Programmed Pink Opal for Opening the Heart

Most of us are running around with barriers over our hearts, or armor, or walls of some kind. We do this so we don’t have to pick up what we feel in others and the world around us, but also so we don’t add to what we’re already carrying.

My work is all about helping you first release the extra and outmoded stuff you’re carrying and then teaching you to deal with whatever else you’re experiencing.

PI103 front.

I energetically program pink opal stones to help you open and clear out your emotional center, or 4th chakra, located in the center of your chest. Pictured here is a 2.5-pound programmed piece of brecciated pink opal. It’s polished on one flat side, and rough on the sides and back.

Brecciated means that it’s been fractured and then rehardened after water brought in other minerals, hence the various colors and patterns in it. Other pics of it are below, and on my site’s pink opal page are both hand-held programmed pieces and pendants wrapped in sterling silver wire.

PI103 side.

When we close our hearts for whatever reason, we keep the residues of emotional stuff we’ve experienced in the past inside, circulating like stale air. We become prone to react now to what has hurt us in the past, living in another time when we weren’t safe, didn’t get our needs met, or felt loss, grief, powerlessness, and depressiveness.

These programmed pink opal stones will bring to the surface whatever keeps you from feeling free to open your heart now. They’re amazing, and I’m constantly surprised at the gentle, smooth nature of the powerful effect. We need to emote that old stuff out – and we need to decide that we’re willing to feel.

PI103 back.

When I take these stones to expos and other events, some people exhibit fear at the idea of feeling old pain again. But they don’t get (really, they can’t hear me when I say) that containing the unhappy past with us causes us to repeat it. We have to be willing to learn to feel! These programmed pink opal pieces will stir you to move energy out whether by crying, being angry and then crying, feeling down for a bit and then crying … did I mention that crying is central to moving out past pain? Oh, it is.

You have to get over the fear of being emotional and realize that if you go to an emotional place, you can release the tension and pain from the past. If you’re grounded, you don’t get stuck in those emotional states, which is what most people fear when they get nervous about these pink opal pieces. But when you’re willing to fear and let things go/move out, you find that old emotional issues are stored in you as waves trying to break. When you let them come up and break, you’re free of them. You’re free of that tension you carried for so long.

I encourage people to get present by clearing out the past, to become the spiritual warriors they are. And this does call for some emoting to move the unhappy past out.

See all of my energetically programmed pink opal pieces and order yours here.