Charging Auralite 23

Auralite 23 Wands
Auralite 23 Wands

It’s done! It happened today. Unexpected and amazing.

This morning I charged more tiger iron pieces, and felt super grounded. After last week’s The Soul’s Journey episode on grounding and the lower 3 chakras, I was ready to do another round of energetically charging that most important stone. It’s the foundation of my energy work, and the foundation of my training others to be more conscious operators of their own lives.

After adding the new tiger iron pieces to my website, I thought I might take a nap. But no sleeping was in store, as I felt something shift and align within and I knew it was time to charge the first set of auralite 23 crystals. This is a process I’ve been through often as I’ve learned to work with and charge a number of different stones.

I’ve seen this coming for weeks, getting connected with the high vibration of my auralite 23 pieces (which have been charged from me holding them a ton over the last few months), waiting for the right day. I made ready and sat down. After it was complete, I sat at my desk and slowly came back to Earth. It’s so intense. It’s an upper-chakra crystal that will connect you with an evolved part of self that doesn’t need to get lost in the annoyed and pained mazes of your human conditioning. Thought patterns, beliefs, and assumptions with low vibrations cease appealing to you, and you learn that you can in each moment choose to align with something high, with something positive and true that goes beyond the dissatisfactions and criticisms of your monkey mind.

Soon I’ll post the recording I made while charging them, and you’ll get to hear how I stumbled verbally as I worked to get my linear, logical mind online in the middle of working with the higher-self and soul-level vibrations auralite 23 connects us to.

Preorders for auralite 23 have been open for a few weeks. Those who are on the list already will get first choice of crystals over the next few days. Next week I’ll post individual pieces left from the first set of 11. This crystal will be charged in small sets now and then, so I recommend preordering one if you’re interested.