Loving Lilith: An End to Shame home-study healing course now available

I’m excited to announce a new channeled home-study healing course on Lilith–Loving Lilith: An End to Shame!

Originally I intended to do a 4-day healing intensive with a small group (I had one scheduled for April 2019), and it just felt blocked. After weeks of asking for guidance, I was told to cancel it because a better format would a home-study course you can work through at your own pace.

Developing health as a Lilith figure means autonomy and self-respect, and there’s a lot of individual processes involved in improving your relationship with Lilith inside you.

The 51,000-word text is divided into 9 modules with questions for reflection and journaling. With 4 channeled meditations for clearing energy, this course will take you deep into your own history of living with the imbalance between masculine and feminine defined by patriarchal ways of living for the last approximately 6,000 years.

How to heal and build autonomy and self-respect is the major focus of the course, as well as clearing the energies of control, shame, and abuse that have come with Lilith’s path for a long, long time. Read more here, including seeing the table of contents and the module and channeled meditation lists.

I’ve been working on Lilith for years, since 2004 when I first encountered people describing her as a demon to be feared. My book and natal report on Lilith have been opening minds and hearts for years, giving positive interpretations of this energy and ways to live it in healthy ways for years. I’m proud to offer this course to support you in your evolutionary path as a self-respecting, empowered human.