A. M. Djehuty on the 2011 Events in Japan

A. M. Djehuty Speaks on the 2011 Events in Japan
Channeled by Tom Jacobs

This is the Ascended Master Djehuty.  Some of you know me as Thoth, St. Germain, or Merlin.

There are many on earth who are watching the events unfold in the country of Japan and many of you are filled with questions.  I would like to address some of these questions with the intent that you might come to understand more about the situation unfolding there and the effect that it has been having on those watching it unfold.  As always, my commitment is to the completion of what is known as the Divine Plan, the process by which all portions of All That Is, or God/Goddess or Creator energy, of which all beings are part, come full circle back to knowing their true nature as the Divine.  You are currently in an intense stage of the evolution of your consciousness and I am choosing to come through in order to support you in understanding the context of what is going on within and around you, so that you can proceed with your evolution, which will in time complete and perfect the Divine Plan.

When some nation or group of people on earth has experienced in recent years terrorist attacks, and when nations or groups of people have been subjected to genocide or internment in camps or forced to leave their homes or homeland as refugees, you can see that there is a human force behind these difficult situations and the events can be made to make a certain kind of sense to you, at least in the fact that you can ascribe a logic of the oppressors’ motivations and thereby feel that you have some sense of understanding why it is happening.

When there is a natural disaster such as the one that has recently happened in Japan, that has and will continue to affect large numbers of people, it is not the same.  You see that natural forces, those that are outside the realm of human control, are at work.  You know that after it, there is no recourse to punish who is responsible for so much destruction, death, and suffering, and this gives you great difficulty because you value justice.

Many of you wonder why people have to suffer, and this the first main point I will address today.

All that you humans experience is of your creation or co-creation.  In the end, all that you experience serves the learning journey that your soul has set out upon when choosing to incarnate as humans.  Yet this is not to say that you sign up at the soul level to suffer.  It is not to say that you have chosen to inflict pain upon yourself or set yourself up for inexplicable tragedy and a sense of powerlessness.  It is to say that as you have set our as portions of All That Is to experience all sides of and possibilities related to being human, to being energetic beings temporarily tied to physical bodies, pain and suffering are part of such a journey.

Where you have asked why God would do this sort of thing to people, I invite you with great emphasis and a deep level of seriousness to evaluate with open and objective eyes just who you think God is.  I am here to tell you that you as a collective are God, and that you are creating these experiences to learn at the soul level what it means and requires to live lives as humans on earth.  Many of you have adopted a humanized conception of who God is or should be, and as you struggle to understand why this being would hurt you unnecessarily, even as you evidently do good in the world, you have come to misunderstand what is really going on in your lives and who you really are.  Many of you have become in many ways chronically disempowered through believing in this sort of god, and it affects you deeply now.  Yet you are ready to remember the truth of the fact and in what ways it is expressed that you are All That Is, or Divine creator energy.

Making a very long story very short, there was a time in your collective evolution several thousand years ago when humanity made a conscious choice to cease feeling at the mercy of what seemed the whims of nature.  You decided that you did not deserve and had in fact never deserved the terrible ways that the earth and nature treated you.  As the earth and nature are fundamentally perceived to be feminine, you decided to elevate the masculine (a mode that seeks to control, shape, and direct) as a means of taking control of your life once and for all.  In the process you diminished the feminine, which is a way of saying diminished in your philosophy of and world view regarding all that cannot be controlled.

As I say, this is a very long story made very short.  What I have said on this so far might stir more questions within you and this is good, yet today is not the day to fully explore this topic.  The channel Seth has committed to doing so and is in the process of bringing through an extended teaching on this topic from me.

What happened as a result of these factors and choices that you as a collective made thousands of years ago is that when the forces of nature overpower you, you internalize this as some sort of punishment that results from something that you have done or not done – that you have been bad or simply not good.  It is in truth nothing of the kind.  The earth has cycles of its own and what you call natural disasters occur.  They have always occurred – no matter how you conceive of yourself or God, no matter how you might work to appease one god or another or many, and no matter what you might think you have done that is good or bad – and they will continue to occur.  Experiencing the physical shifts that unfold on the earth, which are in many ways course corrections to resolve tensions that have been building in the natural course of events, literally in the case of earthquakes and tsunamis that result from them (the tension between tectonic plates being released in the former), is part of learning what it means to be human.

