Your Very Own Rabbit Hole

There are as many paths to spiritual living as there are persons. We each have our own particular issues to work with in order to get to where we can open to living a life informed by spirit.

I’ve recently published a memoir of my own process (ordering info below), and have been reflecting on the different ways people experience their own. When a person lets the universe know that she is ready to grow into the next level, she will be presented with her own unique challenges and people and situations to teach her what she needs to learn to work through those challenges.

Opening to spirit is actually pretty simple. It is a part of our basic nature to connect with it, to know ourselves from our relationship with and as spirit. Where there is hard work it is in learning to let go of everything we do and believe that prevents us from opening to it. I believe that each of us (in some way, on some level) craves a connection to spirit – and as direct a connection as we can get. We want to know God/Goddess, and we want to know ourselves as God/Goddess. As a major part of the human journey is to explore what it means to be an individual, it’s natural that many of us don’t get this or feel that it’s true.

When students come to me with the desire to learn to work with their spirit guides, they’re often surprised to learn what the process actually looks like. Really?, they think and would love to say but don’t, I have to deal with that old painful thing I buried in my psychic back yard when I was twelve? I have to figure out why I picked the family I did and thank them for what they taught me? Are you for real?!

I ask them to trust their spirit guides, because that’s where I get the curriculum! When we state with open hearts our intentions for where we want to go and the direction in which we choose to evolve, the universe begins to conspire to help us get there. Getting there involves clearing out the debris in us that creates resistance. We have to clear it out so we can vibrate high enough to be able to work on the frequencies guidance broadcasts over. Your guidance team is the street team for your evolution, and they spring into action when you’re clear about where you want to go. They’re always available with great tips and tricks – the trick is in our ability hear them.

After you state an intention to begin opening to spirit, you will be shown your own personal rabbit hole to get there. The first step in your journey to more connectedness to spirit is usually a leap into the unknown! It’s not a test to see what you’ll do, but an invitation to stretch into something new. Trust that what comes to you after every intention you set fits it perfectly. Maybe it looks like things get harder, but it’s critical to trust that any difficulty that comes is there to offer you an opportunity to let go of or heal something from the past that you use to keep you from your goal.

If you’re on your way to a connection to spirit or considering it, check out my new book Seeing Through Spiritual Eyes: A Memoir of Intuitive Awakening. It can be ordered through my website, As I tell my own stories of opening to spirit, I share and explain the spiritual principles behind all I experienced that will be helpful for any process of opening to spirit. Myths about mediumship and channeling are also addressed as I recount a number of my experiences learning to do that work and incorporating it into my practice.

The basic premise for any path like this is to learn to see ourselves and the world through our spiritual eyes, not just our human eyes. While the path there looks different for each of us, there are certain fundamental truths that all paths share in common. My intention in writing the book is to help others who might feel ready to leap into the unknown of their own personal rabbit holes, and offer support and guidance to those who are not sure how to do it.

Such a path never ends, but it can be seen to unfold in chapters. The book is the telling of my first chapter. Even now, seven years into this way of living, I’m being lead in new directions by being presented with challenges to my beliefs and assumptions about me, life, and the world.

In one way it never ends, and in all ways it’s worth it.