Pluto’s 2012 Retrograde and the First Square to Uranus in Aries

The planet of power and do-or-die philosophy (Pluto) comes into conflict with the planet of freedom-at-all-costs rebelliousness (Uranus) in action-oriented (Cardinal) signs.

Pressure and tension build to peaks over the next three years. This new 14-page PDF explores Pluto and its transits and retrogrades in general, this year’s retrograde in Capricorn, and the upcoming first of several squares between Pluto and Uranus. Learn how to deal with the tensions and understand the energetics behind the conversation that is developing between these two powerhouse planets.

Join me for a teleclass on Sunday, 4/22/12 to explore these themes more deeply and to make them real using your birth chart as an example. Class details here.

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