So far in a great deal of your time on earth in your soul’s many lives on earth the last few thousand years, a number of you have come to believe that you live one life and one life only.  If you believe that you are your physical body, then this perspective can of course be substantiated logically.  Yet you are energetic beings.  You are not your bodies.  Your bodies are simply physical vehicles for the human learning journey that you have set out to learn.

Learning about being human while living on your planet involves developing a relationship with nature.  Both with yourselves as nature, including the animals and plants you are surrounded by, and the earth itself.  Your deep pain, suffering, and confusion that is triggered when what you call a natural disaster strikes is sourced in your lack of understanding about the natural rhythms of the earth, and in your chosen disconnection with the earth itself.  Also your confusion that those who are afflicted might be being punished.  The more that you can re-adapt yourselves back to seeing that you are part of nature as is every other living being on the planet, and you can let go of the fact that because you can read this you are better than any other living being, the better off you will be.  You will be more in touch with your true natures as Divine beings creating experiences on the earth plane so that you can learn as a portion of All That Is just what it means, takes, and requires to do so.  And this is the entirety of the reason that you are here.

If you do not re-adapt to how it is in truth working on your planet and who you really are and how you fit into life on your planet, you will continue to see what you call natural disasters as confusing, and you will continue to wonder if when they occur those who are experiencing them are being punished for something.  I can assure you that no one is punishing anyone when these events unfold.

That is what I have to say today about why you suffer and what you call natural disasters.

Moving on to speaking specifically about Japan: The end of second world war saw Japan in a state of great deal of suffering.  They had been categorized as the enemy of certain other nations, in fact large portions of the nations of the earth saw them this way, and the detonation of two atomic bombs in Japan that lead to the end of Japan’s participation in that conflict was seen by many to answer a needed call for human justice.  This was felt because of the role Japan held as an aggressor in that armed conflict.  Even as the impacts of these events were severe, it was viewed by some as appropriate to punish the aggressors.

You might be thinking that that is old history and why would Djehuty be telling us about this now?  What could be the relevance?  The answer is that the collective karma of Japan and all of its people that unfolded with the detonation of those two atomic bombs in the year 1945 has by the recent earthquake and tsunami in the year 2011 been triggered again.  When I say “collective karma” I am referring to the experiences that souls manifesting as members of a particular country, society, or culture choose to experience together.  There can be a national identity that is part of this chosen experience, and there is also the experience of national pride and joy, and also national or shared tragedy that these souls incarnate with each other in order to experience together.  This collective karma of any nation, or cultural or ethnic group will mirror or echo, and further and support the individual karma of any person being born into that nation or group.

On one level, Japan’s is a collective karma of developing pride through dedication and hard work, and exploring what seems like it must be sacrificed in order to do that.  The echo of the collective karma of this nation of people is being triggered now that was also triggered at the detonations of the two atomic bombs in the year 1945, and it is that there are times when this nation and its people need to open to receive support and assistance.

In the ways that Japan has developed a remarkable self-sufficiency and an ability to compete on the world stage in any arena it chooses, there is something that has been in one way left out of their collective evolutionary path, and it is this culture’s relationship to what we could call matters of the heart, the natural give and take of energy and emotion that is a major feature of being human.  It has in some ways not been fully understood by this national and cultural group (though this is not to say that all individuals part of it know nothing about it), and has in other ways been sacrificed in order to achieve certain collective goals.

So why did this earthquake occur?  It occurred because of the natural workings and cycles of the earth.

Why did the Japanese people experience this tragedy and why are they subject to this suffering?  They are experiencing this because it is time for them to have their collective and individual hearts opened so that they can learn more about how to receive.

To be clear, I have no criticism of this nation or group of people.  They are and have been through all of time learning about being human just as any other group on earth has been learning, and they have been just as successful as any other group or nation in their learning.  Yet for individuals and groups now living on earth, it is imperative that whatever has been left out or forgotten or underemphasized or misunderstood in their evolutionary path of learning about being human, whatever in the entirety of the possibilities of human experience has been opted out of or the pursuit of which has been deemed unproductive or inefficient or not worth experiencing, it now becomes obvious that it has been left out and you are being challenged to add it in and learn about it now.

This is happening because of the incredible and unprecedented energetic shifts that are taking place behind the scenes in the cosmos but that affect directly the level of consciousness that each of you experiences.  As you hear more about the end of the Mayan Calendar (a.k.a. 2012, though this is inaccurate because this system comes to a close in late 2011), know that it is not something of which you should be afraid as your media will attempt to instill in you (even as a result of the recent events in Japan) but that it is about the evolution of consciousness.  Each of you individually and the groups of which you are part are being and will continue to be invited to round out your human repertory, meaning to add in what has been left out, underemphasized, sacrificed, and misunderstood.

