I think the subtitle is: “From Fear To That Other Thing.”

While I lived in Los Angeles, one of the things I did in the human world for remuneration was background work for film and television.  Not for long, and not a lot – say 4ish months and a total of 15ish jobs.  It was fun in its own sorts of ways, like on every set there’d be a background person deeply concerned hours before the possibility arose that we wouldn’t be fed on time, and wandering around trying to enroll others in the fear.  And the handful of perennials who needed to tell anyone who’d listen their almost grand and fully depressive stories of missed opportunity (“[Heart-wrenching story about missed opportunity], and that’s why I’m doing this, still hoping to get my SAG vouchers…”) or fated-feeling dreams (“Hey, I also just moved here from the Midwest!!”).  And waiting large chunks of two hours on the street for spotty clouds to pass by because in this film, the Sun’s supposed to be shining because it takes place in LA, and it’s always sunny in LA, even when it’s not.

I’d been channeling about the end of the Mayan Calendar, and had just finished writing the “Living In The Present Tense” 2012 natal report/prep course I offer based in that channeling.  Picture me in my little house in LA, eagerly typing loving and true things on my trusty laptop, channeling messages of hope and healing…encouraging people to unplug from the fear machine of the mass media and culture as a whole that thrives on it…and getting the call to be an extra on the blockbuster “2012” movie that, as of this writing, was just released.

What kind of cosmic joke is this? I asked with almost a quarter of a grin, waiting for the punch line.  How is this a right job for me?  What could I be expected to learn from this, given my um rather Passionate and Prolific Campaigning Against Fear Mongering this film promises with its every breath to be?

Except for my persistent public radio jonesing, an itch for my intellectual self I just couldn’t avoid scratching a handful of times each week, I was all but unplugged.  No TV, few movies, no newspaper or news from other sources.  (I’d even trained myself be free of billboards when driving! Quite a feat in LA, actually.)  I was determined to avoid the fear as much as I could…and still leave the house, purchase things and interact with other humans.

I’d gotten that to shift, you have to make space.  It’s a general truth for any kind of shift to a new way of being, but specifically I was thinking and am writing this instant about the end of the Mayan Calendar.  If you’re choosing to live it, you could right this minute be living through intense energetic changes to the planet as our mother Earth and all life on her experience new levels of the evolution of consciousness.  Time is “speeding up.” intuition is stronger, etc.  To make space, you have to take in less.  Less information, sure, but it’s really about the kind of input you accept.  You need to take in less garbage – less fear.  (And this also involves what you’re putting in your body – refined sugar, for example, increases one’s tendency to slip into fear.)  You need to ground into yourself, establish routines to deepen your relationship with yourself (for many this looks like meditation, but for some it doesn’t).  You need to come to know, trust and accept yourself as deeply as possible but, really, totally.  Completely.

You need to be in your body and heart, and have and keep both online (which requires being free of debris, which we all have until we release it), and feel the vibration of all that comes into your sphere.  You need to say “No thanks” to everything you encounter that makes you want to constrict (check your belly, your heart, your throat) – people, jobs, food, topics, media, ways of getting around – ways of everything.  You need to understand they’re coming to you because you’re holding a level of vibration that resonates with them.  Keep saying “No thank you” until what’s coming to you is different, vibrating differently, offering you more life-affirming possibilities, and offering you more space in which to unfold as the glorious you you can imagine in your little heart of hearts and just know is not some useless fantasy.

But Wait – Won’t I Be Lonely?
It only looks like no one else is doing this.  You won’t be lonely – more and more people are doing it, getting in touch with who they are on deeper levels and choosing the circumstances of their lives for utterly self-serving and healthier ways.  Maybe you’ll engage in some half-passive proselytizing, when appropriate – you never know who you’re about to meet who might want to know about these kinds of changes.

The big idea is knowing, accepting and trusting yourself fully.  Do this and others doing it won’t be able to help themselves from wanting to play with you.

It always takes some bravery to step into the unknown.  If you didn’t have it in you, you wouldn’t be on the planet right now.  If you’re reading this like, 2009-2011, you got yourself born here with one of your bolded agenda items being to experience this shift.  But more accurately, to encounter the choice to shift.  You and everyone else on the planet has free will – now and always.  So you have the choice – do you want to know yourself as a multidimensional being?  Do you want to participate consciously in the shift in consciousness gearing up on the planet now?  Do you want to be in the running for ambassador to the alien host who appears in late December 2012?

That’s a joke…probably.  But feeling comfortable situating yourself in multiple dimensions (understanding more of your true spiritual nature) could lead to contacting other folks from other places.  You think the people channeling the Sirians and the Pleiadians and others are unique?  They just happen to be willing to make contact ahead of the curve.

Plenty of people don’t want to shift.  Our soul journeys, our processes as humans on Earth, involve tons of exercising that ol’ free will.  And no one has to do anything.  Even you, lovely and enlightened Cosmic Path readers – you can ignore what’s written and posted here every month.  Some will choose to shift, and some will not, and there’s no objective answer to what you should do.  Do whatever you can to trust your gut instinct about how to move forward.

Clearing Out The Trunk
In my work with clients, I walk a lot of people through a process I call changing their relationship to history.  Each time I asked my guides about what will happen in 2012, I was given tools and approaches to support people in healing their emotional pain from this life and other lives, to clear out debris that’s not useful, byproducts of our human experience that are ready to be released.  My 2012 natal report is all about that, and my work has become a lot about that.  How can you trust yourself if you’re holding fear of speaking your truth (because it went poorly in another life when you lived in a repressive society much more repressive than this one)?  How can you love and accept yourself if you’re still hurting from how your family treated you as a kid (or as a 40 year old)?

How can you shift if you’re dealing with old emotional memories clogging up your soul apparatus?  Refrain please from having judgment if you are still working on/with them, or haven’t really started, or think you might be only around halfway through.  Please lovingly slap a lid on the well of self-criticism, and I don’t mean that just for you Virgo and Capricorn types.  Where you are in the process is perfect, with the bottom line important part being knowing, accepting and trusting yourself fully.  If you’re looking for guidance about how to shift out of ways of being where those memories rule, or occupy your thoughts, of affect your relationships or work or sleep, or are used to drift you off your desired path or remain unfocused, call me to set up a session.

Whatever you do now and going forward, do it for love.  Do it for self-love.  Unplug from the social/cultural fear machine by committing to let go of any self-hatred you may be carrying, and by committing to trust yourself more than you trust billboards.  You came here to participate in this shift of consciousness no one’s ever experienced before, and you can’t consciously participate if you’re fighting with yourself, your history or your memories, hoping to come out on top and finally be able to love yourself without any doubt that you’re worth it.  There are many ways available to you right now to change your mind about that history and the pain that continues to grow from it.

One of the major opportunities to be had at the end of the Mayan Calendar with this shift is to understand in what ways we can create our reality.  But before you can really get that so you can move ahead, you have to get that you’ve been doing it all along – all of your experiences serve the soul journey you’re on.  Each and every one.  What’s different now is that if you want to, you can see/feel with more clarity into why you-as-soul have created the journey the way you have, and learn to live your soul’s mission without the need to throw a bunch of garbage in the trunk every time you stop for gas.

Oh, and if you do see “2012” to witness all the things and places and earth blowing up, and the people running around in terror and screaming in circles: When you see that house, the one on the right, with the young family with perfect hair hurriedly packing suitcases into their too-clean luxury SUV in the driveway on a sunny day, know that you just missed my big sidewalk-to-front door moment, honed in dozens of takes, in between bouts of waiting for the clouds to move on.