Lilith Signs

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Lilith in Aries
With Lilith in Aries, the mode of immediate, instinctual response is what feels marked for difficulty from others. The Aries way of immediate response to external events will be wrapped up in the person’s experience of Lilith’s story.

Lilith in Taurus
With Lilith in Taurus, this slowing and grounding method of the person is what’s been judged and shamed by others. They will not understand the stabilization motivation of the native and will fear this energy in the person. The primal and irrational orientation Lilith brings is in this sign seen to be threatening to the status quo, whatever it is. In a sense, the person’s individual survival skills will be the judged and feared component of his or her personality.

Lilith in Gemini
With Lilith in this sign, the natural sense of expressing curiosity is what’s been judged by others, and for what the person has received punishment. The speaking style, and how he or she asks and answers questions, will be influenced by Lilith’s instinctive, irrational energy. It’s not necessarily that this person is irrational, but that the Geminian method of the person works from within Lilith’s perspective.

Lilith in Cancer
With Lilith in Cancer, the emotions are the field on which the primal, instinctive, and raw side of the self is played out. The person’s emotional nature exhibits the energy of Lilith, and any abuse or power struggles related to Lilith that a person has experienced in his or her life can contribute to a limiting of his or her willingness to process experience life through the lens of emotion.

Lilith in Leo
With Lilith in Leo, this expressive mode of a person is either limited or launched into primal performance by Lilith. If Lilith is under the radar in a person, either from memories of punishment or rejection or the expectation of them, the playful performer energy in the person will be caged. The desire to creatively express is strong in the person, but the fear of rejection and punishment can keep him or her from exploring opportunities to express.

Lilith in Virgo
With Lilith in Virgo, all of the natural ways a person approaches the method of Virgo will carry the judgments of others. Someone with this placement can be criticized and punished for how he or she chooses to serve others, whether it’s the kind of service that’s deemed appropriate or not or the way he or she reacts to the notion.

Lilith in Libra
With Lilith in the sign of relatedness and relationships, a person’s basic understanding of and approach to creating fairness carries a raw, irrational, instinctive energy that may feel threatening to others. It could be that the Lilith in Libra person approaches others in a style that feels confronting and is rejected as inappropriate.

Lilith in Scorpio
With Lilith in Scorpio, the person’s raw, instinctive and irrational side operates through this lens of penetration and transformation, going below the surface. The person with this placement will tend to reserve primal expression for times, activities and relationships that further personal evolution. There is a sense of purpose that drives Scorpio, recognizing the necessity for deep change and the attention and focus necessary to do it.

Lilith in Sagittarius
With Lilith in Sagittarius, it is this reaching out into the world and gathering experience that is linked with how one experiences Lilith’s story. The expansive and intuitive functions of the person are what have been judged and for which he or she has received some kind of censure. Over time, the native with this placement can come to believe that risking the gathering of experience isn’t worth the cost, and this function may be shut down to avoid the negative judgments of others.

Lilith in Capricorn
With Lilith in this sign, the natural expression of the get-to-work, maturation function is what’s been judged by others and for what the native has received punishment in the past. The kinds of work viewed by this person worth doing, as well as the ways he or she has gone about bringing them into manifestation, are what we’re talking about. This work is not only the kind of work we choose to do in the world as adults, but also, for example, how we when young go about completing school assignments.

Lilith in Aquarius
With Lilith in Aquarius, the need for freedom is tied up in the person’s history of being reacted to as a Lilith figure. If a person has stopped acting on Lilith’s impulses (if she’s hiding out in a person for fear of being punished or abused), the individual’s sense of individuation will feel threatened. The sense of freedom to create the kind of life the person wants to create will be under wraps. When we deny the individuation urge, we become victims of boredom, or we build up a charge inside that threatens to explode.

Lilith in Pisces
With Lilith in Pisces, this method of the self is what has drawn punishment from others, leading a person to suppress this open and opening way of being. The result can be an total, conscious denial that being connected to things greater than the self is possible. And yet there is at least a part of the self that works through this lens. In any of us, Lilith hungers to be recognized, and so even without other planets and points in Pisces, there will be internal conflict brewing about this issue until the tension can be released.

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