Auralite 23: What do you allow to be true?

auralite 23 set 3Auralite 23 connects you to higher wisdom, I’ve even said to your higher self. But what does that mean?

Consider that consciousness is a lens through which you view everything. And consider that you’re mostly not aware of that lens.

Actually, you’re never aware of that lens until something messes with it.

If you decide you’re into evolving your consciousness and raising your awareness, for reasons such as improving your life or ending the making of patently crummy choices, you’ll get nudged to stop seeing things the way you’ve always seen them.

The lens you’re probably working with – and not aware of – is the one defined by your linear, logical mind. The brains of most people have decided that they are the only sources of truth, and most people believe it and rely on the perspective of mind only.

Well, if you’re evolving because you’ve decided to improve your life, you’re going to encounter other sources of truth. You’re going to feel energy and emotion, you’re going to sense things intuitively that you’ll try to figure out are true.

Logic and the scientific method serve purposes. When they are AU013elevated to be the only sources of information, though, you dance with doubt, second-guessing, worrying about safety, anxiety, and all manner of control issues. And this dancing makes you unhappy.

The key is to use the mind but not trust everything it says. This involves getting into your body and heart, listening to gut instinct, and relaxing in order to open to hear and trust intuition. It means leaving the fear of the mind behind and becoming willing to trust numerous sources of information, some of which cannot and will never be vetted by your brain.

Your brain will insist that it is right and it is you/you are it. Its job is to protect you from pain and from mistakes. But its methods and motivations will keep you in fear.

From the soul’s point of view, you are a work in progress, making choices and learning about how to do so through the process. The spiritual truth is that you cannot avoid pain.

What I think of as your higher self is an inborn part of you that connects you to more sources of info than just your brain. It’s about the 7th chakra, the crown, the energy center located on the top of your head. It connects you to the energy of what is around you and humanity and all of life as a whole.

To say that auralite 23 connects you to higher truth or your higher self is to say that it loosens the tight grip your fear-based linear, logical mind has on you. It can help you connect with levels of truth that your mind cannot understand and, in fact, doesn’t want to.

But only if you’re willing! If you’re ready to decide that you’re not your brain and its logical scripts (that are all meant to protect you), then you can connect with the wisdom within you that auralite 23 will reveal.

All crystals open energy pathways. The way I energetically charge my auralite 23 pieces will send a constant surge of energy into you that you can relax into if you’re open to surrendering to what is actually true for you, not just what your mind says or has said is true.

You can define yourself in whatever way you want – you are free, and you are in charge of your life. But if you insist that you need protection and to be safe, your mind will take over and you will – I guarantee you – be unhappy. If you use fear to define who you are and run your life, you will be unhappy.

Your brain will have you attempt to control everything in your path and regret and feel shame over all in your wake that you couldn’t control.

Opening to a charged auralite 23 crystal can be the beginning of leaving that suffering loop behind.

AU021As it’s my featured crystal of the month, during June I’m offering the new 40-minute channeled meditation created specifically for auralite 23 at no cost to all who get one of these powerful crystals. After June, there will be an extra charge.

Sue, a client using the meditation with her auralite 23 recently, reports this:

I did the meditation last night & it was very powerful, in that both the grounding & connection to the energy of the crystal felt very strong. Love how Djehuty always asks us to let go of stuff that no longer serves — I need that reminder periodically & feel much lighter afterwards! Will definitely continue to work with it. Thanks again for making it available.

Check out the available pieces here and be in touch if you have questions.