Tipping and the Legacy of Slavery

A client recently sent me a link to an interesting post on the history of tipping in America as coming out of the legacy of slavery.

I hadn’t thought of it before but it makes total sense. The history of human power-over/power-under dynamics necessarily has involved pinning the right to be powerful to all sorts of variables of human difference. After slavery in name ended, then it was going to happen for those people as employees.

Slavery and Soul book coverIn the recently released channeled book Slavery and Soul, Ascended Master Djehuty frames this history of subjugation and exploitation in terms of what the collective of souls – you and me and everyone – is learning through it.

It can be challenging stuff to dig into, but our deep wounds about race inequality will not be healed without digging down into what hurts about the history of slavery.

Tipping is an outgrowth of the inequality dynamics that generated this continent’s version of race-based slavery, and there are more. Those dynamics exist across time and in all cultures, and pain and suffering is the result.

Our souls, all together called All That Is or Divine Intelligence, come to Earth to learn that self-knowledge and self-love create true power. Yet along the way, they as humans explore power dynamics that include slavery. They/We cycle through all external ideas and models of what power is and, ultimately, break down either in humility or humiliation and cry out the millennia of pain collected through being on both sides of ownership, exploitation, and abuse.

In the end, we can create true spiritual power by owning the power to choose what’s best for ourselves.

What I note as I’ve brought through six channeled books to date is that we’re in the beginning of a process of starting to access the deep emotions we’ve collected over time. This process looks like getting angry, being depressed, feeling powerless and nihilistic, and not knowing what to do with our feelings. We begin to look at whom we can blame and then, in time, sometimes much later, we begin to take responsibility for what we’ve experienced as souls cocreating our experiences, and we take back the power by seeing that we’re already powerful.

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