A.M. Djehuty on Trauma, PTSD, and Charged Onyx

Charged Onyx
Charged Onyx

The 26-page PDF is now complete! It’s a must-read for all needing to understand and/or process trauma/PTSD.

Ascended Master Djehuty explains what’s going on these situations and suggests healing solutions, including how to work with the charged onyx crystals I’ve just produced and made available.  Currently 15 are listed on my site.

This is powerful stuff, the most intense thing I’ve done to date. Onyx relates to Plutonian themes, and these stones are charged with ten “notes” – or frequencies – that are outlined and explained in the document. Meditating with one of these stones on each theme is meant to unravel the effects of trauma and PTSD, as well as to empower a person regarding Plutonian issues generally.

The process of charging the stones is magick, pure and simple, and this round of crystals is all about Plutonian magick. The ten “notes”:

  1. Being an anchor: Drawing fragments back.
  2. Alignment.
  3. It is safe to be whole again.
  4. Accepting what has been/is.
  5. Ground and focus.
  6. Courage to face the terrible/traumatic.
  7. Courage to face pain and transform through the encounter. Knowing you will survive it.
  8. Strength to allow and accept all parts of self/own all possible human motivations.
  9. Owning the power of choice.
  10. Unapologetic self-determination.

Each of these notes will be used in the upcoming energy work call series Processing Trauma and Grief, taking place over 4 Thursdays: March 26, and April 2, 9, and 16 from 7-8pm Pacific time. They will be live calls and callers will get the mp3s afterward. More details on this are on the way.

After Djehuty’s dialogue with me on these issues (it began with me asking questions), I offer a few pages of additional info on the practical, day-to-day effects that these crystals can have, including some notes on my personal experience working with my onyx pieces after charging them.

Spread the word on this document to all you know who are in need of working through trauma! This is critically important now because all humans are being confronted with what hurts from the past and in other lives that we carry/feel now. It’s not in the natural order of things to remain in pain, disconnected, or traumatized, and things are coming up for resolution. Maybe you’ve heard that we’re ascending now, and what simply must happen if we are going to evolve as conscious beings is to get in touch with and resolve what hurts and lingers.

All who get a charged onyx piece from me have the option to stay in touch over email with questions and comments – I offer ongoing email support to help people work with all the stones I charge and offer.

tdjmmTom Jacobs is an evolutionary astrologer, energy worker, and channel with a global practice of consultations, tutoring, and teaching. 15 books, 2 natal reports, a wealth of astrology and channeled audio, and charged crystals for healing and meditation are available via tdjacobs.com.