Feeling adrift or reeling after the election? Read this user feedback on The Chakra Course, Part 1.

chakracourse1smallThe 3.5-hour mp3 course collects the teachings I’ve learned over the years and channeled on the lower 3 chakras, the seat of sanity, security, and strength. (Read more and order by clicking on the banner.)

My work with Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin) has provided much information and a great deal of focus on how to transform through our life histories and empower ourselves.

Even when we feel lost and confused, we can pull ourselves out. Everything can be understood, and everything can be healed. I’ve created the course to give you the tools you need to clean up your life and take empowered steps forward.

Recently I received the below email from a user of The Chakra Course, Part 1 named Diana. Reading it, I again felt honored to be able to bring through teachings that help people clear, upgrade, and empower themselves.

The Chakra Course is a critical tool for human evolution, and what she writes is on par with what we can expect when we choose to go through an empowerment process such as the one the course provides.

Thanks go to Diana for the reflection, as well as giving permission to share her email.

Hi Tom,

Just finished listening to your mp3s on the election and T-rump. I just have to share my election experience with you. Back in 2000 when George Bush stole the election with the help of Florida and the Supreme Court, I experienced a spiritual crisis.  I had believed in the essential goodness in humanity and I saw it as a sign that we were shifting into a fear-based reality. I confess I didn’t handle it well. I could not resist the fear. I was enraged and obsessed. I spent a decade of my life resenting and railing against reality, rejecting metaphysics, meditation, process, journaling and my faith in life.  It was a rough passage but I finally found my way back.
So with this history I was apprehensive about a possible disappointment again. I was watching the results and was steeling myself and saying, “I am willing to see all that is in my life as supportive.” I suddenly experienced a gestalt of Trump winning and I saw the ramifications. I saw very clearly that half of our population isn’t ready to move forward. They need more time to wake up and Trump was just the one to do it. On a personal level, I saw it as a full circle from 16 years ago and an opportunity to make different choices this time. So I consciously chose not to let this experience rob any more my precious time.
I resigned myself to the outcome and wept for Hillary. I see deeply into her – we share the same Pisces moon at 10 degrees. We’re both experiencing Neptune on our moons. And we both have 10th house Pluto. So I know intimately what she is going through. Blocked again. All that work, dedication, sacrifice and the constant barrage of invective that she has experienced since 1992 when she became First Lady. I see how much she has grown and I see her inner strength. It’s awesome. To have the courage to keep going while people throw stones and uncover every niche of her personal life!
Once I stopped weeping, I realized I didn’t feel even the tiniest bit of anger. I searched for it, but it wasn’t there. And today I feel calm and powerful enough to make wise choices. I owe a great part of this to The Chakra Course. I’m so glad I started working early in October on the 1st Chakra. I have faithfully done the grounding meditation and repeated the mantras for the 1st chakra and lots has come up, but I can see the reason for my pain and it is much easier to forgive and let it go. The election showed me that I am I have grown. 
So thank you for all the work you do and share with us. And specifically thank you for the Chakra Course and your sharing about the election. And the Chiron material – very helpful in getting to the root of my wounding.
In peace,
Diana Vilas
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