Soul Healing: Forgiveness and Giving and Taking Back Energy begins 5/28

  • This course is pretty amazing. I’m really loving the changes it is bringing about.
  • I appreciated the space you created for us all to voice our thoughts/feelings with regards to our individual and collective processes.
  • I’m really enjoying the meditation and course work…so enlightening and wonderful.
  • This is beautiful. Never felt right about “cord cutting” and LOVE the re-frame of “taking back and giving back energy” – that feels most authentic.
  • Thank you for the work you have been doing – it is making a big difference in my life and in turn that spirals outward!

This is some of the feedback from people who have taken the Soul Healing: Forgiveness and Giving and Taking Back Energy course, an amazing opportunity to heal self and relationships at the soul level.

We hear all the time that forgiveness is the key to so many things.
Yet how often do we really believe and act upon it?

This 6-week e-course is a structured tour through treating yourself with more love and compassion, and across time, as well as cleaning up past and present relationships.

The channeled meditations and writings you receive enable you to forgive self and other in all of your soul’s many lives, creating a firm foundation now not just for more peace and understanding, but also stronger relationships because you learn to release grudges and resentments from the past.

Join me for this amazing ride!

Details are here (PDF).

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