Coming back to programmed Auralite 23, incl. new video

I’ve spent a lot of May and June carrying and sleeping and meditating with energetically programmed auralite 23. It’s my featured programmed crystal of June, and I’ve wanted to share info on it to let you know why it’s an important tool for conscious evolution.

Then I went back to working with larimar, a programmed stone I’ll make available later this year, another high-vibrating tool.

When I use auralite 23, I relax. I become in a way a bit non-verbal because I’m accepting things as they are, tapping into a truthy groove in my day-to-day life. The details of my mind’s controlling relationship with numbers don’t matter, and I’m inspired to say little. When I do speak, it’s effortless to be in a vibration of truth, which is positive and productive.

I just experience what is, get comfortable with it, and observe my vibratory state as higher than what my mind would run my life with (what it has run my life with most of my time on Earth).

Connecting with higher vibrations means becoming conscious of what various energies or vibrations feel, and learning to discern. It means making conscious, intentional choices about what vibration you align with in any given moment.

When I spend time with programmed auralite 23, I become aware that I feel beyond the worries that my mind generates. We each need to have and hear mind, but surrender it to a higher truth than the one it constantly promotes, which is based in an egoic filter meant to protect you from pain and fear.

Sleeping while holding one is the best sleep I have. My whole being and body can relax. Auralite 23 can take you out of worry, and is a fantastic tool for consciously working with and overcoming anxiety. For worry and anxiety, it’s actually the best tool I’ve come across.

My form of that generates mental judgments meant to help me steer clear of what isn’t right for me, but that’s really about what my mind has decided isn’t right for it – what won’t help it maintain a fear-based control over the rest of me.

With programmed auralite 23, there’s no judgment. There’s no worry. My mind can relax and let things be what they are, leaving me to engage with presence with whatever’s around me.

If you purchase a programmed auralite 23 from me during June, you’ll receive the new 40-minute channeled meditation created specifically for auralite 23. It will help you ground and consciously connect with the energy of the crystal.

After using a very high-vibrating crystal, some lower-vibrating emotional stuff can come up for healing, resolution, and release. The meditation is meant to be a tool for you to use to consciously reconnect with the auralite 23 whenever you want, ensuring that you can come back to the high-vibrating state it inspires.