Conscious Living, Conscious Dying PDF Ebook

Conscious Living, Conscious Dying bookAscended Master Djehuty (a.k.a. Thoth, St. Germain, and Merlin) explains soul, life, and death with the goal of showing you how to live life fully now and accept death for what it is. Many live in fear of death without fully knowing what that process entails and means to the soul or All That Is, of which they are part. Djehuty goes into depth first to explain what soul is and each human’s relationship to his or her soul. Then he explores how each of us can learn to create a meaningful life through adding the wisdom of soul to our human perspective. Death is explored next including insights into how soul views death and how death functions in the context of its multilife journey, what happens at the moment of death, and what unfolds for each departed spirit following death. Finally, Djehuty instructs us about living consciously now so that we make peace with the fact of death and live fully while we are here. This material is a must-have for all living on Earth. Those who are curious about soul and how it experiences life and death and those looking to create more meaning and fulfillment in their lives now through spiritual evolution will be especially interested.

63 pp.