The Opening of the Channeled Book, Goddess Past, Present, and Future

An excerpt of the opening of the channeled book Goddess Past, Present, and Future follows.

The teaching in this book explains why our souls all together have created and are living through the imbalance that is the patriarchy. This information is critical for all who have experienced sexual abuse of any kind.

With the current individual and collective issues stirred up for many by the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing and Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony, I encourage all who are feeling affected to read this book.

The book description:

We are ready to emerge from 6,000 years of darkness when it comes to conceiving of, relating to, and experiencing the feminine. Tom Jacobs channels the Ascended Master Djehuty in this third volume of teachings to support us in evolving during this time of immense and rapid change on earth. Covered here are the reason for the diminishment of the natural feminine by patriarchal culture shapers and how we can choose to come out the imbalance between masculine and feminine now, including healing millennia of sexual violence. Doing so enables us to advance our evolution as individual souls as well as All That Is, the collective we together form. The importance of this material for healing and growth during this unprecedented time cannot be overstated.

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This is Djehuty. Some of you know me as Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin, among other names. The teaching I offer you here is meant to support you in gaining insight into and understanding of a number of sides of a very rich topic that has been on your collective and individual minds for quite a long time. Your relationship with goddess energy has undergone many remarkable transformations over the millennia of Earth time, and as it presently stands on your planet you are as a collective confused about what goddess energy is supposed to be, do, or mean. You are also not at all clear as a collective that its existence is necessary, and at this stage in your evolutionary journey as Divine beings remembering who you really are, it is time that you are exposed to these teachings so that you can make informed and conscious decisions about how you will proceed with your conception of and relation to this energy.

When I say “goddess energy” I am talking about feminine energy.  As you have evolved in your relationship with the feminine over course of the Earth timeline, you have developed stances toward this form of energy – a natural form and indeed one of just two natural forms – and these stances have left you disempowered in your living. You have shaped your collective consciousness around certain attitudes toward the feminine that are no longer serving you. My intention as always is to reveal to you the truth of what you are doing and to hold space for you to gain perspective on why you are doing it. You cannot hope to make a change in some arena of your living if you do not see why you have created and experienced it in the first place.

In this teaching, my role will be to reveal and explain what has been going on with you and on your planet for millennia related to the natural feminine. I do this so that you can come to see not just the imbalance that you have generated and fostered in numerous ways, but also how to understand why this has been important for your learning journey as souls having human experiences – which is to say Divine beings incarnating in the Earth dimension as human and other beings in order to learn how and what it means to do so. I will also reveal to you how you can shift your perspective – which is to say, raise your level of consciousness – about how to alter this situation and bring yourselves back into balance. Many of your solutions devised this far need to be released so that you can approach this healing and rebalancing with all of yourselves – so that you can step into your futures in and with more wholeness.

The pain that you are experiencing from your relationship with the feminine within you and around you leads you to be confused. You cannot in such a state think clearly enough to do anything useful to move beyond the imbalance and heal yourselves. I intend to support you in gaining insight so that you can develop clarity, which will enable you to change this situation and thereby continue learning about your journeys as souls having human experiences. This intention fits neatly with my core intention of supporting you in evolving into inhabiting yourselves fully as who you really are, as the Divine beings that you are. When all of you do this while incarnated as humans, it is what is known as the perfection or completion of the Divine Plan: that you remember who you really are while you are in human form.

Though this teaching is in fact about feminine energy, I will refer to it often as goddess energy in order to put your attention on the fact that there is at present, generally speaking, little to no room for goddess in your life or your current conception of who you are. I will use this term in order to begin stirring in you the memories of the times in your soul’s other lives lived along the Earth timeline that do contain space within psyche and heart for goddess energy. One of my intentions through offering you this teaching is to serve the need that many, many of you are currently expressing to the universe: To figure out how to heal this relationship with the feminine that you have developed, to fix this mess and to learn to love yourselves and others through the lens of the feminine in open ways that honor all of life. My intention here fits with my general commitment to support the unfolding of the Divine Plan – the manifestation experiment is another way I refer to it – because forgetting, denying, compartmentalizing, shaming, damning, cursing, raping, and otherwise abusing the feminine is an important part of the journey that All That Is has set out for itself in order to learn about feeling separate from itself. That you have forgotten that you are all together All That Is is a part of this journey, and expressing free will and exercising the right to choose various versions of self-definition – even if unhealthy – is part of this learning as well. The situation on Earth and in your minds, hearts, and bodies at this time as far as the feminine is concerned is therefore teaching you what you need to learn about who you really are. Though it is often deeply painful, you as a species and a collective have the need to make choices that are divisive and destructive in order that you can learn about what it means to do so as well as what results from such choices. You are in other words free to hurt yourselves and you often do so as you learn, and this self-inflicted pain is an important part of your learning journey as All That Is on your way to perfecting the Divine Plan. While you are Divine beings and your natural inclination as such is to love, as you come to Earth to participate in the space-time dimension as you do, part of your intention is to forget your true nature temporarily in order that you are free to make any manner of choices.  You have done an amazing job of making choices that teach you about yourselves and who you really are, and now you are ready to come back into balance based in the truth of things so that you can live with more consciousness of who you are and what is really going on.

