Transformation, Support, Guidance: Reset Your Life During January of 2017

All through January, I’ll host and moderate a private Facebook group for all who have purchased or purchase now the 22 Transformational Energy Work mp3s I offer. The mp3 set (around 7 hourhis total – click on the photo to go to my channeled audio page) has a cost attached, yet there is no fee for working with me on/about them during January.

In each 20-minute meditation/energy work mp3, I channel and combine the energies of Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin) and Archangel Metatron to powerful effect. While each mp3 is unique, all begin with grounding and proceed with various energy work techniques and decisions/affirmations for your empowerment.

Djehuty’s primary commitment is to help you evolve no matter what you need. He does this through teaching and helping you see how to understand the bigger picture of soul so that you can more consciously operate yourself as an energetic being. He shows up as the Mercury figure/god in all mythologies throughout human history, most notably as the ibis-headed scribe and translator Djehuty in the Khemetic (what we now call Egyptian) pantheon.

Metatron’s primary commitment is to invite you to transform through purging debris so that you can embrace your Divine nature as a powerful, willful being who is the Divine incarnate. He is intense and focused, said in Hebrew mythology to be 2nd in power only to God. He is one of two angels who was at one time human, and he went through an incredible transformation process to emerge as an archangel with a form made purely of flames.

When you’re connected with the strength and conviction of these two beings, the self-respecting and empowering decisions you make co-opt their power, calibrating you and adding to your resolve to clear, clarify, and make the right choices for yourself for the right reasons.

What will go down during January: You’ll listen to an mp3 each day (at least at the beginning), go through your process, and I’ll be available in the private Facebook group to answer questions and facilitate conversation among members. This is about supporting and guiding you (if you need it), as well as about creating community around what is essentially a spiritual growth process that tends to be solitary and isolating.

You might skip a day or two, or relisten to the one you heard the day before, so people in the group may not be on the same mp3. The point is not being in lock step, but in creating community surrounding a shared set of goals and methods.

You are not alone in your process, but you often might need to disengage with others to get your evolutionary stuff done. During January 2017, I’m happy to bring you together with others also working to clear out debris and evolve spiritually. We’re all in different stages of the process and have different life lessons, but sharing and supporting each other is imperative to moving into more health on all levels.

I’ve been through many upgrade and evolutionary processes as I’ve lived with Djehuty and Metatron in my life (ahem, in my head) for years, and I often guide others through the process on an individual basis. January of 2017 is your chance to work with the two beings to empower and clear you out, and also with me to get clarity on how to make the most of that process.

If you’re interested and haven’t purchased the mp3s, check out the 2nd row of the 2nd table on this page to find the purchase link.

If you’ve purchased them in the past and want to participate in the private FB group, send me an email or message me through FB to let me know.

I’m looking forward to hearing the mp3s again with you over the next month. It’s rare that I listen to audio I’ve channeled (except to edit it), but I’ll be in it with you. This will enable me to answer questions both from a user standpoint as well as that of the channel who lives with the two beings daily.

Be in touch with questions.