July’s Featured Crystal: Pink Opal to Open the Heart

FromPI081 the soul’s point of view, the major thing about being a human is learning to process emotion while embodied. There’s a line around the block for beings to get themselves born on Earth so they can learn this.

Each of us is an energetic being who experiences energy emotionally. When we experience various kinds of pain, sometimes we internalize the emotion, ensuring that it circulates in our fields and bodies, affecting consciousness.

Enough painful things can happen to a person in a given life so that the person is a walking collection of past emotions. And we each need to learn to work through what we’ve carried – and release it.

PI052This month I’m featuring energetically programmed pink opal from Australia. This is a heart-opening stone that calls up unprocessed emotions from the past. In the process, it also will nudge you to surrender and dissolve defenses that seem to promise to keep you safe but, in fact, keep you closed to what life and others have to offer.

In my experience with this stone, what hurts pushes to the surface. And I’m not going to lie to you: It hurts. I have to feel it in real-time, as if it’s happening in that moment, in order to resolve it.

Many people fear the power of emotions, inspiring themselves to keep buried or hidden what hurts. But what you’re carrying affects all parts of your life, including your health, and it can be released.

This month I’ll be blogging, doing some videos (like this one), and some audio diaries to collect info on using programmed pink opal so you can not just learn about this stone but also so you can have an example of someone who is clear that he’s stronger than the deepest emotions that well up in pain now and then. (And pretty often the more he works with programmed pink opal!)

Each of us can learn to become a conscious operator of ourselves as an energetic being. We’re not just brains with bodies and pesky feelings! (This is what your brain would have you believe.) A major part of becoming conscious operators is in learning to manage emotions while being willing to feel them.

Check out the programmed pink opal pieces currently available, and stay tuned for more info. On that page you’ll find an audiodiary I recorded while programming the first set of pink opal a while ago to give you more of an idea of why this matters and what to expect when working with one.