Karmic Story Pages

After studying with Evolutionary Astrologer Steven Forrest for years and some exposure to material from Evolutionary Astrologer Jeffrey Wolf Green, I’ve developed a unique approach to this niche form of astrology.

I amThe Soul's Journey I Book fortunate to have received tutoring from Ascended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Hermes, Thoth, St. Germain, Merlin) about the nature of soul and how the birth chart can be used to understand its multilife, karmic journey. The result of that tutoring is The Soul’s Journey trilogy of books, as well as my ongoing evolutionary astrology classes and the cutting-edge learning tool the Soul’s Journey Soundbite Database.

The Karmic Story Pages present an overview of my unique approach, as well as some specifics about how I work with the 4 steps of what I call the karmic story. Using them, I can discern in a matter of moments the intentions of a chart holder’s soul and the nature of what’s gone wrong along the way. My evolutionary astrology classes are designed to teach you to do the same, and my inspiration for creating these pages is to give you more access to my thought process, hopefully inspiring you to study this exciting language of life with me.

The pages only scratch the surface of the complexity of these multilife issues and their residues and effects. Long-term study is needed to truly understand how these symbols and patterns manifest in a person’s life and how, as an astrological counselor, to guide people through changing karma and improving their lives by shedding multilife patterns that involve feelings and perceptions of disempowerment and powerlessness.

The 4 steps:

  1. Pluto in the chart describes the empowerment journey the soul sets out for its many human selves across time. I analyze house, sign, and aspects. The soul intends that you learn to be strong and confident through certain kinds of life experiences, and your energetic bodies over many lifetimes accrue debris as a result of many experiences both good and bad.
  2. The South Node of the Moon (SN) reveals what kinds of conditioning environments (including families) you are born to and raised within in many lifetimes. Again, house, sign, and aspects are important. This becomes a lens through which you are trained to see the world, and you therefore will believe it is like and about this.
  3. The SN ruler by sign tells us what unique role you show up to inhabit in many lifetimes. By house, sign, and aspects it describes special skills and talents you keep showing up with, as well as interests and roles in the world you are in many lifetimes habituated to pursue. On a deep, multilife level, you believe this is who you are.
  4. The North Node (NN) is what you haven’t experienced much in many lifetimes as it’s been left out of your conditioned worldview (SN). You likely do not want to do this/live this way, but need to in order to grow. You probably have unfounded biases or prejudices about “people like that” and need to overcome them to integrate the NN symbolism and way of being into your life.

Soul's Journey Soundbites by Tom JacobsI use this method during all chart analysis and consultations to understand the beliefs my clients have formed over many lifetimes, most of which they are not even aware because the conditioning can run deep. To get introduced to how I view your karmic, multilife journey, get a Soul’s Journey Soundbite.

I define karma as intense emotions tied to beliefs about why particular things do and don’t happen to us, and I teach that karma can be changed through a process of examining and changing beliefs while unearthing the deep karmic emotional memories from the past.

Keep reading to learn the basics of the 4 steps of the story, including houses, signs, and aspects:

The Nodes of the Moon
South Node Ruler by Sign (coming soon)