Your Attention, Please

Your Attention Please
The Ascended Master Djehuty
Channeled by Tom Jacobs

I would like to put your attention on where your attention is going.

As you are now being invited to evolve your awareness of yourself as a Divine being, not merely identifying as the human details and circumstances you experience along your Divine journey, it is time for you to take back all of your attention from pursuits and activities that do not serve that journey.

In many ways your attention has been split, especially in this time that you call the information age.  Yet it has been so to one degree or another for a very long time before that came into play.  It has been easy for you to allow memories of the past and concerns about the future to split your attention, to take you out of the present moment.  You have in your various lives defined yourselves as beings to whom things happen, and you have as a result carried your history energetically, which is to say emotionally, with you throughout your lives.  You spend a great deal of time attempting to understand why bad things happen to you while trying to ensure that good things will happen to you.  The result of this is that you are not often in the present moment, which is where your Divine power is waiting for you.

This is where I would like to put your attention today.

When you have lived in your past, living within or as a result of memories of things that have happened to you, you have in essence repeated the past.  It is easy for many of you to lose yourselves in the pleasant feelings of what happened before or the painful feelings of what happened before.  You have believed in your soul’s many lives thus far that you are the sum of what has happened to you.  When what has happened has brought joy, you wish to repeat and you seek to do so.  When what has happened has brought pain, you wish to avoid it yet by holding on to it you actually in various ways recreate it by drawing the same or a similar circumstance to you.  This is also living in the past.  You are after all extremely powerful when you set out to create the world around you!  You are Divine, powerful creative beings.  You are God and Goddess, Source, Creator energy.  You have only come to perceive on a temporary basis that you are something else, a being who is separate from God or Goddess and upon whom all manner of things are acted out by the world and others.  It is now time for you to see the truths behind these perceptions and to take them in, so that you can inhabit your true nature more and more deeply.

It is my aim through all of my teachings that you learn to see how you have created all you have experienced, and that you see your Divine hand in it so that you can cease seeking to recreate joy from the past, therefore taking you out of the present moment, or fearing for the future, also taking you out of the present moment.

When you have lived in your future, afraid of what might happen to you, it has been easy for you to conceive of yourselves as helpless against the powers around you in the world.  You retain memories of the pain and suffering you have experienced whether at your hand or the hands of others, and you fear that you will experience it again.  When you can come to understand the purpose of that pain in the context of the learning of your soul as the Divine, as part of All That Is, then you can take responsibility for having created it and you can move on.  By taking into your consciousness the lesson that you set out to learn by creating that pain or suffering so long ago, you release yourself of the need to continue to experience it, to manifest situations, relationships, and dynamics that bring that pain and suffering to you.

Where in your life are you living in the past?  Are you craving to recreate a kind of joy you experienced years ago?

Can you see the teaching that this joy served for the journey of your soul?  Can you release all others who were involved from the need to help you recreate that happiness?  Can you take responsibility for being the person who can now create happiness in your life?

Where in your life are you living in the future?  Can you see that by fearing what will happen you are in truth living in your past, just as if you sought to recreate happiness from the past?  Look at what you are afraid of happening.  Look into and accept the truth of why you created that experience in your past to benefit the learning journey of your soul.  Understand that you are the one creating your life, and no one else is doing it.  In fact, no one else could ever do it.  You are the Divine.  You are All That Is.  You are the Creator.

It is time for you to begin to learn the truth of your Divine creative power, and you can do this only if you are living in the present moment.  You can do this only if you accept all you have chosen, understand why you have chosen it, and commit now to being a more conscious creator of your life.  In this process, I encourage you to connect with your soul’s mission and become clear about why you have incarnated as this you, and why you have been doing so for so long at points along the earth timeline.

Thank you.