This topic is of such great importance to so many of you. I am pleased to offer you these teachings and my perspective on this state of affairs on your planet and in your hearts, minds, and bodies. That I am coming through a human channel on this topic at all means that you are asking for this knowledge and the healing that it can foster, so you can congratulate yourselves on your openness to these teachings because that is why they are coming into manifest form now. It really is very important now that you heal this state of affairs and make peace with why you have created it for yourselves to live through.

There are some situations that teach you what you incarnate to learn that are so much more difficult than others you create. This imbalanced relationship with the feminine is one of them.  There are some difficult life issues that touch a certain percentage of the population on Earth at any given time, and these issues are experienced in major ways by those beings over the courses of their many lives spread out along the Earth timeline. They are very important issues and deserve much attention, and yet this particular set of issues that we are discussing in this teaching is central to the entirety of the species. There is not a human alive on Earth who is not deeply impacted by the reality of the imbalance of the relationship with the feminine playing itself out on that planet. There is in fact not a being on your planet that is not directly affected in critical and life-shaping ways by what has been and is going on in your minds, hearts, and bodies as regards the feminine. Those of you who can speak about it with words – humans – can be brought down into the grief that you carry over many lifetimes of how this conception of goddess energy has shifted over time. When you have been men you have dealt with living within cultures and social systems that treat women a certain way. You have had to deal with expectations of you that have been difficult to navigate, and you have done what you can to internalize cultural and social conditioning and instruction surrounding what the feminine is and how it is to be treated in order that you are acceptable as a man and that you can succeed, thrive, or even simply survive within your cultural context. And this has been difficult and painful for you to do even when, as a result, you have at times enjoyed social and economic prestige as a result of these choices. When you have been women you have dealt with being an embodiment of the feminine that men have been taught, expected, and pressured to treat in certain in fact unnatural ways, ways that in truth go against their inner grain and are difficult for them to live out. You have had to navigate in one way or another these instructions, expectations, and pressures defining how you have lived each moment of your life in order that you can succeed, thrive, and even just survive within these cultural contexts. And this has also been difficult and painful for you to do.

All of you are recoiling at present from the painful experiences you have had along these lines.

I wish that you now come to see several things as we begin our exploration of the history and purpose of these issues unfolding for you on Earth over the last several millennia. First, I want to be very clear that this situation has been deeply damaging to both men and women at all times. It is easy to look at how women are treated and blame men for how they are treating the women. It is easy to be angry about those who are treated poorly and abused while directing that anger at those who treat them poorly and abuse them. I will offer you a perspective on victimhood that you need to take in so that you can end this mode of thinking once and for all. I will go deeply into that later in this teaching.

Second, I want you to be clear that it is a collective issue that has informed individual experience. I mean that while there is a great and terrific amount of healing waiting for each individual surrounding the treatment of the feminine in your history, there is also a Divine point to why it has been and is happening, a reason the collective would create it for itself to experience. It could not happen if it were not a part of the Divine Plan, which is another way of saying what All That Is or Creator or Source energy (that you as a collective are) set out to create for itself to experience in order that it can learn about itself by its pieces (all of you) perceiving themselves as separate from each other and from Source. As you consider your personal feelings about these issues as you read the teaching in this book, I want to keep your attention simultaneously on the individual and the collective sides of things. I want you to grasp all the ways in which each individual experiencing one side or the other of imbalanced relationship with the feminine is living out the collective need to learn how to conceive of and treat it. In other words, while it has manifested as pain and as a sickness within many of you as individuals, I invite you to maintain awareness of the larger issues as well. You as Goddess and God have created this experience so that you might learn through it. I offer you this material today for the same reason that I offer anything at any time: to support you in shifting your awareness of what is happening and why you are creating it. I will also offer you routes to healing these issues across time, which you can see and benefit from only if you are willing to take them in.

Because I will be exploring in great detail the victim consciousness that surrounds this issue, and this may serve to trigger some of you fears and angers that run very deep in your energy field, I am asking that you notice any feelings within you when they arise as you read, deal with them as you need to, and then choose to return to the material when it feels right to do so. This can be difficult material to admit into consciousness for many reasons – including that it may serve to stir parts of you affected by this situation on Earth that have become difficult to see or have chosen to remain hidden, to stay off the radar for one reason or another. I am asking you to stick with me for the entire teaching even if you are stirred and triggered at certain points along the way. For it is true that each time I trigger you, I will offer you a route to healing what you are carrying that has been triggered. This is my method, as I am committed to supporting you in gaining conscious awareness of yourselves on all levels so that you can learn about why you are creating what you are. This is the perfection of the Divine Plan, and it is why I am here.

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