos totaling 5.5 hours, 5 PowerPoint presentations, 5 PDF handouts covering astrological houses and signs. $50 via PayPal or contact me for another form of payment.
Bodies covered: Ceres, Persephone (399), Pallas Athene, Juno, Vesta, Lucifer (1930), Eros (433), asteroid Lilith (1181), Arjunsuri (20300 – I’ve introduced this to astrology), and the centaurs Chiron and Nessus.

The difference between myth and archetype can be vast, and I’ll show you how to read between the lines with all 11 stories. Myth is used for social instruction, while archetype is the thread within the human psyche that is the story we’re actually living.

Using the videos and handouts, you’ll learn how to approach each body in astrological charts not with a few keywords but with an understanding of how we live these stories. A fantastic tool for enlarging your astrological vocabulary to better fit with how we actually live!

Purchase the video course via PayPal. You’ll receive an invitation to join a Dropbox folder containing the files within 24 hours.


Lucifer Webinar
Our cultural inheritance is that Lucifer is about evil, while in truth it’s about developing our own light and bringing it to others as love and service. We’re taught that it’s about evil to keep us from doubting patriarchal structures and mores so we can be compliant little boys and girls who never truly grow up and embrace our divine essence, wisdom, and power.

The asteroid Lucifer in each of us represents a voice of doubt that we have to overcome in order to bring light, the meaning of the name itself. This video class including a handout and a PowerPoint dealio will cover all you need to know to get beyond your own voice of doubt so you can bring light and make the world a better place through sharing your mind, creativity, voice, and passions. Embracing Lucifer means embracing a form of divine power that your soul wants you to grow into owning and expressing. It’s a great story and people perk up when I tell them the story … hard to believe it’s taken me this long to do a class such as this one.

This asteroid is minutes from my natal Sun, and I live intimately with the voice of doubt and the invitation to overcome it in order to bring light. I specialize in teaching about it and almost can’t wait to shine the light on yours so you can get on with being who you came here to be!

Purchase the 68-minute video for $20 (a link will be sent to download it within 24 hours).


Astrology MP3s

Saturn in SagittariusSaturn in Sagittarius, 58 minutes, $10. Saturn's transits get a bad rep but there are wonderful things that come from them ... when we're willing to work with this planet of planning and doing. Here I explain how to work with Saturn's energy intentionally as it travels through Sagittarius, dissolving the mystery of how to make the most of this planet's time in this sign.
tag2012talkTucson Astrologers Guild 2012 Presentation, 73 minutes, $10. I was invited to speak about 2012 to the Tucson Astrologers' Guild on December 14th, 2012. This 73-minute talk merges a spiritual perspective with the astrology I practice to describe what empowerment in these changing times means and looks like.
header_image-onlyRetrograde Planets in the Birth Chart, 117 minutes, $18. I explain the technical side of a retrograde planet before going into depth about to understand them in birth charts in general. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are then explored in depth both as a function of the psyche and life and when found retrograde in birth charts.
lilithmp3Lilith: Healing the Wild, 107 minutes, $18. My first public talk on Lilith. Using the patriarchal war on the feminine that we’ve been living amid for a few thousand years as a backdrop, I trace the mythology of Lilith as a tool for social instruction about appropriate expression of femininity, and the archetype as we live it, a 9-stage process we find ourselves in as we live Lilith’s story. Lilith is approached as a route to deep emotional healing that can serve us as we navigate the changes taking place on Earth and within human consciousness at present.
fortheloveofgodLucifer: For the Love of God, 69 minutes, $15. The first public presentation of over three years of work with the Lucifer archetype, this workshop separates the fear-inducing core of the Judeo-Christian myth of Samael/Lucifer from how we live this doubter's story. Samael/Lucifer's problems are basic human problems, and we each live his story in our explorations of the right size, kind and use of ego in our lives.
neptune-in-piscesNeptune in Pisces, 60 minutes, $15. This mp3 explores the meaning of Neptune, its passage through Aquarius, and the initial ingress to Pisces (4/4/11). Then it covers how to understand Neptune in Pisces for us as individuals and a collective during its 14-year transit beginning 2/3/12.
persephonePersephone: Myth and Archetype, 52 minutes, $15. Persephone (asteroid 399) is not widely used in astrology, but many people know the story intimately and identify with the maiden's/queen's path in deep ways. This talk builds upon the Persephone chapter in Living Myth: Exploring Archetypal Journeys, going deeply into the myth that we have received about this figure and what that shaping has taught us about being good members of patriarchal society. Then I unfold aspects of the archetype as we actually live it, to provide context for learning to accept the abduction journeys we all live.
yakimaemarchYakima: Emotional Archaeology Intensive, 8 mp3s totaling 12 hours, $65. I lead a small group in a 2-day intensive through the process of learning about what karma is and how to see it in a birth chart. A great level of detail about what soul and karma are is included to set up the chart exploration. This intensive is transcribed as The Soul's Journey II: Emotional Archaeology.
yakimahumanevolYakima: Chiron and Human Evolution, 110 minutes, $15. This talk covers just what exactly a human is, what 2012 is about, and the evolutionary opportunities available to humans now.
anewviewA New View of Spirituality in the Birth Chart, 63 minutes, $15. This talk outlines my original approach to spirituality emphasizing free will, choice and responsibility, the hallmarks of Evolutionary Astrology. Using Jupiter, Neptune, Lucifer (1930) and Arjunsuri (20300), I outline how to interpret what an individual's chart reflects about his or her conditioning surrounding four elements related to spirituality: belief (Jupiter), surrender (Neptune), ego alignment (Lucifer) and conscience (Arjunsuri).