Aries 2018 Featured Crystal: Red Jasper

Evolutionary Astrologer, Energy Worker, and Channel Tom Jacobs explains his featured programmed crystal of the month, red jasper. See the available pieces here:

A 2nd-chakra stone, Tom’s red jasper pieces are infused with energies to help you both shed others’ energies that you need to let go of and also stop absorbing more energies from others going forward.

It’s featured during Aries 2018 for a few reasons:
1. With Chiron’s recent conjunction to the Pisces new moon, many of us might be feeling full of others’ energies and emotions that we need to lose.
2. To take advantage of the opportunity of Aries in self-motivation, inspiration, and beginning new projects, we have to be clear enough of other people’s stuff to be fully in our bodies.
3. The asteroid Arjunsuri (20300), all about finding and trusting inner wisdom, is opposite the full moon this solar month and conjunct the new moon. We have to cut out inner noise to be able to hear inner wisdom.
4. A lot of us are empaths and need to learn to manage our energies better and say “yes, please” and “no, thank you” when we need to/mean it.

The lower chakra affirmations Tom mentions in the video – feel free to pass them on with the copyright line, and share this link with anyone you know who needs to get in their bodies and grounded:

©2017 Tom Jacobs,
1st/Root Chakra
1. In this moment, everything is fine, and I am safe.
2. I’m willing to see all that’s ever been in my life as serving my soul’s journey.
3. Life is always supportive. I am always supported.
4. The entire human species is my family.
5. The entire human collective is my community.

2nd/Sacral Chakra
1. All of my relationships reveal me to myself.
2. All others in my life show me what I can own and embrace, or own and release.
3. I’m willing to say “yes, please” when I mean it.
4. I’m willing to say “no, thank you” when I mean it.

3rd Chakra/Solar Plexus
1. All of my choices are based in self-respect and lead to self-care.
2. I alone define who I am.
3. I’m willing to see that I’m a divine work in progress, learning through making choices.
4. I release all guilt, shame, regret, self-doubt, and self-judgment across time. I accept that I’m a soul learning through making choices.