Autism: What if it’s all about consciousness?

Charged Onyx
Charged Onyx

I’m offering to a small number of US-based parents with autistic children and autistic adults a charged/programmed crystal that may help anchor a person’s consciousness in this dimension.

From conversations with the ascended master I channel (Djehuty, a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin), autism looks to be not about a neurological or biochemical situation, but about consciousness split between dimensions or realms.

While counter to prevailing allopathic logic, a human’s neurological and biochemical realities are informed directly and deeply by energy and consciousness.

We’re on the verge of discovering that physical reality is shaped by energetic reality, and that increased awareness and consciousness of that fact can put us in touch with our energetic creative abilities. As we change our minds and beliefs, we change what we vibrate. Changing what we vibrate changes the world around us in meaningful ways.

To me, autism as a collective reality is a wake-up call for the species to figure out that we are multidimensional beings and how to deal with that. As a channel, psychic medium, intuitive, and shamanic agent of transformative change and empowerment, I’ve learned to travel between worlds, dimensions, and levels of reality. I’ve been taught by some humans and some helpful, floaty beings how to do this intentionally. This research is intended to explore the effects of an anchor in the form of a programmed crystal for those who are multidimensional but have no training or control over the fact.

Requirements for this informal research:

1. The parents are or the adult with autism is open to an alternative approach. I will explain via an initial phone call what this is about, how it works, and what may be expected.

2. The parents or the individual with autism will periodically document any changes that might occur from using the programmed/charged crystal I provide. I prefer that documentation to be via phone calls I can record or via email, perhaps even a journal that is periodically emailed.

Call me at (213) 925-6019 and leave a message or email me if this applies to you and you’re interested. Pass the word to others you know who might be open to this sort of approach.

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