New book: Goddess Past, Present, and Future

I’m excited to announce the third channeled teaching in book form from the Ascended Master Djehuty, a.k.a. Thoth and St. Germain.

Released this week, Goddess Past, Present, and Future covers humanity’s 6,000 year experiment with patriarchy. We have been living through a diminishment of the feminine that has resulted in misunderstood ways we treat and care for our bodies, sexual violence, the careless ways we treat the earth, and so many other disasters of modern living we crave coming out of.

This book explains why we have created the imbalance between masculine and feminine through the patriarchy – why it was important for our collective and individual evolution – and how we change how things work on this planet and in our lives now.

We have been angry at how the feminine has been treated, and we are now ready to come out of anger and take responsibility as a species for having created it. We are also ready to welcome the Goddess back into our lives in conscious ways, and this material focuses on healing the past and moving forward.

There isn’t a more important topic on our healing and evolutionary plate at this time.

Available via my site as an e-book, paperback via Amazon, and Kindle.

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