Featured Programmed Crystal for Sagittarius 2016: Moldavite

Here’s a new video on my experiences with the potent spiritual transformer moldavite, as well as how to understand the effects of the energetically programmed pieces I sell.

And two anecdotes from using it that didn’t make it into the video:

As a Scorpio with Mars-Uranus in the 1st house and Venus-Pluto in the 12th house, I have strong reactions to people. I either really like them, can’t be around them, or am immediately neutral in a kind of protective non-engagement strategy.

But when I can’t deal with someone’s energy, I truly and deeply can’t deal with it. The truth is that it should never be considered personal, as it’s mostly about energetic chemistry and if my normal, natural rhythms are encouraged or messed up by interfacing with someone.

A few times I’ve seen a chiropractor who drives me nuts. We typically go weekly for adjustments, and sometimes there are subs where we go. Often we don’t know who we’ll see.

The other day, carrying my moldavite and focusing on letting it shift the shape of my field so negativity can’t swirl around in (explained in the video linked above), we saw this woman again.

Instead of being immediately, viscerally turned off, I was able to see her as the person she is. I was able to filter out what she was telling me that wasn’t helpful and had nothing to do with what I was saying, being okay with the fact that what she’s really doing that annoys me is constantly give health advice that’s really about her needing to talk.

One example was that I said that after being in bed for a few weeks with knee and foot issues, I was glad to come in because I recently noticed a bit of tension in my upper back. She proceeded to explain how to address that pain – which I didn’t say and wasn’t accurate – and I edited it out. Usually when people throw a bunch of not-relevant info at me and waste my time, I shut down toward them.

Instead, I filtered out what was not useful and engaged with her without annoyance.

It was amazing. Jilly said she was proud of me, and I realized I was, too.

The moldavite helped me not get distracted by the defensive tactics my brain employs to protect me energetically from what seem threats. People either not responsible for their energy or talking things at me that have nothing to do with the questions I ask seem often – and this may seem a bit weird, but it’s what can happen to empaths – like threats.

As if they’re threats to my peace of mind, my sanity. This is why some empathic people become unconsciously, instinctively defensive around certain others’ energies, or in crowds.

The last anecdote was yesterday in a movie theater, watching some new flick in 3D with Jilly. A large grey-black blob of scary stuff flew at the audience and it scared the shit out of me. In the past in movies with her, I’ve totally gone into trauma mode when certain sudden images flash or loud noises bombast us.

This time, I was momentarily shaken and gasped, might have vocalized a bit of a nervous shout, too. Immediately she looked at me and said, “Oh, glad to see you’re smiling.” And I was – I wasn’t shocked into shit-central trauma-town HQ, I was just surprised. And then the moment was passed.

I’m attributing it also to the moldavite, as I’m not connected to negativity, including trauma’s tendency to be retriggered.

Check out the programmed moldavite pieces available, and be in touch with questions.