You can take a moment to consider what has been coming up for you the last couple of years or perhaps a decade, an invitation or internal pressure to deal with a facet of life that you have for many years (or in fact many lifetimes) left out of your set of intentions for conscious learning as a human.  You are all to be whole if you are to know your true natures as Divine beings (the point of human life), and the evolution of consciousness as it is currently pulling you into new ways of seeing and experiencing yourselves is your ticket to get there.  Though it can seem a shocking roller coaster ride, and one at times on which it seems that you have not been provided the requisite seat belt, it is in fact your evolutionary path to learn to become whole.  You in your wholeness are the Divine.  There are beings available to answer questions for you at this time about the process and how you can serve yourself well by choosing to evolve, and I am certainly one of them.

So, it is time for the heart of the Japanese people to experience new levels of openness.  The scope of the media coverage all over your planet will stir many people into action to in some way work to benefit these people, to support them in this difficult and painful time.  Their way of life has been noticeably affected for the foreseeable future and the thoughts, prayers, intentions, and other energetic gifts that are being and will continue to be sent from people all over the world will challenge them to receive them, to open to receive them.  Yet this openness will also occur internally, within the country and on a micro level as a result of the fact that there are people who will have to rely on each other in new ways and begin to pool resources and in other ways work together.  One thing this will serve is to help them connect with each other in ways that might be new to them, which will certainly serve their learning journeys as souls having human experiences.

Now, not all of the people inhabiting this rather populous country will respond with new levels of willingness to receive energy and emotion, or work together and connect in new ways and on new levels.  But this is the opportunity for them as a collective, and certainly many there will find themselves opening up to do so even if they do not happen to possess the vocabulary to articulate what is happening within them and in their lives.  Some of them will open, and some of them will not – this is the same with any evolutionary opportunity available to an individual or group.

This is not to say that all other countries and cultural groups on earth are made up of people who have mastered receiving energy and emotion, or are so adept at the ways of love and loving and connection that they do not need an earthquake to invite them to change how they conceive of and care for themselves – far from it!  Yet this is the particular invitation for this particular set of people and nation that has been triggered and brought to the forefront by this earth event at this particular time.

To finish this section on the national karma of Japan, I would like to say that through this event, a tragedy that has struck during a time when Japan is not considered an enemy of a large portion of the earth’s population, there is through this situation an important opportunity for healing on a collective level of what happened in August of 1945 when the atomic bombs were detonated there.  In this moment, when people all over the world hear about the situation unfolding in this country, a large number of people will feel “their hearts go out to” the Japanese people.  This opportunity for healing could not have happened before now in part because those experiencing the Japanese national or group karma needed to live for a while with the effects those detonations had on them, as well as the effects of much focus of the world’s hatred toward them that lead up to that armed conflict and that particularly difficult end to it.  It is also in part due to the fact that the state of the worldwide media on your planet and that of your access to technological media is such that it can bring images and sounds, but the voices of the Japanese people straight into your home on a 24/7 basis.  Even as most of the rest of you do not comprehend the language they are speaking, it allows you to hear the vibration of them as energetic beings, and this is a key to the opportunity to healing the worldwide trauma that was the detonation of those two atomic bombs in Japan in the year 1945.  It allows you to energetically connect with those people as a whole, and this can serve the Japanese need to receive – support, good intentions, prayers, etc. –  a.k.a. your loving intention and positive energy – at this time.  Even when you are not aware that this is happening, it is.  You are all energetic beings and you take in energetic information through media such as the human voice.

This national group and its members are beginning to be willing to receive.  If you are willing to support them in this, simply hear and follow what is in your heart at this time as appropriate response to recent and current events there.

As your minds want to struggle with why bad things happen to people, with why people who have done nothing wrong are forced into suffering, I invite you to open to the perspective that there is always a plan in place behind the scene that all who are experiencing the situation in question have at the soul level signed up to experience as part of their learning journeys as portions of All That Is endeavoring to learn about what it means, takes, and requires to live human lives on earth.  Invite yourself to open to see the bigger picture behind whatever it is that is happening.  Open to see the reasons a soul or group of souls would choose to experience a particular situation in the process of fulfilling its or their learning journey(s) in human form.

Doing so will change your life in every conceivable way.

Thank you.